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Adecco 建立個人線上品牌 04

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Adecco 建立個人線上品牌 04

  1. 1. Building your personal online brand (Ⅳ) How social networking and your “re-reputation” affects your career in a Web 2.0 world 建立個人線上品牌 在 Web 2.0 的網路世界裡,社交網路 (social networking) 與 的網路世界裡, 線上聲譽」 會對您的職業生涯造成什麼影響? 「線上聲譽」(e-reputation) 會對您的職業生涯造成什麼影響?There was a time when job search was something that people didoccasionally. Between job searches, they did career management. Today,with the challenges of the recent economy, layoffs are prevalent andtenures shorter. Everyone needs to have a career transition marketing planall the time. Properly done, this includes a professional objective orstatement of what kind of work you want to do next, a target list oforganizations you would like to work for, and the core message aboutyourself that you want your targeted audience to hear.在過去,找工作只是偶爾進行的事,工作時則是職涯管理的時間,而現在由於近期經濟環境不佳,資遣時有所聞,在職期限也縮短,因此每個人都必須隨時準備一套轉換工作的行銷規劃。適當的規劃應包含您在專業領域想達成的目標,或陳述接下來想從事的工作類型、想進入的目標公司名單,以及想讓您鎖定的群眾聽到的重要訊息。Finding jobs and letting them find you.尋找工作並讓工作找到您。尋找工作並讓工作找到您。How useful are job boards in a jobless recovery?甦復型業失在甦復型業失在甦復型業失在甦復型業失在 (jobless recovery) ?用作揮發何如行銀力人,中境環 ?用作揮發何如行銀力人,中境環 ?用作揮發何如行銀力人,中境環 ?用作揮發何如行銀力人,中境環Although social networking sites are providing serious competition, job boards will notgo away any time soon. While no one has an accurate count, there are very likely over50,000 commercial, public job boards in operation today. 1 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. 數切確有沒然雖。失消就快很會不並行銀力人但,行銀力人到脅威重嚴已站網交社 。個萬 過超能可很行銀力人的利營非或利營的作運在仍前目但,字 5For active managerial and professional hunters, the large boards — the ones thatadvertise on the Super Bowl — are not always the best. Often, it’s a niche boardspecializing in a profession, industry, salary level, or location important to the job hunterthat’s most useful. Or a private specialty board like Lee Hecht Harrison’s (LHH) LeadLink.Job hunters lucky enough to find boards that list appropriate jobs should certainlyconsider using them. But check them out first, since they’re not all of equal quality.的告廣登刊盃級超球足式美在會,言而者職求的缺職業專與缺職理經求尋極積於對、業產、業專種一攻專常通,言而者職求類這於對。效有最定一不並,行銀力人型大如,行銀力人業專的有私是或,助幫有最能可行銀力人定特的點地作工或級層資薪Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)到找運幸能果如。益助有很也 的司公詢諮源資力人 LeadLink良質品的行銀力人為因,看試試先好最過不,擇選好是然當者行銀力人,務職當適 ,齊不莠For job hunters, the biggest negative of job boards is that they can take an inordinateamount of time — much more time than is justified by the likely results. It takes time tolocate them, time to list on them, and time to track anything they come up with. And theysometimes generate a lot of spam, including offers of high-priced job search assistanceservices, some of which have proven to be of very little use.全完卻果結能可的到尋搜,後間時量大費耗是就行銀力人的勁差最,言而者職求對蹤追並單清出列、置位定確間時多許花須必行銀力人種這。間時多麼這費浪得值不,告廣的務服尋協作工費收高括包,件郵圾垃量大生產會還時有,項事何任的出提其 。果效有鮮實證已務服些某前目But job hunters also can get caught in the “content” on job boards. Like any commercialwebsite, job boards often seek advertising revenues, so they work hard to keep userson the site, reading job hunting advice and other content. Sometimes that advice isoffered by bona fide experts. Sometimes not. It’s usually produced by multiple authors,and therefore can lack coherence.常行銀力人,樣一站網業商同如,引吸所」容內「的行銀力人受能可也者職求而然這。容內他其與議建職求取讀其使,者用使的站網住留力努會此因,收營告廣意注缺此因,議建的人多許集匯是只常通,否則時有,供提家專的正真由是時有議建類 。性致一乏Should a job hunter use job boards? Yes.Will those job boards produce results?Yes, for some people, but probably a minority.Especially in a recession, jobs tend to change hands by informal means. Networking,which is always important, becomes even more critical. Therefore, job hunters need to 2 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. devote appropriate time to a range of job hunting techniques beyond job boards. 。的是?嗎行銀力人用使該應者職求 ?嗎果效到達能行銀力人作工,期退衰氣景在是其尤。效沒能可言而人些某對但,效有言而人些某對,的是者職求,此因。要重更得變時此,路網的性要重具就本原,手換徑途式正非以能可 。法方職求種多的外以行銀力人解了間時當適出撥須必For career success, feed yourself with RSS.