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  1. 1. Presented by the M/J Physical Education Course Girls Brittany Wyse
  2. 2. -Rules-  Good sportsman ship  No cheating  Proper sports wear  Do your best
  3. 3. The first step on our obstacle course will be to do ten toe touches.
  4. 4.  For a toe touch to count your arms must be held directly above your head and you must touch your toes completely.
  5. 5. -Shuttle Run-  The second obstacle is the shuttle run.  You have to go completely down and touch the ground with tips of your fingers.  No stopping short of the line.
  6. 6. The third obstacle has you do ten push ups.
  7. 7. The third obstacle has you do ten push ups on the obstacle course.
  8. 8. Push-ups are a great way to get exercise. They help build muscles and you get more powerful.
  9. 9. To complete a push-up you must: 1. Lie down belly first on the floor 2. Spread your hands apart 3. Place your feet together 4. And finally push-up!
  10. 10. -Push ups-  Back has to be straight  Nose has to touch the ground  Hands shoulder length apart  Legs together  10 complete push ups
  11. 11. The rules for push-ups are as follows: 1. Do not touch the floor when pushing up. 2. Your whole body must go up and not just your chest. 3. Keep your knees straight
  12. 12. Manners for push-ups are simple: 1. Do not gloat if you finish first! 2. Do not try to make other players mess up. 3. Try to have fun and be a good sport!
  13. 13. The race inside a race is a race is actually the race to the finish line of the obstacle course.
  14. 14. Brittany will demonstrate the obstacle course. Click on the video to begin.
  15. 15. We hope you enjoyed our obstacle course!