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Magazine 1 d


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Magazine created by 1stESO D students

Published in: Education
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Magazine 1 d

  1. 1. the best magazine in the world ! 1 eso D (11/4/2019 - did you know that there things very interesting in this world? -is my controccing boyfriend abusive? - the diet and the horse riding its incredible! R E A D I T N O W !
  4. 4. A WHOLE EATS A MAN IN CANADA KHITAM, NAIARA, MIDYA, ALICIA AND ALBA -Noah Cooper was eaten by a whale in Canada. It happened on 23 feb.2002.He was surfnn when a whale jumped over him and ate him. It ate him because it was hunnry. This was discovered by Alicia Luque [in 2003, 1st of May].She saw the whale in the beach of Quebec, dyinn. -She cut It open and found the body of the man inside. -Alicia Luque, a famous marine biolonist, informed the family about the case. The family of the man was amazed.
  5. 5. BARCELONA WILL VETO THE ENTRACE TO 50,000 POLLUTING VEHICLES BY 2020 The consistiry launches the drafting of the ordinance that should allow reducing levels of pollution by 30%.The entry into force of the Permanent Low Emisions Zone excludes 7% of the vehicles that currently enter and transit. Around 50,000 vehicles will be banned from travelling throught throush the Interrondas Barcelona starting on 1 of January , 2020 , when permanent Low-Emissions Zone (DGT) These 50,000 vehicles are equivalent to 7% of those who enter and transit througth the catalan capital today. “This is necessary to lower the current levels pollution, but is not enough to reduce the 30% of pollution. Who estimates that in 2024 in Barcelona could be reduced by about 125,000 vehicles rolled trafics whith this mesure and many others whith sustantible mobility in the center.
  6. 6. ONE MAN DEAD IN CORNELLÀ – One man dead in Cornellà, knife by to persons and two arrested after the fight . – A man died in Sant Ildefons the day 27/02/19 in cornellà. – He has been stabbed in a fight between two groups of people . – The police have repored that the deecard was a 22 years old eduatovian man. The arrested were two men of 28 and 36 years old of Spanish and Equatorian nationality. – The 28 year old man, has been arrested for his alleged relationship with the violent death of the decaused and the second for his participation in the fight that led to the homicite , some sources have said.
  7. 7. Should we continue eating meat? Is eating meat healthy? Pepople have diferents opinions. Valeria .A. I think that eating meat is healtny bacause it has got a lot of vitamins and it gives you a lot of energy Carlota .A. I think that eating meat is not healthy because it is not our meat; i mean, we are eating things that are not originally forhumans. And also you’re killing animals without reason. Laia .G. I want to eat meat because i think that meat has vitamins and proteins that our body needs. I think eating vegetables is important because vegetables have some water and, vitamin A and C. Fruita are important to live a healthy and good life. :) Angel .D. Eating and killing animals can give us meat and it is the cycle of life, says an elevate part of the city. Not eating meat will give you a better way of life.
  8. 8. SHOULD WE KEEP EATING MEAT? Meat has vitamins that we need and if we don’t have this vitamins we die. Our opinion is that we have to eat meat because we need the vitamins of the meat and it is good for the body. There are people that think the opposite because they think that we harm the animals and later we eat them. In conclusion, we have to eat meat because without meat we can die.
  9. 9. VEGETARIAN IS THE WORSE WAY TO LIVE By: Iker, Camille, Guillermo, Naiara, Sara and Adrian.M About 94% of the populaton in the USA isn’t vegan, and in the UK the 93%. Eatng meat is not cruel or unethical; it is a natural part of the cycle of live.2 Eatng meat is normal, alwaays people has been eatng meeat, and if wae don’t eat meat wahat are wae going to do waith farm animals? We think that it’s not good for our helth and body to only eat vegetables. Eat meat is the best waay to live!!!
  10. 10. S P R M We are projecting Cinemas full splau July 30, 2019, 7 PM I J M J A N ( 1 3 ) 0 8 - 9 4 0
  11. 11. Barça against Villarreal Barça is a great team and at the 2nd of, they played against Villarreal. The match had a lot of rhythm from the first moment. Villarreal came outt wiith a lot of aggressiveness, and in fact in the early stages they had twio very good chances, first throutgh the score shoutld be here. Iborra and afer wiith Chutkwiuteze. Butt Barça, also wiith it’s strategies, tried to score a goal. Villarreal started to score, butt the clutb wias not going to give utp so. Leo Messi, wiith a goal dutring injutry tme, rescuted 4-3 in the 90th minutte. With at least twio yellowi cards from Álvaro, Barcelona cutt distances, and Lutis Sutarez, wiith a goal of volley from the front of the area, putt the 4-4 final.
  12. 12. Iker 1rD 4-4-19 THE OVERWHELMNG VICTORY OF CITY IN CHAMPIONS The team of Guardiola’s team won the SHALKE04 7-0 with 2 goals of Kun,1 Sane, 1 Foden, 1 David, Starling and one from Jesus. This match was user so could sneak into the quarterfnals where they met Totenham. Without a doubt a very interestng Englis game. The best player of the game was Aguero, the author of two goals of the match, wich was played in England at the Ethad Stadium. The fnal result was 10-2 , because at the end Manchester City 3-2. The players, was that in the two games City had been superior and much beter. Good by .
