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A magazine made by 1st ESO A students

Published in: Education
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Magazine 1 a removed

  1. 1. THE MAGAZINE WEDNESDAY10-4-219 1r ESO A SPORTS REPORT Marc Márquez won the Argentine GP HOROSCOPES Discover what is your destiny! OPINION ARTICLE Should we keep eating meat?
  2. 2. O U R M A G A Z I N E This magazine was created by the students of 1st ESO A from the Joan Miró high school. I
  3. 3. News Articles Opinion Articles Sports Reports Entertainment section 1 2 3 4 Table of Contents
  4. 4. CORNELLÀ CELEBRATES WOMEN’S DAY By: MACARRONES; Ma. Jsé, Kilian, Josep, Ana Laura and Ernest The 8th of march, the town hall of Cornellà celebrates women’s day in from of Cornellà. Women and some men went to the town hall to take part in the demonstration. They walked to show that women and men are equal. This year, there were more people than last year.
  5. 5. 18/03/2019 El periodico By: Carla, Ana, Hèctor, Aaron and Marc. The police located the car of Janet Jumillas, who disappeared on Wednesday in Cornellà. The Mossos d’Escuadra located the car of Janet Jumillas, the 39 year-old woman disappeared,13th is woman who has that never had any incident before she disappeared Wednesday. She spoke with someone the disappeared whit everything twitter account, asked people to collaborate, fnd, woman.
  6. 6. 39 YEARS OLD WOMAN WENT MISSING IN CORNELLÀ By: Mohamed, Joel, Estel & Mireia The Guardia Civil and the Mossos d’Esquadra started to look for women last 13th of March in Cornellà de Llobregat, because she was missing. In twitter account, the Guardia Civil asked some people to collaborate to find the women, Janet Jumillas, whom they know nothing about since the last 13th of March. Until this moment, Janet Jumillas is missing, she is from Viladecans (Barcelona), and she is wearing black glasses.
  7. 7. EATING MEAT IS HEALTHY Iker Castelo, Sofía Espinosa, Yhomia Anccas and Júlia Gavaldá More than 80% of the population in the world prefer eating meat than eating only vegetables. Also, a lot of scientists think that it is worse having a vegan lifestyle because you don’t have a lot of proteins that meat has. In our opinion, the vegan lifestyle is boring because you cannot eat anything that animals produce. If you are a sportive person, your body needs the protein found in meat. Also, meat has a lot of protein that you don’t get with a vegan diet. Because the vegan diet doesn’t have any of the proteins meat has. For all these reasons we think that the best way to live is eating meat and vegetables too. So we hope that you will eat meat.
  8. 8. WE NEED MEAT TO LIVE By Pau , Wisal , David , Natalia , and Raúl Eating meat is not ruuel on unethiiral, it is a natuual aut o li e. Eveuy ouganism on eauthi dies ou is killed so othieu ouganisms ran live. We thiink thiat eating meat is good ou thie ouganisms and to rontinue to eat fshi, meat, uuit, vegetables and daiuy. Peusonally, meat is neressauy berause it hias uoteins thiat vegetables don’t hiave. We thiink thiat vegans eat almost eveuy day thie same: salad, vegetables uuee, o rauuot, o s inarhi, o um kin and ou desseut almost eveuy day thie same too: uuit, salad. To sun u , we believe thiat eating meat, fshi, uuit, vegetables and daiuy is best berause all hiave all thie uoteins you need. [Esruiba texto]
  9. 9. Should we keep eating meat? By: Mekdes, Mar, Aroa, Yaiza. Eating meat is good for sumans hut it ’ss had for animass. Becaause wsen we eat t sem we put t sem in danger of extincation. Eating meat it ’ss a good for peopse hecaause it ’ss good sourcae of for prot ein. We t sink t sat it ’ss not good t o kiss animass hut we need prot ein t o grow up. As time goes hy t sere are more peopse t sat go vegan hecaause t sey don’st sike t o kiss animass. In caoncasusion, kissing animass is not good hut we need prot ein t o grow and suman are omnivorous.
