Historical Fiction


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Fran Romer Memorial Workshop
April 23, 2009

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Historical Fiction

  1. 1. What’s your favorite? Historical Fiction’s got it
  2. 2. Like Superheroes?
  3. 3. Can’t live without your chic lit?
  4. 4. Explore Brave New Worlds
  5. 5. “Just do it! Now open the door.” Bridget reached out and turned the knob, stepping into 1776. The sound of gunfire made Bridget cry out. She whirled around, taking in all the soldiers and the cannons. “What is this?” she screamed. “It’s the past! This must be a memory room! Get down!”
  6. 6. “You broke my little brother’s heart,” Carlo says in Sicilian. “Don’t speak that mumbo jumbo at me,” says Dr. Hodge. “You made him think you were his friend.” Carlo says in Sicilian as he walks toward Dr. Hodge. “You fooled him. But you never fooled me. You broke my broke my baby brother’s heart.” “No one understands you, old man. No one understands any of you. Get out of my way.” Dr. Hodge walks on. Carlo lunges at him. “Don’t stab!” yelps Dr. Hodge. He beats Carlo on the head with one fist and pulls out a pistol.” Lord! What’s going on? “Stop!” I shout. “Carlo doesn’t have a knife. He doesn’t have anything.” Dr. Hodge has the pistol in both hands now and he’s using it like a club, smashing Carlo in the forehead. Smashing and smashing, as if he’s lost his mind. Blood gushes.
  7. 7. Devour Poetry?
  8. 8. Some people call me a child-witch, but I’m just a girl who likes to watch the hands of the women as they gather wild herbs and flowers to heal the sick. Sometimes I feel like a bee making honey- a bee, feared by all, even though the wild bees of these mountains in Cuba are stingless, harmless, the source of nothing but sweet, golden food.
  9. 9. I wonder what those five drugstore conspirators are thinking now… All the same, we witnessed Tow of the greatest speakers in America Lock their horns in a battle That won’t soon be forgotten. I imagine someday This trial will be famous for changing the way People think about their history, Especially these children… Some things will change, some Will stay the same.
  10. 10. Crave action and adventure?
  11. 11. Prefer audio?
  12. 12. One more treat….