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Adecco 建立個人線上品牌 05

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Adecco 建立個人線上品牌 05

  1. 1. Building your personal online brand (Ⅴ) How social networking and your “re-reputation” affects your career in a Web 2.0 world 建立個人線上品牌 在 Web 2.0 的網路世界裡,社交網路 (social networking) 與 的網路世界裡, 線上聲譽」 會對您的職業生涯造成什麼影響? 「線上聲譽」(e-reputation) 會對您的職業生涯造成什麼影響?There was a time when job search was something that people didoccasionally. Between job searches, they did career management. Today,with the challenges of the recent economy, layoffs are prevalent andtenures shorter. Everyone needs to have a career transition marketing planall the time. Properly done, this includes a professional objective orstatement of what kind of work you want to do next, a target list oforganizations you would like to work for, and the core message aboutyourself that you want your targeted audience to hear.在過去,找工作只是偶爾進行的事,工作時則是職涯管理的時間,而現在由於近期經濟環境不佳,資遣時有所聞,在職期限也縮短,因此每個人都必須隨時準備一套轉換工作的行銷規劃。適當的規劃應包含您在專業領域想達成的目標,或陳述接下來想從事的工作類型、想進入的目標公司名單,以及想讓您鎖定的群眾聽到的重要訊息。The web is important — but it isnt everything.網路很重要,但並不是一切。Websites to avoid.您應避開的網站。Choosing the right websites is important. Knowing which ones to avoid is equallyimportant. For example, virtual worlds, personal website builders, and inappropriate orexcessive photo-sharing may not be good for your corporate career. MySpace might be 1 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. good for advancing your career as a musician, but may not be so good for your day-jobcareer in a major corporation. Video and other unusual resumes are sometimes soldon the Internet, but are not yet widely accepted.網人個、界世擬虛,如例。要重樣同站網的開避應道知,要重當相站網的確正擇選 。響影的好不生產涯職的您對會能可,享分片照的度過或當不與器立建站 MySpace與片影售販會上路網時有。者作工司公大在天白於益無卻,業事家樂音升提能許也 。受接泛廣被未但,表歷履的殊特他其It’s generally not necessary to use for-fee sites or services in job hunting or careeradvancement. Many sites, LinkedIn for example, offer both free and paid services. Thefree services are generally all you need. And you should certainly be suspicious of anyhigh-priced Internet career service package. While some may be useful, many areseriously overpriced. And some have even turned out to be scams, fraudulentlypromising results that are never delivered.) 如(站網多許,務服費付或站網費付用使需無常通階進涯職或作工找尋 LinkedIn業職路網的費收高且,求需應因以足已常通務服費免。務服費付與費免供提時同就且而,高過都費收的務服多許但,用有能可務服費收些有然雖。疑存人令務服紹介 。證保的現實未從些一諾承,局騙場是至甚些有Putting social media in context.將社交媒體納入考量。將社交媒體納入考量。As important as Web 2.0 tools are, they are not a complete solution for job search orcareer advancement. It’s essential to combine them with traditional careeradvancement and job hunting activities. The most important of these continues to benetworking. Web 2.0因,求需的階進涯職或職求決解全完能不都但,要重樣一具工 和體媒交社 。路網用使續繼是就的要重最。法方職求與階進涯職的統傳合結須必此Lee Hecht Harrison’s Orville Pierson tells us in The Unwritten Rules of the Highly EffectiveJob Search (published by McGraw-Hill) that networking still accounts for the success of50-75 percent of job hunters. And for managers and executives, headhunters continueto be important.Lee Hecht Harrison規文成不的術職求效有超《在 森爾皮.爾維歐的 (Orville Pierson)書一)版出(The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search) ( 》定 McGraw-Hill 50-75%工的職管主與職理經是果如而,作工到找路網過透是者職求功成的 ,出指中 。要重然仍司公頭人獵,言而作 2 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Web tools can map your contacts and the contacts of people you know. They can alsoenable you to identify the people you should meet and provide information on thosepeople that will make meetings more successful. However, there is still no substitute forconversations on the telephone or over lunch.,士人的面會該應出找您讓可還,料資絡聯的人熟與料資絡聯的您到找可具工路網談會話電代取法無然仍這,而然。率機功成的面會高提,料資關相的士人位這供提 。談面餐午或Organizational users of career transition services are in clear agreement about theimportance of integrating Internet and traditional tools in job search assistanceprograms. In a recent LHH survey of 968 companies, 86 percent expressed apreference for career transition programs using “a blend of technology and inpersonresources,” while only 1 percent favored “technology alone.”要重的具工統傳和路網合整中劃計尋協業職在意同致一,戶用業企的務服換轉業職 LHH 968計換轉業職的好偏者訪受的 ,示顯查調的做所司公家 對近最 據根。性 86%的技科用使只「好偏者訪受的 有只,」法方的談面面當與技科用使合混「是劃 1% 。」法方The use of Web 2.0 tools is having a profound effect on careermanagement as well as job search. 工具對於職涯管理與求職有深遠的影響。使用 Web 2.0 工具對於職涯管理與求職有深遠的影響。