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#OccupyInnovation at Annual Meeting 2017

  1. @moodimahmoudi #OCCUPYINNOVATION
  2. @moodimahmoudi@moodimahmoudi
  3. @moodimahmoudi Reframe
  4. @moodimahmoudi September 17, 2011 Zuccotti Park, Wall Street, NYC
  5. @moodimahmoudi The Occupy movement grew into an international socio-politico- economic movement against social inequality and lack of ‘real democracy’ around the world, its primary goal being to advance social and economic justice and new forms of democracy.
  6. @moodimahmoudi@moodimahmoudi
  7. @moodimahmoudi GLOBAL #OCCUPY MOVEMENT 82 countries 951 cities
  8. @moodimahmoudi Alkmaar Amersfoort Amsterdam Arnhem Assen Deventer Doetinchem Dordrecht Ede Eindhoven Groningen Harlem The Hague Leeuwarden Maaskantje Nijmegen Rotterdam Tilburg Utrecht Venlo Zwolle Cities subject to the #Occupy movement: IN THE NETHERLANDS TOO
  9. @moodimahmoudi “Democratic awakening” Source: Washington Post on December 1, 2011 @moodimahmoudi
  10. @moodimahmoudi@moodimahmoudi
  11. @moodimahmoudi@moodimahmoudi
  12. @moodimahmoudi #OccupyMars – Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, PayPal, Hyperloop, Real-life Iron Man @moodimahmoudi
  13. @moodimahmoudi@moodimahmoudi
  14. @moodimahmoudi To #OCCUPY became synonymous with: To lead To enable To achieve To participate To make happen
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  16. @moodimahmoudi@moodimahmoudi
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  18. @moodimahmoudi
  19. @moodimahmoudi But how can we make this work? How can we #OccupyInnovation? How can we democratize innovation internally? @moodimahmoudi
  20. @moodimahmoudi 1. ACT LIKE A CHILD @moodimahmoudi
  21. @moodimahmoudi Why do companies underperform? We don’t ask enough questions!
  22. @moodimahmoudi This is me with my mom! May 1983 @moodimahmoudi
  23. @moodimahmoudi Most curious? 4 year old girls Ask 390 questions per day Source: The Telegraph, March 28, 2013. Study by
  24. @moodimahmoudi 4-year olds ask really fundamental questions: Why water wet? Where does the sky end? What are shadows made of?
  25. @moodimahmoudi
  26. @moodimahmoudi And then no more “Why” or “What if” questions! Creativity Crisis “By the time we’re 18 years old, we ask 80% less questions.” Newsweek, Creativity Crisis, July 10, 2010
  27. @moodimahmoudi Why? In school, teachers want … answers
  28. @moodimahmoudi Why? At work, our boss wants … solutions
  29. @moodimahmoudi Why? And in the case of innovation, everyone wants … ideas
  30. @moodimahmoudi Design thinking best practices: Innovation doesn’t start with ideas! Its starts with questions that let us capture previously unknown user needs and insights!
  31. @moodimahmoudi “Previously unknown …” This can be counter intuitive for you guys.
  32. @moodimahmoudi@moodimahmoudi
  33. @moodimahmoudi 4 – 24 Project – Hal Gregersen @moodimahmoudi
  34. @moodimahmoudi@moodimahmoudi
  35. @moodimahmoudi Write down questions … @moodimahmoudi
  36. @moodimahmoudi Anatomy of a Creative Question: How might we [action verb] for a [user] with [need], given that they [insight]?
  37. @moodimahmoudi@moodimahmoudi 2. BE DISCIPLINED
  38. @moodimahmoudi Innovation almost never fails due to a lack of creativity. It’s almost always because a lack of discipline. Deloitte Study September 2015 @moodimahmoudi
  39. @moodimahmoudi What is discipline in context of innovation? 1. Observe & listen 2. Ideate & network 3. Try & experiment 4. Plan & scale
  40. @moodimahmoudi@moodimahmoudi
  41. @moodimahmoudi Insight-to-Venture Design thinking & running lean
  42. @moodimahmoudi Doug Dietz, GE Healthcare GE Adventure Series @moodimahmoudi
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  48. @moodimahmoudi 3. LOVE METRICS @moodimahmoudi
  49. @moodimahmoudi We need to start measuring innovation performance with a commitment to follow the data.
  50. @moodimahmoudi Make it rewarding: quantify success Provides goals, give guidance (and knowledge), measure progress, setup for success. @moodimahmoudi
  51. @moodimahmoudi BUT WHAT KIND OF METRICS? How about the same type we use to manage everything else in the organization?
  52. @moodimahmoudi Project momentum Kill fast
  53. @moodimahmoudi Project progress Almost done? Great job! Keep going.
  54. @moodimahmoudi Team performance Discipline
  55. @moodimahmoudi NOW WHAT? Where to start with #OccupyInnovation in the organization?
  56. @moodimahmoudi § Review/ contribute to the strategic themes defined in your functions § Start capturing user needs and insights related to themes § Articulate a strong creative question using these insights and needs § Ideate, prototype, and scale new value propositions Achieving the unachievable
  57. @moodimahmoudi Work in 2-pizza teams – innovation is a team sport
  58. @moodimahmoudi 1. IMPROVE Develop customer-centric value propositions that will have impactful results for your customers and partners while improving profitability and efficiency of your core business. 2. DISRUPT Conceive radical and transformational initiatives that breakaway from your past success and open the future. Reimagine Booking outside-in. Source:Forbes,TheWorld’sMostInnovativeCompanies,2015Ranking
  59. @moodimahmoudi Source: Forbes, The World’s Most Innovative Companies, 2015 Ranking
  60. @moodimahmoudi "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T. S. Eliot - Poet