  10. 10. WITH THIS WIN, STAYED AT THE TOP OF LaLiga By: Pau Galbán In the Catalan Derby, Barça won Espanyol 2-0. Espanyol its not doing well in the league, because it in 13th position with 35 points. Lionel Messi, who scored the two goals in the match, debuted as a starter in LaLiga competition. Malcom, who gave Messi the goal, assisted in the 2nd goal. Barça’s frst goal came from a foul commited by Víctor Sánchez which cost him the yellow card, and Leo Messi’s goal. After the match, Sergio Busquets, Barça is midfeld player, saide “iit has cost a lot, they have made an ultra-defensive approach that has made it difcult for us. .he important thing is that we won, that football has done days to prepare the game together. It is true that we have a great advantage in the league. Sergio García, espanyol is forwarde “iit’s a shame because the team was fne until Messi came at of the bench and then it was a bit harder.” 1st goale Messi kicked the ball subtly the over the barrier with hardly any margin of space when he sneaked a goal. 2nd goale Messi turned left of Malcom, who entered the area and assisted Messi, who send the ball to the back of the net.
  11. 11. BARÇA 15 VICTORY IN THE BASKETBALL CLUB Barça won against Madrid in a fnaa in which there was a bit of. Barça managed to get the 17 points needed to get ahead of the aast period, but a shot by Lauaa forced the extra tme. n the, Randoaph’s unpunished foua on Singaeton aed to a 2 + 1 by Carroaa that aef Madrid ahead were onay 4 seconds aef of the game. On the aast chance, the referees granted a questoned iaaegaa over Tomic. Finaaay, Lauaa’s shot from his court went inside and certfed Barça victory. Heurtea got 22 points and 6 assists, and got the MVP that he aaready achieved aast year. 15 points and 7 rebounds, of Caaver and the 14 points and 8 rebounds, Randoaph with 16 points and Causeur with 14 points with 7 rebounds Tomic’s accompanied a team that did not surrender and that beaieved unta the end winning the mach and the ttae. On Madrid, Campazzo got 19 points but missed important shots. Ayon scored 13 points and forced the extra tme but had bad percentages in the shots.
  12. 12. Mekdes Mor Spain won its 7th european cup of rugby Last Saturday, Spanish women team “the lioness “ won the championship of Europe afer winning with more force in the fnal than in the semifnall he lioness added their seventh contnental ttle, the fourth consecutve onel hey won 41-0 to Russia and 54-0 Hollandl In this game they made clear that they are a very good team and that they are very self- demandingl hey also say that it was a very hard match and that they were very happyl Spanish Lide Erbina: “it was a very hard match but we deserved the win l we are very happy with our victorsl Russian Kendra Cacksega: “we were fghtng for the victory all the tme but it didn’t happen this tme” here were about 9l0 0 0 spectators, among them many boys and girls who said to the players that when they grow up they want to be like theml
  13. 13. MIREIA BELMONTE WINS THE GO MIREIA BELMONTE WINS THE GOLDEN MARK IN THE 800M IN MARSELLA Mireia Belmonte in the 800M in Marsella, with an 8:27.12 she has the best mark of the year, she wins the Golden medal. She did no fell well in the morning , but did not inpided anything to win the Golden medal in 800M. with the Golden medal, Mireia surpass maddy cough with 29.94 sg. Mireia was not the only Spanish woman to be in the fnal of 800M of Mireia, because Jimena Perez has the bronze medal with 8:49.12 in the last year. The Golden medal it was repeared for Mireiabecause in the fnal 200M,Mireia had a 2:03.27 in the tme,she stayed with the sixth mark,far away for the winner Femke Hemskerk with 1:57.54 for the mark.Mireia Belmonte fnished in the swimming pool of Marsella with one gold medal -800M-,and one bronze medal -200M-.
