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Andy warhol worksheet


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Andy warhol worksheet

  1. 1. Andy Warhol Worksheet Name: Hour: Film on Andy Warhol: ___/ 25 Worksheet: ___/ 25 1. Who is Andy Warhol? Tell me a little about him…(5 points) 2. What did he predict would happen to everyone? (famous quote) (2 points) 3. What did he do before he became well- known? (3 points) 4. 5. What did Andy Warhol contribute to the Pop Art movement? (5 points) What is silk-screening?(2 points) 6. Explain in your own words, why you think Andy Warhol became so popular:(5 points)
  2. 2. 7. If you had the chance to share a McDonald’s happy meal with Andy Warhol, think of and write down 3 questions you would ask him below: (3 points) 1. 2. 3.