Needs and Moodle


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Used in a series of teacher workshops.

The idea was to see if any of these needs (and solutions) were familiar or perhaps useful to teachers and their students.


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Needs and Moodle

  1. 2. A great example of 'drilling a hole' ... 3 min audio, story worth a listen! Click -> Jason gives the example of a high school biology teacher who, rather than giving 'homework like other teachers', developed an entertaining review of the week's study focus which students could listen to on their portable mp3s. He says rather than confiscating the players which students constantly carried, he harnessed them for something positive. Audio:
  2. 3. Great teachers may not always know or be good at describing technological solutions ... but they are great at understanding and describing their needs and the needs of people they work with !
  3. 4. What do you need? What do the kids you teach need?
  4. 5. You may (not) be familiar with solutions but you may well be familiar with the needs in the following scenarios ... Ready?
  5. 6. Click to see, even edit the examples, in context, at Mt Orange School Demo site. Must login as ...
  6. 7. “ I wish I could have my students access a document with a single click. It would save me writing a link on the board or retyping, copying, printing then (still) watching kids getting it wrong...”
  7. 8. “ I want to give those couple of quiet kids time and voice to speak out and contribute. They always get drowned in class discussions...”
  8. 9. “ Wouldn't mind a quiz with a bunch of question types kids can repeat depending on certain conditions. Especially if it marks itself !”
  9. 10. “ Peer evaluation … really want to try more of that. What if kids could get a grade from peers AND for the quality of their own marking, combined!”
  10. 11. “ Aaargh, they just wait for ME to give them the answers! What if they could jointly create quality answers to possible exam questions?”
  11. 12. “ OK, Wikipedia is useful and all that. But I want kids in my class to create their, our own “ class-o-pedia” and argue about how to define and describe something in their own words!”
  12. 13. “ I wouldn't mind walking into class and cut down 10 minutes of settling time by getting them used to check today's task first thing...”
  13. 14. “ I wonder how they would tackle a tricky maths problem together, in their own time. That could tell me a lot about their skill and aptitude.”
  14. 15. “ Moodle looks interesting but it's really more for older students. I wonder if the little ones could benefit from it...” Coming up...
  15. 16. “ Loved the 'where are we from' map during our Harmony Week. What if we had a map of places we mention in class and we can all add markers and comments to it as we go along?”
  16. 17. “ Keeping a reflective journal is a great thing for kids to get into. Especially if they can update from anytime, anywhere and share with others if they want ...”
  17. 18. “ I'd like to scaffold access to different material based on student progress and have more time for individual, 'over the shoulder' stuff ...”
  18. 19. “ Kids take so many pics on excursions with their phones and cameras! What if they could upload them to a class space where they can explain the images, rate them, comment on them ...”
  19. 20. “ I am curious what the kids REALLY thought about that activity. It would help to see their views in one place … ”
  20. 21. “ Look, the grammar and writing is one thing, but hearing that second language is gold! Even some simple phrases. I'd love to build our own 'audio-glossary'...”
  21. 22. “ It would be really handy if I could structure a self-guided series of content that kids can progress through at their own pace...”
  22. 23. “ I'm sick and tired of 'dog ate my homework' and 'my USB doesn't work' lame excuses … Couldn't they just upload the stuff from home to where I could mark it and give them feedback?”
  23. 24. “ I like those learning objects kids get to play and try to outdo each other. You know “run a bakery”, “create chemical compound”, “geometry challenge”, “save a village from degradation”, “create a beach awareness campaign” … “
  24. 25. “ Geez, those web searches take hours! What if I can create a customised search engine that searches say 20 key sites and have that at my student's fingertips?”
  25. 26. “ Cyberbullying can be so awful. I'd love to be able to spot, track and deal with it ...”
  26. 27. “ Having parents more involved in kids' learning and at least be able see at anytime how their kids are going would be … really good in many cases.” Coming up...
  27. 28. “ In our department, it would be great to have our own online collection of useful links and materials that is easy to search and add to.”
  28. 29. “ I've had enough entering marks in five different places. Can't SIS and these systems “talk” to each other?”
  29. 30. “ If I am stuck, I'd want to ask a teacher who uses the stuff on the ground not a person who's read the manual on this ...”
  30. 31. “ It would be good to connect with teachers in other schools from around the corner or around the world. If we could use and adjust each other's materials, share ideas ...”
  31. 32. And s ... much more !
  32. 33. Want to give it a go, see all these and more examples, play around? … and your very own Moodle site!
  33. 34. You can see it as a piece of software. You can see it as a way of thinking about the core business we are in ... OR
  35. 36. Multilingual home of all things Moodle 'For educators, by educators', great starting point Realistic school you can play with MOOCH - a worldwide course exchange A 'Moodlepedia' edited by thousands Useful places (live links, just click)
  36. 37. “ Learning about technology is different from learning what to do with it.” Punya Mishra
  37. 38. QUESTIONS ??? (I hope so ...)
  38. 39. Image credits: Creative Commons licence: Attribution, Share-Alike 3.0 (free to share, remix, re-use, must attribute source) Created: January 2011 by Tomaz Lasic @lasic @edumoodle Digigogy images Goddard Sunday Experiment – 4