Many managers and professionals who are otherwise very effective in managing theircareers are struggling to keep up with Internet tools. Part of the problem is that manytools are new. The press gives heavy coverage to new tools and some become fads.Career management applications of these tools are often discussed, but usually on apiecemeal basis, not in a coherent, integrated way — and usually not by career expertswith real world experience in using them.具工路網上跟能才力費須必都多許,士人業專與人理經的涯職理管效有式方他其以成具工新些有得使,導報量大的體媒過經。多太具工新於在一之難困,展發速快的整非而碎零是常通但,形情用應的理管涯職在具工些這論討常經體媒。行流種一為 。導報的做所家專場職的驗經用使際實有是不常通且而,導報的性致一且合Another part of the problem is that new Internet tools and their application evolverapidly. The old original successes in social networking, for example — like Friendsterand MySpace — were initially seen as novelties, things to be used by kids. Now, ofcourse, the category has evolved to produce serious business and careermanagement tools like LinkedIn. This evolution will continue and accelerate. 3 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. 如,祖始路網交社的功成。速快過太展發途用與具工新的路網是就二之難困Friendster MySpace 所您如在現而然,物事奇新的用才人輕年為視被也始開剛, 和,例一是就站網 如,具工的理管涯職與務業要重生產為展發已路網交社,知 LinkedIn 。行進速加並去下續持會將展發種這Using well-chosen Internet tools in career management and job search — andintegrating them with traditional approaches — is now essential. These Internet toolsare not a silver bullet, but, when they are properly selected and used in combinationwith proven career management and career transition methods, they can definitelyimprove effectiveness — and produce results.最在現是,式方統傳合整具工路網將並,理管涯職與職求具工路網的選挑心精用利可認受合結再,用使與選篩當適過經但,案方美完是不具工路網些這。課功的本基 。果成與用效的職求與理管涯職善改能對絕,法方換轉業職與理管涯職的Seven steps to effective online personal brand management.七個步驟有效管理線上個人品牌。七個步驟有效管理線上個人品牌。1. Google yourself and remove any content not consistent with the brand image you want to project. Remember that website privacy controls work only when they’re turned on, and even then there are numerous ways that content can move to other unprotected sites. Google 控私隱站網,住記。容內的象形牌品之達傳想您反違除刪,己自尋搜 上 受未他其至移容內站網將會法方多許有仍,此如使即,用作有才啟開須必能功管 。站網的護保2. Create a marketing plan for yourself, including a list of organizations where you’d next like to work. Adjust your brand image to appeal to decision makers in this market. 牌品的己自整調。單名業企的入進想來下接您出列並,劃計銷行套一立建己自為 。者策決的場市關相引吸,象形3. Use LinkedIn. If you’re unemployed, complete the entire profile, including several recommendations. In any case, get “linked” with 100 or more reputable people that you actually know. LinkedIn 。議建點幾列下意注,歷簡的整完份一寫撰請,業失已您果如。站網 用利 100 。士人名知的識認際實您位多更或 」結連「能都,況情何任管不4. Select a blog to follow, preferably one written by an expert in your profession or industry. If unemployed, follow several. 如。格落部的寫撰所家專的中業產或業專屬所是好最,蹤追期定格落部個一定選 4 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. 。格落部個幾蹤追多好最,業失果5. Post your resume on job boards that specialize in (or at least include) your profession, industry, and salary level. Include a revision date as text, not in a footer, so readers will know whether it’s current. 。表歷履登刊行銀力人的級等資薪與業產、業專屬所您)含包少至或(登刊門專在 。的效有時現是歷履道知才者取讀,尾頁非而文內在寫期日訂修表歷履將6. Set up RSS feeds. It’s like having a journal subscription. If you’re unemployed, set up enough to cover all segments of your target list. RSS 以,息訊 的夠足定設要,業失已您果如,樣一刊期閱訂像就。息訊 定設 RSS 。門部有所的業企標目蓋涵7. Do not waste time with Web 2.0 sites that are not relevant to career progress — or, worse yet, could undermine your career progress. Remember, material you publish on the Internet — text and photos — can be viewed by any current or prospective future employer. If you’re in job search, balance Internet use with proven traditional methods. 上路網在登刊,住記。站網 的展發涯職害損能可或關相不在間時費浪別 Web 2.0 ,作工找在正您果如。到看闆老的來未或在現被能可都,片照與章文括包,料資的 。法職求統傳的可認受與法職求路網用使衡均要 Online Brand - ( Ⅰ Online Brand – ( Ⅱ Online Brand – ( Ⅲ Online Brand – ( ⅣAbout Lee Hecht HarrisonLee Hecht Harrison offers talent management solutions throughout the entireemployee life cycle to help companies and individuals maximize performance andachieve success. Established in 1974, Lee Hecht Harrison is a global talentmanagement solutions company with over 270 offices worldwide providing expertise inCareer Transition, Leadership Consulting and Workforce Solutions.Lee Hecht Harrison is a part of Adecco Group, the world leader in workforce solutionswith over 5,500 offices in over 60 countries and territories around the world. For moreinformation, please visit Hecht Harrison ,期週命生職任的工員於用應案方決解理管才人的供提 5 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved. 6 。 上請,情詳多更知欲。場市區地和家國要主個 界世於佈遍司公分家 有前目,司公務服源資力人的大最球全是 60 5,500 團集珂藝,牌品艦旗下旗的 團集珂藝是 (Adecco Group) Lee Hecht Harrison 。務服業專關相的案方任留才人英菁和詢諮力導領 、換轉涯職供提,司公 分家 過超有球全在,織組案方決解理管才人的名知球全是,年 於 240 1974 立成 。標目成達功成以,效績高最揮發人個和業企助幫 Lee Hecht Harrison