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Adecco 建立個人線上品牌 02

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Adecco 建立個人線上品牌 02

  1. 1. Building your personal online brand (Ⅱ) How social networking and your “re-reputation” affects your career in a Web 2.0 world 建立個人線上品牌 在 Web 2.0 的網路世界裡,社交網路 (social networking) 與 「線上聲譽」(e-reputation) 會對您的職業生涯造成什麼影響?According to a June 2009 CareerBuilder survey of 2,600 hiringmanagers:就業網站 CareerBuilder 2009 年 6 月對 2,600 名徵才主管的調查顯示:45 percent use social networking sites to screen potential employees, compared toonly 22 percent last year.45 % 的求才者使用社交網站來篩選求職者,去年則只有 22%。An additional 11 percent said they plan to use social networking sites to screencandidates in the future.另有 11% 的求才者表示未來可能會使用社交網站來篩選求職者。In addition, a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) member survey lastyear revealed that 34 percent planned to use social networking sites in recruiting.此外,美國人力資源管理協會 (SHRM) 去年對會員所做的調查顯示,34% 的會員已計劃在徵才過程中利用社交網站來篩選人才。Web tools and your career.網路工具與職業生涯Social networking社交網路LinkedIn、 Facebook 、Plaxo、 MySpace 1 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Social networking sites allow users to post information that can be seen by a selected list of people —and possibly by anyone doing an Internet search. 社交網站讓使用者張貼特定社群才可觀看的資訊,但任何人都能透過網路搜 尋得知。 LinkedIn is a career-related site frequently used by recruiters and employers. Because it contains resume-like information on all of your network contacts (and their contacts), it is particularly useful in a job search. LinkedIn 是求才者與求職者經常使用的職業介紹網站,由於網路聯絡資料(與 他們的聯絡資料)要求您提供類似履歷的資訊,因此對求職者特別有用。 Facebook is more about social contacts and has less career value. Plaxo combines features of Facebook and LinkedIn. MySpace, another socially oriented site, is not recommended for managers and professionals. Facebook 比較偏重社交而較少職業關聯性。Plaxo 則結合了 Facebook 與 LinkedIn 兩者的特色。不建議經理人與專業人士使用另一個社交導向網站 MySpace 。Tip: Privacy controls may not keep the general public from seeing your postings.Besure that all text and photos project an image consistent with your career aspirations.Be careful who you connect with since people may judge you by the company youkeep.秘訣:隱私控管無法阻擋一般大眾看到您張貼的訊息。請務必確認您張貼的所有文章和照片所傳遞的形象,與您的職業抱負一致。請謹慎選擇交友對象,因為他人可能透過您的朋友來評斷您。Job boards and aggregators人力銀行 (job board) 與匯集站 (aggregator)Monster、 Hotjobs 、 Career-Builder 、 Theladders 、 Indeed 、 SimplyHired Job boards provide searchable “help wanted” ads and put your resume in databases searched by recruiters and employers. There are over 50,000 job boards. The smaller specialty boards may be more useful than the three huge general boards listed at the left. 人力銀行提供「招募人才」廣告讓使用者搜尋,求職者可將履歷登入資料庫 供求才者與僱主搜尋。目前的人力銀行超過 50,000 個,規模較小、專門提供 特定職缺的人力銀行,比左列的三個大型人力銀行更有用。 2 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Theladders focuses on jobs with six-figure salaries, but charges a fee to candidates. Theladders 專門提供年薪六位數的工作,但求職者必須付費才能登入。 Aggregators like Indeed and SimplyHired are “job boards of job boards” sites that collect listings from wherever they can. Indeed 與 SimplyHired 一類的匯集站屬於「人力銀行中的工作看板」,網羅了 各地的求職項目。