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Anderson montria mobile_presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Anderson montria mobile_presentation

  1. 1. How much mobile andtablet usage has grownand estimated future? Montrias Notes in Keynote
  2. 2. The Evolution of mobile devices, THEN
  3. 3. Now......
  4. 4. Remember when Steve Jobs Presented the first iPad to the world?
  5. 5. Everyone had the option of purchasing it in Black, Or White.
  6. 6. The world went from the Flip Phone
  7. 7. To Smart Phones/ iPhone
  8. 8. Mobile devices can access with flash, unless using an app.
  9. 9. & would also enable gaming access as well.......
  10. 10. • Times have Changed.........
  11. 11. Now instead of having to stay in the office in front of a PC all day long.............
  12. 12. We can now work from the office right on a tablet or notebook device even out of the office.
  13. 13. Important research can now be done right on the well as the iPad.
  14. 14. What? No FLASH?
  15. 15. Getting this type of message is the worst!• No Flash :(
  16. 16. • There’s no way to do work without having flash installed onto the devices.
  17. 17. Which is why Creations such as the iSwifter app is a lifesaver.......It allows flash, and that way work can continue when not in the office.
  18. 18. Exploring flash sites is what we were shooting for.
  19. 19. Mission accomplished!
  20. 20. • The world before mobile devices was inconvenient for work, but now everyone sees that an upgrade in necessary, which is good.