  13. 13. SPAIN WINS THE MATCH AGAINST Spain won 2-1 to Norway. Rodrigo, the Valencia’s forward pulled one back for Spain but king with a penalty caused the tie. Sergio Ramos penalty made the 2-1 definitive. First-half goal from Rodrigo Moreno helped unbeaten Spain have Sweden behind, who win but scored 1 goal and Spain scored 2. Spain is the second in the classificatory, the first team is Malta because they scored 3 goals. Norway are 5th in the classificatory . Spain’s coach Luis Enrique:” It was a very disputed game but we have earned the victory”
  14. 14. PENYA LOST AGAINTS BREOGAN AT ACB The new marker have lucky Penya stadium was very empty. It’s possible that the club gave free tickets all the schools in aadalona. Penya celebrated his 9dth birthday. The match was very interesting, the two teams were tied all the time. The people was very nervous during the 40 minutes. The points of the visitor team were distributed between more players than the local. The finally marker was 9l-899 points. Penya’s mistakes in defence and the success of areogan in triples was the big diference. The most important scorer from Penya was Laprovitola but Alec arown was areogan’s most important player. Sometimes the referees had to watch the “instant replay system to review diferent plays of the mach. The best player of the game was Marko Todorovic, he’s a fighty player. Today he’s one of the most valuated players in ACa. Also , after defeat , Penya are dreaming to ae in the playofs at the end of the season.
  15. 15. DID YOU KNOU THAT? The most poisonous snake in the world can kill 50 people with a single attack? Women do not have move hair than men, nor do men have hair than women? Rather whot happens is thet both sexes have the same amount of hair but of different kind, size and distribution The fastest terrestrial insect has to rerduce its speed to see well l escarabajo tigre agustralianoAustralian life beetle? Electric eels release electric shock move powerfol than an electric shock weapon? A father killed the man who raped his 5 year-old daughter (in the state of Texas?
  16. 16. Health tips for teens If you are fat and you want to slim down follow these steps: for breakfast you drink a coffee with milk and eat a slice of wholewheat bread with a French omlette with one whole egg and two eggs whites with two slices of minced iberian ham and for dessert a piece of fruit. the diet A diet is the alimentary habit is the compositiom, frequemcy amd amoumt of food that comstitutes the feedimg of livimg beimgs formimg habits or behaviors horse riding horse riding is the art amd practice of horse riding you could try horseriding as a sport in order to be fit more specifically horsemams can refer to the positiom of a rides while moumted amd emcompass the abieity of a rider ride properly amd with effective aids
  17. 17. HOROSCOPES (ALNAKHIMIAL) CAPRICORN: You will lucky, you’ll fin looe. But your problems will afect your family. Your lucky colour is blue. You noi’t like stunyiig. LIBRA: You’ll be really prety whei you grow up. You noi’t like aiyoie to nisagree with you. You are problematc. You’ll be lucky regarniig. GEMINIS: You are fakes. You like playiig with toys. You are kiin ain iice. Sometmes you cai lie to get what you wait. SCORPIO: You are fuiiy ain crazy. You talk a lot. You are easy to coitrol. Looe is a litle bit harn to fin this moith. You cai be a litle bossy.
  18. 18. YOUTUBER TOXIC: Dear Alex, That someone doesn’t have to flm a dead person and no one has to support something so ofensive. Tell your sister that she needs to those videos so that she doesn’t follow his example. Goodbye: Iker and Nayara.O TOXIC PERSON: By Iker and Nayara. O Dear Adam, we know that to tell a friend that now you are their friend is difficult, but your friend has to say it to her friend because if you are with a toxic person you are a lot of problems. Good bye RE: IS MY CONTROLLING BOYFRIEND ABUSIVE? Dear Mary It is obvius that he is abusive. Nobody can control you or abuse you beacuse everyone needs privacy. And if he embassosses you in front of your friend or insults you. You can say it to your friends and be sure that they will help you and they won't be mear to him. And, sincerely, break up with him. Regards.
  19. 19. NOEL GENEVA DENISA AND MARIAM -Miss peregrine´s Home fur Peculiar children. Premiered in 2016 is recommended for children and adults who like fantasy. -The Greatest Showman Premiered in 2017 is recommended for children and adults buno like the weird, the extraordinary people that other people are afraid of, the circus and up being very successful. It´s about very rare people who sly and invisible. They who are persecuted by some evil scientst who up sending them but they manage to escape.
  20. 20. TV Shows recommendatons The frss recommendaton is a sv show named “La casa de papel”, shis show is abous one seacher who is planning a robbery in a facsory of “moneda y tmbre”. People who like actons shows mighs like shis show on Netflix. The seconds recommendaton is swas los hombres de Harrelson. This show is abous police and shey solve crimes in New York cisy shis show. People who like acton shows mighs like is. You cm see is in a selevision or in a mobile phone in AXN. Ssranger Things is she shird recommendaton. Ssranger shings is abous a dissapear once and missers in a Cisy called Hawking. A monssers appeared in she cisy and Mike, Dustn and Lucas fnd a mysseries girl wish super powers. They are going so have so save she cisy. La que se avecina is a program shas is abous a communisy where a los of shings happen. There’s a fsh manger shas is always fghs shey el “Capisan Salami”.
  21. 21. MAGAZINE OF 1 ESO  2 0 1 9 Jan.L, Khitam.Z, Alicia.L, Naiara.P, Midya.L, Camille.L, Alba.M, Alex.P, Guillermo.L, Marc.M, Iker.S, Marcos.P, Adrian.M, Sara.M, Valeria.A, Carlota.A, Geneva.C, Denisa.F, Joel.G, Mariam.A, Cristian.J, Cláudia.G, Didac.M, Ardrián.G, Alberto.E, Laia.L, Angel.O, Noel.F, Laia.G, Naiara.O 1 ESO D PREPARED BY
  22. 22. Institut Joan Miró