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  • Objective of Slide-------------------- If there is an HR person – this will be a key slide to appeal to themConfirm that their “pain” is they don’t have the time they would like to dedicate to strategic HR initiativesScript-------What many of the HR experts at our clients tell us, is that before TriNet, they were forced to spend a disproportionate amount of time on tactical HR issues, leaving little room for high-value HR activities that make an impact on the business. What this means to them is they don’t have the time to help management develop leaders, drive productivity improvements, find and keep “A” players, and make sure compensation rewards performance and is connected to the goals of the company. These are the projects they want to spend time on…to make an impact on the company. In this economy, these strategic initiatives are more important than ever.Bottom line: Do-it-yourself HR forces companies to spend time on the wrong activities What’s the solution?
  • Objective of Slide-------------------- Introduce TriNet: quick overview of the companyAudience believe we are solid, low-risk choiceScript-------TriNet is:1) An established company with high-growth in the last 3 years, and is financially stable with GA’s backing.2) Recognized as an innovator in the HR Outsourcing market with the leading HR IT platform and expertise in Human Capital Consulting practices3) Partner to a solid base of passionate customers, some of the most forward-thinking companies in business today.And the results are measurable…
  • Objective of Slide-------------------- Validation and proof points: lots of customers, big resultsScript-------Over 8000 companies have partnered with TriNet to manage their HR needs. And TriNet continues to deliver measurable results to these companies.So what does TriNet deliver exactly?
  • Objective of Slide-------------------- Assess need for the “big three” of the Strategic ServicesScript-------TriNet has many Strategic Services available to you as your company grows. As they’re not part of our core service, you only have to use what your organization needs. But I thought I’d touch upon three of them:Talent Acquisition.Successful organizations depend upon attracting and recruiting top-quality people. Do you have the team you need to ensure your company’s success? Do you have the time and resources to dedicate to finding the best people? TriNet’s Talent Acquisition equips your business with a powerful and cost-effective means to hire the best talent. You gain the advantages of a dedicated TriNet Recruiting Consultant who knows your business and culture, as well as leading-edge technology— for about half the price of other executive search services.Employee DevelopmentOrganizations are increasingly forced to ask their employees to take on more responsibilities – with little preparation. Employee Development serves as your own online learning and development department, Employees can learn whenever and wherever they choose, while you gain the capability to create and monitor their development plans. It comes with a course library of thousands of modules, and it’s an easy and highly cost-effective way to give your people the tools they need to unlock their talent potential and maximize their productivity.Performance ManagementIn these rapidly changing times, maintaining a productive workforce requires persistent communication, effective employee guidance, and focused action across the entire organization. And wouldn’t it be nice if it were paperless? TriNet Performance Management provides busy executives with a powerful web-based application that communicates business objectives and then aligns employee activity to those goals. It improves the review process and enables pay-for-performance incentives to retain your top performers.  It requires no software installation and is supported by TriNet’s Human Capital Consulting expertise.If you’re interested in finding out more about these solutions, I’d be happy to provide additional materials for you.
  • Objective of Slide-------------------- Introduce the benefits and advantages of the TriNet platformDifferentiate HR Passport by highlighting the roles-based self-service capabilitiesDifferentiate HR Passport by highlighting the unique components where other PEOs are weak (CSS, BDS, Workflow, OE, PTO)Script-------TriNet has invested over $30M in building the industry’s most advanced platform, integrating the best HR applications on a solid Oracle/PeopleSoft foundation. TriNet builds on this foundation with role-based access helping employees, managers, and executives pinpoint the most relevant information in a form that is meaningful and personalized to their individual needs. TriNet has also built advanced workflow capabilities to eliminate all manual effort and burdensome paperwork. Finally, advanced analytics and reporting capabilities provide executives with new actionable insight, making it easy for your to get the answers you need to manage your organization.Work the slide left to right:What our clients love about our Web-based HR Platform is that it is truly role-based. Executives, Managers, and Employees all have a unique way of accessing our solution. For executives, we make the initial setup with TriNet easy with our “my customer setup site,” give you a powerful way to “model” and make benefits decisions each year, and view HR metrics and reports. Managers can quickly and easily approve/deny employee vacation requests, make salary/job changes for your staff, and analyze compensation.For employees, they have anytime, anywhere access to their personal info, their paystubs, their W2s, and their PTO balances. They can make requests and route them automatically to their manager. Clients tell us that our Open Enrollment web-based system is a gold standard for the industry.But we’re about far more than just technology…
  • Objective of Slide-------------------- Introduce TriNet service modelDifferentiate TriNet by introducing the unique 1:1 service model capabilities of TriNetScript-------TriNet is not only “High Tech” but also “High Touch.” Our ultimate goal is to become our customer’s “trusted advisor” on HR matters.We deliver this through a unique service model that matches the needs of your people to our skill sets. For example, your CEO and CFO will have direct access to a specific HR Director, who is the single point of contact for our client and manages all aspects of the relationship.In addition, your executives will have a human capital consulting expert who partners with both the C-suite and management team to implement best practice human capital solutions. Likewise, your HR/Finance Coordinator is assigned a specific TriNet Account Services Consultant. Your Managers access an HR HelpLine, and employees are supported by an Employee Solutions Center which may be accessed via email, telephone or online chat.This model is unique in the industry. Nobody else in the industry partners with all levels of your organization with the right people possessing the right industry and professional knowledge.
