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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. GEOCACHING Iker Jaurrieta Eric Gutierrez 26/1/16 Curs 2015-16 4 ESO C
  2. 2. STARTING First, we entered in Geocaching web and we searched a Geocache in Cornella Centre but finally we decided to search one in Can Mercader. We found a Geocache called “El Follet de Can Mercader”. We had to decrypt that message: “Rfgbl rfpbaqvqb qrageb qr zv phrin qr znqren, preene ovra yn chregn qrfchéf qr unorezr ivfvgnqb cbedhr fvab ybf creebf zr byvfdhrna sápvyzragr! teee” And we could read that: “Estoy escondido dentro de mi cueva de madera, cerrar bien la puerta despues de haberme visitado porque sino los perros me olisquean facilmente! grrr” Also we found the coordinate: N 41° 21.532 E 002° 05.224
  3. 3. TheSearch -So we met a Sunday and we went to Can Mercader -We went to the exact place that indicates the coordinate, and we found a cane that could hide the Geocache, but there was nothing.
  4. 4. -We were returning home when we remembered that there was another coordinate in the web (we understood it wrong) -We went to the place -And we found that: A small box with a paper with the people’s name who founded the geocaching