Tip: Think keywords. Be careful —your personal information can be picked up byanyone. Job boards can be job search timewasters, so limit your time there.秘訣:擬好關鍵字。小心!您的個資可能被任何人取得,利用人力銀行找工作可能浪費許多時間,因此應縮減搜尋時間。Search engines搜尋引擎Google 、 Bing 、 Yahoo 、 Dogpile 、 Wink 、 Spoke 、 ZoomInfo You need to be well informed about the internal or external organization where you will work next, so go beyond their websites and search them. 您必須充分了解下一個公司的內部或外部相關資訊,因此請先搜尋並進入該 公司網站進行了解。 Different search engines may produce different results on the same subject. Dogpile aggregates the results from several search engines into a single list. 不同的搜尋引擎對同一個主題,可能產生不同的搜尋結果,而 Dogpile 可將不 同搜尋引擎的結果匯集成一份清單。 When networking, search for people using Wink, Spoke, and ZoomInfo as well as the general search engines. 上網尋找某人的資料時,可使用 Wink、Spoke、ZoomInfo 與一般搜尋引擎。Tip: Search your own name to see how effectively you are managing your personalbrand on the Internet.秘訣:試著搜尋自己的姓名,看看您管理線上個人品牌的效果如何。 3 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Blogs and micro-blogs部落格與微型部落格 (micro-blogs)Technorati、Twitter Blogs are journal-like writings posted by anyone on any topic. There are over 100 million, all searchable at Technorati. Writing one may advance your career but it’s time-consuming and hard to attract readership. 部落格是指任何人針對任何主題,上網張貼類似日記的文章。目前網路上的 部落格數量超過一億,全都可透過部落格搜尋器 Technorati 搜尋得到。撰寫 一個部落格可能有助職涯發展,但卻非常耗時,也很難吸引讀者。 Twitter is a popular micro-blogging site that can also be seen as a social networking site. Twitter 是相當普及的微型部落格網站,也可視為社交網站。Tip: Read blogs, but don’t do much writing. If you are in a job search, follow thoserelating to your targeted organizations. Following a few well-chosen blogs is a goodcareer advancement tactic.秘訣:讀取部落格但別花太多時間撰寫。如果您正在找工作,可以追蹤與目標公司相關的部落格。追蹤幾個精心挑選的部落格,是職涯發展的好策略。RSS簡易資訊聚合機制RSSGoogle Reader RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds automatically send you the latest information from websites where you subscribe. 簡易資訊聚合機制 RSS (Really Simple Syndication) 能自動從訂閱網站發送最新 訊息給您。Tip: Look for the orange icon and use RSS to stay up to date on targeted companies,network contacts, advances in your field, and relevant job openings.秘訣:找到橘色圖示並使用 RSS 隨時取得目標公司的最新訊息、網路聯絡資料、職務領域的最新發展及相關職務開放徵才的訊息。 Online Brand -Ⅰ ( 4 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. About Lee Hecht HarrisonLee Hecht Harrison offers talent management solutions throughout the entireemployee life cycle to help companies and individuals maximize performance andachieve success. Established in 1974, Lee Hecht Harrison is a global talentmanagement solutions company with over 270 offices worldwide providing expertisein Career Transition, Leadership Consulting and Workforce Solutions.Lee Hecht Harrison is a part of Adecco Group, the world leader in workforce solutionswith over 5,500 offices in over 60 countries and territories around the world. For moreinformation, please visit Hecht Harrison 提供的人才管理解決方案應用於員工的任職生命週期,幫助企業和個人發揮最高績效,以成功達成目標。Lee Hecht Harrison 成立於1974 年,是全球知名的人才管理解決方案組織,在全球有超過 240 家分公司,提供職涯轉換、 領導力諮詢和菁英人才留任方案的相關專業服務。Lee Hecht Harrison 是藝珂集團 (Adecco Group) 的旗下旗艦品牌,藝珂集團是全球最大的人力資源服務公司,目前有 5,500 家分公司遍佈於世界 60個主要國家和地區市場。欲知更多詳情,請上。 5 © 2010 Adecco. All Rights Reserved.