  • Objective of Slide-------------------- Introduce four primary TriNet differentiatorsScript-------Companies select TriNet because of 4 primary differentiators. I’ll briefly touch on these on this slide, and then we’ll cover them in more detail.First, TriNet acts as your Trusted Advisor, delivering the highest service levels in the industry. Only TriNet offer an integrated service team with knowledge specific to your company’s industry and situation. In addition, TriNet only employs certified expertise. We are the only vendor where 100% of our employees in our service network are professionally certified.Second, Benefits 2.0: TriNet offers the best benefits plan in the industry. Not only the broadest choice of plans to make sure you can deliver the right benefit for EVERY employee, but TriNet removes most of the barriers that prevent employees from enjoying a high-quality benefits plan. Third,100% paperless. Only TriNet offers a solution that completely eliminates your need to manage any paperwork. If you are considering other options, you may want to ask them if there are any forms or paper that you or your employees will need to fill-out to be part of their service.Finally, as your company grows, your HR needs will change. TriNet not only fits your needs today, but anticipates your needs as you grow and matches services to your ever-growing needs.Only TriNet offers these differentiated capabilities. And these are the reasons why so many companies choose TriNet.
  • Objective of Slide-------------------- Continue to hit the “High Touch,” Trusted Advisor message.Script-------Despite TriNet’s technology advantages, we believe it’s the professionalism of our service team that makes the most impact upon our customer experience. Our Human Capital Consultants are all professionally certified, and they all have experience serving the kinds of industries that TriNet attracts—meaning that they’re able to identify and resolve common human capital issues on a proactive basis. They also conduct an industry-acclaimed Human Capital Audit for all new customers, a report for your C-suite that identifies potential compliance problems as well as makes recommendations for future changes. And finally, the entire TriNet service team uses PeopleSoft HelpDesk for HR, ensuring a 360 view of each customer and enabling quick resolution to customer issues as they arise.
  • Objective of Slide-------------------- Detailed discussion for each of the four differentiatorsScript-------A lot of people may call you and say “I can offer you some great rates on benefits or workers comp”…just like anyone could sell you a cheap car. But, that doesn’t mean you are going to like driving that car. With TriNet, we provide a broad choice of benefits at fair prices. But what makes us unique is that you’ll actually like how they work – they’re inclusive and immediate and we offer a comprehensive set of include services like FSA and Leave Processing that will eliminate headaches and help your company be more compliant. TriNet offers the best and most comprehensive benefits package in the industry. Our menu of plans offers unmatched choice and flexibility for your employees—and they offer inclusive, immediate coverage without the usual clauses and conditions. TriNet supports its benefits package with complete administration and compliance—enabling you to enjoy the star power you’ll attract without administrative headaches. And our EPL coverage gives you $500,000 of protection against liability claims. In every respect, TriNet’s benefits represents Version 2.0 for the small business environment. And when it comes to paperwork…
  • Objective of Slide-------------------- Show that we understand the needs of companies as they grow.Uncover more pain. Ask them if they need to answer some of these questions now, to expand the deal and show value.Script-------It’s been our experience that the questions listed above become more important at different stages of the company’s growth. We’ve also seen that the answers to these questions change as the company grows. The answers when you have 20 employees may be quite different when grow much larger. And often times, regulatory compliance requirements also change as the size of your employee base grows.|Your TriNet human capital consultant is a proactive advisor. TriNet grows with you, anticipates your needs, and matches HR services to every point along your company lifecycle. Our Strategic Services will enable you to confront and resolve challenges pertaining to talent acquisition, employee performance, compensation alignment, leadership development, and multiple other challenges.Is your company trying to answer any of these questions now? Which 1-2 areas most important? What are you doing today to find answers to these questions?
