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Photostory 3 Video Creation


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Published in: Education
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Photostory 3 Video Creation

  1. 1. PhotoStory 3 Making Movies
  2. 2. 1. Begin a New Project Selected 2. Click Next
  3. 3. Click Import Pictures Note: Please insert 1 picture 2 times for a title page.
  4. 4. Hold down Ctrl and select all pictures you want by clicking on them. They will turn blue when you select them. When finished Click OK
  5. 5. You can change the order by clicking, holding and dragging to where you want it
  6. 6. Click Yes
  7. 7. Add a Title to one of your slides, import a title slide, or import a powerpoint slide saved as a jpeg
  8. 8. Click record to begin recording on that picture. You must record each picture individually Click the button next to record to stop. Press preview to listen to the recording. Click the circular arrow to delete your recording and start over You must click the picture you want to record
  9. 9. You can select included music or import your own. There are a lot of sites for such music. To add to all slides (automatic). But to add to a few you must select (right-click).
  10. 10. Choose how you will export this file. Will you be creating a DVD or upload online? Name your file. Finish the file and also save the project so you can edit at a later time if needed.
  11. 11. Congratulations!!!