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Dutch football players in Barcelona football team


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Published in: Education
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Dutch football players in Barcelona football team

  1. 1. Dutch football players in Barça
  2. 2. Cruyff played for FC Barcelona from 1973-1978 During his time at Barcelona, Cruyff scored one of his most famous goals, The 'Phantom' Goal. Johan Cruyff In the summer of 1973, Cruyff was sold to Barcelona for 6 million guilder (approx. US$2 million, c. 1973) in a world record transfer fee He was a trainer of Barça and Ajax He started a shoe business and it’s very successful He also won the Champions league as a trainer and as a football player too
  3. 3. RONALD KOEMAN • He is a Netherland’s ex-player and ex-trainer. he is also the top scoring defender in history. He scored the goal that gave Barcelona the first Champions League, playing to the “Dream Team”of Cruyff. • He has been trainer for many clubs too, like Valencia and PSV among many others. • His nickname while he played for Barcelona was Tintin becaus • e of his physical similarity to this character.
  4. 4. Frank de Boer • Frank de Boer played first at Ajax in January 1999 he moved to Barcelona for 22 million dollar. He played from 1999 to 2003 in Barcelona. He scored 5 goals with Barcelona. • Now, he is the trainer of Ajax. • He stopped playing in 2006.