  • Objective of Slide-------------------- Summarize benefits for each roleScript-------TriNet delivers value and benefits across the organization, from the C-level to the HR executive to the employee.For the CFO, our customers tell us that TriNet has helped them contain costs, get better financial accuracy on employee related costs, avoid the capital expenses of HR IT systems, gain accounting efficiencies by managing 10-15 fewer HR vendors, and avoid the headaches of reconciling healthcare invoices.Wouldn’t it be nice if:You’d never see a healthcare invoice again?You’d never have to call a 3rd party employment lawyer again?The next time a new employee is hired in a new state…that you wouldn’t have the fire drill of finding a benefits plan?You’d never have a Dept of Labor audit?For the CEO, you can spend your time finding the best people, keeping them engaged, and ensuring that everyone in the company knows the “wildly important goals” for the company.For HR staff, we’ll be able to relieve the administrative HR burden…and free your time for you to focus on more strategic HR initiatives. Best of all, the employees will have more of their HR needs satisfied.For employees, they’ll get to pick a benefit plan that best fits their needs. They’ll be able to access their information anytime, anywhere. They’ll feel like they’ve got the best worlds – “big company benefits” at their cool, non-bureaucratic small company.
  • Power Point Sales Presentation 2009 (2)

    1. 1. Introducing TriNet<br />
    2. 2. HR Drudgery Takes Time Away from Strategy<br />In these times must maximize revenue per employee by:<br />20% <br />Strategic HR<br />Initiatives<br />Align goals, drive performance<br />Find, keep best people<br />80%<br />HR Admin<br />Tasks<br />Align compensation <br /> Today’s DIY Approach<br />
    3. 3. We’re a Strong, Stable Partner<br />Solid, Growth <br />Company<br />HR Outsourcing Innovator<br />Passionate Customers<br />5<br />8000<br />74<br /><ul><li>74% Revenue Growth over last 3 years
    4. 4. $200M: Projected 2009 Revenue
    5. 5. Backed by General Atlantic: Well-Funded
    6. 6. 8,000 companies
    7. 7. 130,000 Serviced Employees
    8. 8. 97% Retention
    9. 9. Inc Hall of Fame: 5 years
    10. 10. Leading HR IT Platform
    11. 11. Human Capital Consulting with Best Practices </li></li></ul><li>Cost Containment<br />Saved 20% on benefits costs<br />Reduced Vendor Mgmt<br />Works with 1 vendor instead of 8<br />Admin Burden<br />Cut time spent on admin by 50%<br />Compliance<br />Prevented wrongful termination <br />suit<br />Over 8,000 Customers, Measurable Results<br />Cost Containment<br />Avoided <br />costly <br />hires<br />
    12. 12. We Cover the HR Spectrum <br />Human<br />Capital Plan<br />“Big Company” Benefits and Administration<br />Employer HR Services<br />Benefits Funding Strategies<br />Comprehensive<br />Health Benefits<br />Online<br />Benefits Enrollment<br />Benefits Comparisons, Calculators<br />Multi-State Payroll Processing<br />FSAs, HSAs, & other Voluntary Benefits<br />Online Pay Stubs and W2s<br />End-to-End Workers Compensation<br />Payroll Deductions & Direct Deposit<br />Policies, Procedures, & Handbooks<br />PTO and Leave Processing<br />On-Boarding and Termination<br />EmployeeHR Services<br />Employee<br />Perks<br />COBRA & EAP Services<br />Employee Relations<br />Premium 401(k)Plan <br />Human<br />Capital<br />Dashboards<br />Labor and Benefit Law Compliance<br />
    13. 13. Performance Management<br />Employee Development<br />Talent Acquisition<br /><ul><li>Align employees with business goals
    14. 14. Eliminate paper-intensive process
    15. 15. Improve pay-for-performance
    16. 16. Web-based learning system
    17. 17. Extensive course library
    18. 18. Develops and mentors your staff
    19. 19. End-to-end recruiting process
    20. 20. Dedicated hiring consultant
    21. 21. Leading-edge technology</li></ul>Strategic Services: Attract, Develop, and Align your Talent<br />
    22. 22. Executive<br />Manager<br />Employee<br />Manager<br />MyBenefits<br />MyPay<br />About Me<br />My Staff<br />My Company Set Up<br />WorkflowInbox<br />My Reports<br />My PTO <br />My Time<br />Talent Acquisition<br />CompensationPlanner<br />MyTraining<br />Benefits Decision <br />Performance Management<br />100% Paperless, Web Platform<br />Open Enrollment<br />MyCompany<br />Best-of-Breed HR IT Platform<br />Built on Solid Oracle-PeopleSoft Foundation<br />Roles Based Access & Advanced Workflow<br />Cognos Analytics & Reporting<br />
