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TTWADI Syndrome


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TTWADI afflicts millions of people every day. It can keep us safe (licking a live electrical wire springs to mind) but it can also halt the positive change without people really knowing ‘why’ or questioning the commonly held views.

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TTWADI Syndrome

  1. 1. Heard of TTWADI ?
  2. 2. Watch the (different) monkeys and their behaviour. What do you notice?
  3. 23. TTWADI syndrome = “ T hat’s T he W ay W e’ve A lways D one I t” Go and get that banana!
  4. 24. Created by Tomaz Lasic Twitter ‘lasic’ Based on the original idea by Ian Jukes http://web. mac .com/ iajukes / thecommittedsardine Animation available at GoAnimate http:// goanimate .com/go/movie/0KOynfONWnkk? utm _source= emailshare & refuser =0KFb-7EMg88Y Click the CC icon to see the Creative Commons Licence for this work