制機合聚訊資易簡用善須必就,涯生業職的功成有擁想制機合聚訊資易簡用善須必就,涯生業職的功成有擁想制機合聚訊資易簡用善須必就,涯生業職的功成有擁想制機合聚訊資易簡用善須必就,涯生業職的功成有擁想 (RSS) 。 。 。 。We live in a digital information age. Gathering the best and most relevant information iskey to the success of most undertakings, and career management is no exception.Whether you are in active job search or happy in your current employment, access toinformation about potential next employers is essential to your future success.功成的作工分部大是,訊資的性聯關有最且佳最集收此因,代時訊資位數在活們我,作工的前目在樂或作工找尋極積正您管不。此如是也理管涯職的功成然當,鍵關 。功成否能來未了定決,訊資關相的司公職任能可個一下得取The problem is finding a way to easily locate the appropriate amount of information.Employed managers and professionals have limited time. They need to be selective.And they cannot afford the time to go hunting for career-related information every day.有間時士人業專與人理經的職在。法方的訊資量適得取鬆輕能種一到找須必是題問。訊資關相業職找尋間時出撥日每法無也且而,訊資當適到找地性擇選須必此因,限RSS feeds are an excellent solution to this dilemma. RSS stands for Really SimpleSyndication. It is not a particularly new technology, but it’s increasingly important in theworld of career management and job search.RSS RSS但,術技新的別特種一是不,寫縮的」合聚訊資易簡「是 。題問個這決解能 。要重愈來愈卻面方職求與理管涯職對Basically, it’s a way for websites to let you know when they’ve been updated, likeLinkedIn’s mini-feeds. When a website tells you about their feed or asks you to subscribe,they are typically talking about RSS.RSS 如,您知通時即時新更在站網讓,法方種一是上本基 LinkedIn 心中息訊的(mini-feeds) 。 指是就常通,時閱訂您求要或息訊供提站網。 RSSIt’s likely that your web browser or e-mail client can already do RSS for you. The newestversions of Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer all have RSS. Web-based services likeBloglines and Google Reader allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds and access them fromany web browser on any computer.的本版新最,能功 供提已能可很,戶客件郵子電或器覽瀏路網的您 RSS Safari Firefox 、 3 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Internet Explorer 和 如務服路網。能功 有都 RSS 和 Bloglines Google Reader 訂您讓能 RSS。息訊些這取讀來器覽瀏路網的腦電部一何任用可並,息訊 閱Job Search Engines like Indeed and SimplyHired do what Google does, but only for joblistings. They scour the Internet for relevant results and then allow you to search thoseresults to find what you’re looking for. You can search by company name, job title,location, or any other keyword. You can then subscribe to an RSS feed for the search, sothat when new jobs are found that match your criteria, you’ll be automatically notified. 銀力人尋搜只但,能功的 供提能也Indeed SimplyHired 和 如擎引尋搜作工 Google名司公依可您。訊資的要想到找中從您讓,果結關相找尋並路網尋搜擎引些這。行一,息訊 的尋搜些這閱訂可則後之,尋搜來字鍵關他其或點地作工、稱職、稱 RSS 。您知通動自會就作工新的準標合符現發You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of any search that you perform through GoogleBlog Search. Most blogs offer RSS feeds. Whether you’re looking for career advice,specific jobs, or researching a company, subscribing to blogs’ RSS feeds is a great wayto get quality information fed to your desktop as it’s published.提都格落部分部大。果結的尋搜 RSS Google Blog Search 供提,息訊 閱訂以可也您 RSS 的格落部閱訂,司公家一究研或作工定特、議建業職找尋在您管不。息訊 供 RSS。腦電的您到送傳動自會就佈公一訊資質優些這,法方佳絕的訊資質優得取是息訊 Online Brand - Ⅰ ( Online Brand – Ⅱ ( Online Brand – Ⅲ ( Lee Hecht HarrisonLee Hecht Harrison offers talent management solutions throughout the entireemployee life cycle to help companies and individuals maximize performance andachieve success. Established in 1974, Lee Hecht Harrison is a global talentmanagement solutions company with over 270 offices worldwide providing expertise inCareer Transition, Leadership Consulting and Workforce Solutions.Lee Hecht Harrison is a part of Adecco Group, the world leader in workforce solutionswith over 5,500 offices in over 60 countries and territories around the world. For moreinformation, please visit Hecht Harrison,期週命生職任的工員於用應案方決解理管才人的供提立成 。標目成達功成以,效績高最揮發人個和業企助幫 Lee Hecht Harrison 4 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved. 5 。 上請,情詳多更知欲。場市區地和家國要主個 界世於佈遍司公分家 有前目,司公務服源資力人的大最球全是 60 5,500 團集珂藝,牌品艦旗下旗的 團集珂藝是 (Adecco Group) Lee Hecht Harrison 。務服業專關相的案方任留才人英菁和詢諮力導領 、換轉涯職供提,司公 分家 過超有球全在,織組案方決解理管才人的名知球全是,年 於 240 1974