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The Earth


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Clil project

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The Earth

  1. 1. THE EARTH
  2. 2. THE LAYERS OF THEEARTH Crust Mantle Core: The outer core The inner core
  3. 3. EARTHQUAKES Earthquakes are when two plates sleep or bump each other. The location below the Earth’s surface where the earthquakes starts is called hypocenter. The location directly above it on the surface on the Earth is called epicentre.
  4. 4. VOLCANOES A volcanoe is a mountain with a large hole at the top. The hole on the volcanoe is called crater.
  5. 5. THE ATMOSPHERE ANDTHE ATMOSPHERICGASES. The atmosphere is  Nitrogen 78% the air around the  Oxygen 21% Earth.  Other gases 1%  (Argon, Neon, Kypton, ...)
  6. 6. THE LAYERS OF THEATMOSPHERE The Troposphere. The Stratosphere. The Mesosphere. The Thermosphere. The Exosphere.
  7. 7. THE GREENHOUSEEFFECT  The Greenhouse gases trap most of infared rays. This heats the atmosphere and heats the Earth.
  8. 8. THE THREE “R” Recycle. Reduce. Re-use.
  9. 9. ENERGIES  Non-Renewable: natural gas, oil, coal, ...  Renewable: hidropower, solar, wind, ...
  10. 10. The EndDirector: Arnau  Made in my house.