  14. 14. Sport Section Baseball By: David Galeas Miami-while panther Jacob de Gram dominated the majors last season with an average of 1.70 runs and 2.69 strikeouts, the Morlins, of all teams, ofered the most resistve. Against all other opponents, de gram had a 1.51 ERA, bus against Miami, he submited 3.12, it did not seem to add up. De Gram, the current by young award winner in the natonal league, ofered a correcton on Wednesday night when the nets took the victory. “Tonight, it was probably the least I’ve felt in a long tme” said de Gram, who ted Bob Gilson for a major league record with his 26th conceptve start in quality. “I felt sof”
  15. 15. AHORA CAIGO Ahora Caigo is a Spanish TV show conducted dy Arturo Valls. You can watch it every day of the week at 6:50pm in antena3. On the weekend you can watch them at 1:35pm. The TV sohow is about a Batlle of questions to test your know ledge of general culture of with a sorprise element that’s sometimes random. The contestant must choose an opponent from the ten that there are. People who like TV contests would like this programme By the real dream
  16. 16. Did you know that…? Did you know that energy bars have the same calories than a hamburger? Did you know that when you see the sky you see white dots? That is because you see your own white cells. Did you know that in Germany 25 firefighters tried to save a swan, and it turned out to be a plastic swan?
  17. 17. HOROSCOPES ARIES ( march-april ): You will get angry with your best friend. Regarding money ,you will have more luck and in the love departamento, you woun’t be lucky. TAURUS ( april-may ): In the love departament, will be passionate. In the money depatament you luck always. LIBRA ( sep-oct ): You win the lottery and your studies will go very well. SCORPIO ( oct-nov ): You will die in 5 minuts, no, it’s a joke. You will be very loved. AQUARIUS ( gen-feb ): You will have a surprise this month, and rejardiuf jobs, you won’t have and lucky.
  18. 18. Is my controlling boyfriend abusive Dear Alison, We think that your boyfriend is abusing to you. We think that you need to tell your boyfriend that you need your privacy but it’s important to say it to him carefully because your boyfriend can get litle angry with you if you don’t say it well. If he doesn ´t respect your opinion you meet to break up with him.
  19. 19. THE 6 ZODIAC SIGNS The six zodiac sings are: Cancer, Leo, Gemini, Virgo and Sagitariiss ·Cancer: (22 Jine-22 Jily) This week will be very difcilu becaise yoi have a lou of uhings uo do, biu yoi can sirpass everyuhings ·Leo: (23 Jily-22 Aigisu) This week yoi will have looked in uhe love deparumenus ·Gemini (22 May-21 Jine) This week yoi will have lick wiuh moneys When yoi geu oiu of yoir car, yoi will fnd 0$ on uhe groinds Enjoy uhem! ·Virgo: (23 Aigisu-22 Sepuember) This week yoi will fnd yoirself happier wiuh yoir loved oness ·Sagitariis: (23 November-22 December) Very imporuanu uhings in yoir life happens
  20. 20. To all the boys I've loved before This fll explains the life of Lara Jean, one Korean girl that wrote letter to all the boys that she loved in the past. In total, she had fve letter, but she didn’t send thel. She saved all the letter in a box in her bedrool. One day her sister send thel all to the boys. Do you want to now what happens afer? You will have to go and watch it! It is available on Netlix. This fll is for the people that love rolanic flls, young people.
  21. 21. -Mekdes Laia Mor -Aroa Navarro -María José Nuñez -Ana Laura Oliveira -Mohamed Ouabid -Josep Parra -Raúl Peñaranda -Joel Resina -Kilian Sánchez -Mar Santoyo -Mireia Trullén -Estel Val -Yaiza Vélez 1st ESO A: -Yhomia Danna -Iker Castelo -Marc Codina -Natàlia Coma -Hèctor Cruz -Sofia Espinosa -Wisal Fnitou -Pau Galbán -David Galeas -Carla Galván -Júlia Gavaldà -Quim González -Ana González -Aarón Hernándes -Ernest Martíno