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March/April Middle School Messenger


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March/April Middle School Messenger

  1. 1. Middle School Messenger A TRADITION OF EQUITY & EXCELLENCE & EQUITY MARCH/APRIL 2012Principal’s MessageDear Parents, you have concerns re- and on time. Attendance The year continues to garding your childs is a key component formove swiftly by us as I placement for next year, academic your children ma- please submit them in A reminder that ourture both physically and writing to Mrs. Turner in Spring Break dates haveemotionally. Middle the Middle School Office changed. Spring BreakSchool is such a unique by April 30, 2012. We will begin on Friday, Apriltime for our emerging do not honor teacher 6 in observance of Goodadolescents. They Friday and continueare struggling with through Friday, Aprilwho they are and they fit in. I The New Yorkoften tell parents State ELA will be ad-that the standards ministered on Tuesdayyour family sets -Thursday, April 17—really will make the 19, 2012 and the Newdifference as they York State Math As-face very difficult sessment will be ad-choices. Keep up ministered on April 25your efforts! It’s -27, 2012. Your coop-worth it. eration is scheduling We will have a appointments aroundstaff development day on requests. We also do these dates is greatly ap-Friday, March 16. There not honor team non- preciated.will be no school for stu- requests. Students enter- Please contact us ifdents. ing seventh grade are you have any questions Interim reports were placed in home rooms or concerns.available on-line as of alphabetically.Friday, March 9. If you Please make note of Sincerely,have questions about a the events listed on theparticular comment or district and Middlegrade, please contact the School Messenger calen-appropriate teacher. dars. We are in the initial We appreciate yourstages of developing class continued support for Jean J. Regan, Ed.D.lists for 2012-2013. If having students in school Principal
  2. 2. PAGE 2 All County Music Festival The MCMEA ges, Caeli Carroll, Faith the band students were (Madison County Music Gara, Mackenzie Gregg chosen by teacher rec- Educator’s Katelyn Hale, Janie ommendation. Rehears- Association) Kempf and Emily Ma- als will take place Friday All County honey. evening and Saturday Music Festi- Students chosen for morning and the con- val will be the 5-6 Band are: Lydia certs will be in the after- held in Cam- LaGorga, Andrew Wight, noon. All are welcome den this year Emma Wardell, Lucy to attend the afternoon on March 23 Langan, Anna Sasser, concerts. We are very and 24, 2012. Mackenzie Odell, Will proud of our music stu- Students Huftalen and Tim Burr. dents and their accom-All County Musical chosen for Junior High Choral students were plishments and wishFestival will be Chorus are: Molly Car- chosen by audtiions and them well at the festival!March 23-24, 2012 Citizens of the Quarter Named The second quarter Citi- teachers who use specific Drew Brownback, Mor- zens of the Quarter have examples to explain why gan Gregg, Amanda been named. This is an they feel their nominee Holmes, Meg Seeley, honor awarded to a stu- has earned this honor. It Hannah Southwick, dent who displays good emphasizes attributes Glenn Hartley, Shao De- manners, a positive atti- that are not easily meas- myttenaere, Morgan tude, a consideration for ured by grade reports. Hodinger, Brenna others, co-operative be- Each student will re- Hughes, Delaney Yorks, havior and a responsibil- ceive a certificate as a Chloe Adler, Anders ity toward self and reminder of this honor. Hansen, Ari Becker, and school in an exemplary Congratulations to: Tessa Carr. manner. The students Zane Anthony, Dominic are nominated by their Paglia, Hailey Kubiniec, MIDDLE SCHOOL MESSEN GER
  3. 3. ART• i •FACTS PAGE 3Here’s what’s happening in the art room… New sixth and seventh grade students are at work in the art room now as the second semester isunder way. Sixth grade students are beginning work on coil construction clay bowls, while seventhgrade artists have begun designing winter landscape compositions. The fifth grade students havecompleted their research of famous artists by writing acrostic poems highlighting information aboutthe artists’ lives. Several fifth grade students now have their exceptional pencil self portraits on display at Com-mon Grounds, along with some of last semester’s sixth grade students’ cut paper relief designs. Besure to stop by for a hot cup of java, and some equally hot art work! Meanwhile, back in the art room, members of the After School Art Club have completed color-ful still life pictures of citrus fruits with bottles, in which they demonstrated their skill at showingshadows and reflections. What talented students we have here at the Cazenovia Middle School!A Message from the School Store As the first half of the school year hasended, please consider replenishing supplies atour school store. The store is open during lunch periods onmost Thursdays. We have pens, pencils, in-dex cards, locker organizers, book covers,staplers, dictionaries, lead pencil refills, plus alot more. The profits go to the PTA which in turnhelps our teachers and students. Thanks foryour support!