    23. 23. Human Resources Director<br />Human Capital Consultant<br />Account Services Consultant<br />HR HELPLINE<br />Quick Response support for managers<br />HR SOLUTIONCENTER<br />TriNet Service Delivery ModelExpertise Matched to Specific Roles & Needs<br />C-LEVEL<br />HR/ FINANCE COORDINATOR<br />MANAGERS<br />EMPLOYEES<br />
    24. 24. The Shared Employer Relationship<br />Administration Payroll and Benefits<br />Determines Day-to-DayDirection<br />Provides HRServices<br />DeterminesCompensation<br />TriNet<br />Customer<br />Worksite Employer<br />Employer of Record<br />Assists with EmployerCompliance<br />ConductsPerformance Reviews<br />Employee<br />
    25. 25. Why companies select TriNet<br />TriNet Overview<br />
    26. 26. 100%<br />Paperless<br />Trusted Advisor<br />Grows With You<br />Benefits 2.0<br /><ul><li>Eliminates Admin Burden
    27. 27. Anytime, Anywhere Web Access
    28. 28. Easy to Use Applications
    29. 29. The Right Benefit Plan for Everyone
    30. 30. Inclusive & Immediate
    31. 31. Less Headache, More Compliant
    32. 32. Experienced & Credentialed
    33. 33. Industry-Focused Expertise
    34. 34. Human Capital Audit & Plan
    35. 35. Fits Your Needs Today
    36. 36. Anticipates Your Needs as You Grow
    37. 37. A-la-carte Strategic Services</li></ul>Why Companies Select TriNet<br />
    38. 38. We’re a Trusted Advisor to Our Clients<br />Industry-Focused Expertise<br />Customized solutions by industry<br />Experienced & Credentialed<br />Each consultant has professional certification<br />Red Carpet Audit<br />Uncovers and resolves liability issues<br />CaseManagement Best Practices<br />360 view of client<br />
    39. 39. Benefits 2.0: Multi-Dimensional Program<br />Less Headache,<br />More Compliant<br />Inclusive & <br />Immediate<br />Broadest <br />Choice<br />Flexible Spending<br />Leave Processing<br />COBRA<br />EPL Coverage<br />No Medical Underwriting<br />No Pre-existing Condition Discrimination<br />Day 1 Coverage: No Waiting Period<br />Multiple Carriers <br />Multiple Plan Designs<br />Medical <br />Dental <br />Vision <br />STD/LTD <br />“Big Company” Benefit Plan<br />
    40. 40. Life is Better when It’s 100% Paperless<br />?<br /><ul><li>Eliminate All Manual Effort</li></ul>Benefits Open Enrollment<br />Benefits Open Enrollment<br />“What If” <br />Funding<br />Strategies<br />Online <br />Plan<br />Comparison<br />Employees<br />Select <br />Plans<br />Automatic<br />Notify <br />Vendors<br />Did the fax<br />make it?<br />HR collects<br />forms from<br />all locations<br />Employees Fillout Paperwork<br /><ul><li>Automatic Notification</li></ul>?<br />PTO Processing<br />PTO Processing<br /><ul><li>No Surprises</li></ul>Email to Boss<br />Boss forgets?<br />PTO balance<br />deduction?<br />Automatic <br />Routing to <br />Mgr. <br />Pay correct <br />PTO debited<br />Employee<br />Submits <br />Request<br /><ul><li>Financial Accuracy</li></ul>?<br />On-Boarding and Off-Boarding<br />On-Boarding and Off-Boarding<br /><ul><li>No Missed Steps</li></ul>Hire or Terminate<br />Notify 7<br />Different <br />vendors<br />Did we miss<br />a step?<br />Hire,TerminateOnline<br />AutomaticHRISUpdate<br />AutomaticNotice:<br />MultipleProviders<br /><ul><li>Ensure Compliance</li></li></ul><li>We Grow With You<br />Your HR Needs Change, As Your Company Grows<br /><ul><li>What leaders do we need to develop?
    41. 41. Do we need to improve our goal setting and alignment?
    42. 42. Are we attracting better talent than our competitors?
    43. 43. Do employees see a career path?
    44. 44. What policies do we need in place to stay in compliance?</li></ul>Company <br />Growth<br />Talent Development Needs<br /># Employees<br />
    45. 45. Benefits Across the Organization<br /><ul><li>Contain Costs
    46. 46. Capital Avoidance
    47. 47. Mitigate Risk
    48. 48. Find, Retain, Motivate Talent
    49. 49. Transfer Liability
    50. 50. Outsource HR Burden
    51. 51. Eliminate Admin Burden
    52. 52. Focus on Strategic HR
    53. 53. Satisfy Employees
    54. 54. “Big Company Benefits”
    55. 55. Quick & Easy Access
    56. 56. No Hassle</li></ul>CFO<br />CEO<br />HR<br />Employee<br />