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Project made by students in a Holland exchange

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. AMELAND Georgina Clotas Tebar Shardee De Palm Laila Medina Sam Dijkstra
  2. 2. Things about Ameland Ameland has 3591 people living on the island. People live there since 850. There are 4 villages: Nes, Buren, Hollum and Ballum. A long time ago there were two more islands but they faded away in the sea, now you go to Ameland with the boats who are named after the two islands. Oerd and Sier. Ameland is an island of the province Friesland, but they don’t talk Fries they talk Amelands. Ameland is 268,50 km2 and has the total lenght of 27 km. The total lenght of the cycle paths are 100 km. Amelands exist mostly of sand dunes. Het Oerd is a nature reserve, where a lot of birds live.
  3. 3. Hollum Ballum Nes Buren
  4. 4. Tourists Every year there are coming a lot of tourists to Ameland. Mostly Germans like to come to Ameland. The tourist love the beach and the nature. Ameland is of couse famous for the mud flats. When it’s low time in the Waddensea, you can walk from land through the mud to Ameland. The first Friday of August, there’s a party: het Roggefeest. A lot of people come to that party. It is because it’s time to garn the rye. You can listen to music and look at theatre shows.
  5. 5. THE END