  4. 4. A TRADITION OF EQUITY & EXCELLENCE & EQUITY PAGE 4Caz Girls’ Modified Basketball Teams Do More than Just Learn Basketball In early October, Diane Tedesco moved to Buffalo, NY to start a series of treatments at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Coach Rob Axelson and Coach difficult part of the project was rais- Members of the 8th GradeMark Evans would like to thank all ing money through sponsorship. Teamthe players on both the 7th and The girls really stepped up and ra-8th grade Girls Modified Basketball sied an incredible amount of money Jillian Britton, Maddy Langey, Syd-teams that this past season for to help a teammate’s family. We ney Levinson, Leah Enders, Kayleetheir efforts in fundraising with are so proud of you as both basket- Cunnignham, Cally Griffin, KatieFree Throws vs. Cancer. ball players and community minded Marshall, Jenna Britton, Maria The 7th and 8th grade players members. Stalder, Bella Wheeler, Lillieand coaches wanted to support Hunt, Ava Gurney, Maria Groetztheir fellow teammate/player as Members of the 7th Grade and Morgan Mapstone.her Mom battles cancer. In early TeamOctober, Diane Tedesco movedto Buffalo, NY to start a series of McKinley Dennison,treatments at Roswell Park Can- Caitlin Clonan, Mairincer Institute. When the season Rogers, Julia Gavilondo,started on January 2, the players Katelyn Hale, Olivia Ca-and coaches wanted to support tania, Tori Slocum, Carlithe Tedesco family and teammate Cunningham, Saige Ach-Danielle Tedesco. They decided ermann, Danielleon a Fundraiser that inolved all 28 Tedesco, Lauren How-girls shooting 100 free throws ard, Emily Blanchard,over two weeks at practice. The Lucy Connor and Meganfree throw shooting was the easy Hendersonpart of the fundraising. The more
  5. 5. A TRADITION OF EQUITY & EXCELLENCE & EQUITY PAGE 5 2012 Recycling Rumble 2012 FundingFactory Recycling Rumble is Here: Our School Could Win an Apple iPad and 25% in Fundraising Bonus Cazenovia Middle School is competing in FundingFactory’s 2012 Recycling Rumble. Recycling Rumble gives our school the chance to earn more fundraising dollars by competing against—and out‐recycling— another school. Now thru May 31, you can help by dropping off used ink and laser cartridges, cell phones, GPS devices, iPods, MP3 players, and digital cameras at Cazenovia Middle School. With each qualifying item our school sends to FundingFactory, we’ll be one step closer to winning a 25% bonus and an Apple iPad! Not to mention, recycling bragging rights. This is a great time to find out what you do with used ink and laser cartridges. If they’re not already recycling, now is the time to sign up as our supporter at A supporter is anyone committed to recy- cling used ink and toner cartridges and per- sonal electronics to help Cazenovia Middle School meet our fundraising goals. Becoming a supporter is free—even shipping is pre- paid. As a supporter, simply collect and pack your recyclables and drop them off at Caze- novia Middle School and we’ll ship them for you. We earn the value of your recyclables as well as our own. And when we’re com- peting for the recycling title, each and every cartridge and small electronic counts! The 2012 Recycling Rumble ends May 31, so act fast! With you in our corner, our oppo- nent doesn’t stand a chance! Learn more about the positive impact of fund- raising‐thru‐recycling at and
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  7. 7. April 2012 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SatSun 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Good Friday No School 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Break Break Break Break Break Break 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 ELA ELA ELA Exam Exam Exam 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 NYS Math NYS Math NYS Math 5th Grade Orientation 7:00-8:30 29 30