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  • Community hubs

    1. 1. Community Hubs in Moodle 2.0 - First ... a story One rainy day, a clever and kind Moodle Admin at Orange University wants to publish and shareOrange Moodle courses created by other educationalUniversity organisations in Orange City.
    2. 2. Orange Hub She creates the Orange City Hub and registers Orange University to it. OrangeUniversity
    3. 3. The word gets around and soon, many other local Moodle sites register to the Orange City Hub. People on these sites can Orange publish courses on theAdult Learning Orange Orange City Hub for others Institute High to enrol in or download. Orange They can also enrol or City download other courses Hub published on Orange CityOrange Hub.Primary Orange University
    4. 4. One day she meets a handsome moodler from Blue City. He invites her to register Orange University to the Blue City Hub. Hooray! Orange Uni members can now publish and share courses with ALL members of Blue City Hub. Orange Blue CityAdult Learning Orange High High Institute Orange Blue City City Hub HubOrangePrimary BlueCity Education Department Blue University Orange University
    5. 5. Several weeks go by …Other member sites of Orange City Hub connect to Blue City Hub.Learning opportunities and possibilities explode !(in a good way...)They wonder if there is more beyond their local hub(s) ...
    6. 6. They find MOOCH ! Now, they can search for, enrol and download courses from around the world ! To publish and share their own, they register their sites (NOT hubs) to MOOCH. Orange Blue CityAdult Learning Orange High High Institute Orange Blue City City Hub HubOrangePrimary BlueCity Education Department Blue University Orange University
    7. 7. They encourage other member sites of their hubs to connect to MOOCHand share with the world !Insert picture of spaghetti ...Communities grow !
    8. 8. Why would you use Community Hubs?Share, even collaboratively build* similar courses between two sites (eg. schools),and reduce the amount of work in creating everything anew.(*a great and purposeful way to learn how to moodle (better) collegially ...)Advertise and allow enrolment in courses which members of two or more sitescould jointly teach/attend.Allow members in two organisations to share a space where they can build bestpractice, resources, reflect, complain, problem-solve - a professional community ofpractice.Offer selected courses, free or fee-paying*, to general public.(*course publisher can set copyright licence (list of Creative Commons licences with one click) and other details)
    9. 9. Why would you use Community Hubs?Find, learn with and educate people with interest in the topic or field important toyou.Allow sharing of common standards, compliance, certification programmes thusreducing cost.Share useful parts of courses (eg. a great activity).Optimise resource sharing via CMS (eg Mahara).and more ...
    10. 10. Let’s clear up some terminology...Community Hub (‘Hub’)A special Moodle site, separate to your own. Its primary purpose is to search for, advertise and sharecourses among the members of the sites registered to the hub.Any Moodle Admin can:- create a new hub, and- register their site to an existing hub.RegistrationOnly a Moodle (version 2.+) site can register to a hub.This means that users of a site registered with the specific hub (one or more) can advertise and sharecourses with members of other sites registered with the same hub.A hub DOES NOT connect two Moodle sites (ie users don’t become members of another site byjoining a hub). It only allows for exchange and collaborative work on items published on the hub(advertised or shared).The hub DOES NOT connect two or more hubs. It is only Moodle sites that connect to the hub(s) oftheir choice.
    11. 11. Let’s clear up some terminology...Advertising a coursePutting a course on the hub for people to enrol in. Access can be open to public or restricted.Sharing a coursePutting a backed-up course on the hub for people to download. If you update the course, you need toupload a new backup.MOOCH - Open Community HubA worldwide, global hub to advertise, share and search for courses. Administered at Moodle HQ.Recommend to register your Moodle site (Moodle 2 only) to MOOCH.You do not have to connect to MOOCH. You can create a hub just for one or two sites that you wantpeople to work together and share courses.Local hubMoodle Admin can create a hub (new Moodle with Hub plugin activated) just for two or more siteswho wish to work together and share courses.
    12. 12. How about a visit to MOOCH ?
    13. 13. ?Over toyou ....