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mtlstartuptalent @ mtlpy

  1. 1. Connecting startups with talent
  2. 2. DROPBOXFILE-SHARING• Up  to  8GB  storage• 45  million  users• Startup  valued  at  $4   billion• Founded  by  Drew   Houston  and  Arahs   Ferdowsi,  2  Computer   science  students  at  MIT 2
  3. 3. DISQUSUSER COMMENTS• Featured  on  750,000  sites• 500  million  unique  visitors• Startup  valued  at  $4   billion• Founded  by  Danial  Ha  and   Jason  Yan,  University  of   California  undergrads 3
  4. 4. JUSTIN.TVLIVE-STREAMING• JusOn  Kan  crazingly   wearing  a  webcam  24/7• 3200  channels• Sponsors  TeamLiquid• Founded  by  JusOn  Kan 4
  5. 5. RADIALPOINT 3RD-PARTY SERVICES• simplifies  access  to   technology  for  ordinary   people• loves  the  Montreal   technology  community• Founded  by  AusOn  &   Hamnet  Hill 5
  6. 6. GETMELISTED LOCAL MARKETING• brand  new  startup• Founded  by  Mohannad  El-­‐ Barachi,  Michael  Mire  &   Ravdeep  Sawhney 6
  7. 7. AJAH HELPING NON-PROFITS• fundraising  for  non-­‐ profits• Founded  by  Michael   Lenczener,  Daniel  Drouet,   Yannick  Gingras  +  Nicolas   Cadou 7
  8. 8. THE MISSING LINK What’s common between dropbox,, disqus, ajah, radialpoint, getmelisted ? They  reach  hundreds  of  millions  of  users. They  are  technology  startups  looking  to  change  the  world. And  they  were  built  by  small  teams  of  python   programmers.
  9. 9. WHY JOIN STARTUPS? BRILLIANT IDEAS STAY HUNGRY, STAY Work  with  entrepreneurs   FOOLISH who  believe  in  changing   We  fail  at  least  once  but   the  world,  and  will  reach   we  built  it  be^er  the   hundreds  of  millions  of   second  Ome.  And  we  love   users the  risk! LATEST TECHNOLOGIES PASSION Work  on  hot  new   Join  a  community  where   technologies  on  Android  or   passion,  vision  and   iOS  plaborms  or  with  new   product  ma^er  more   technologies  such  as   mongodb/redis/nodejs than  anything  else.  
  10. 10. GETTING INVOLVED IN MONTREAL Learn & connect 1.  dev  groups:  montrealpython 2.  hackathons:  lots  of  #hackmtl  in  2012  organized  with   different  groups 3. news:  montrealtechwatch  /  nextmontreal   4.  places:  notman  house 5.  programs:  Montreal  StartupWeekend,  Founderfuel 6.  jobs:  #MTLStartupTalent
  11. 11. #MTLSTARTUPTALENT 14TH FEB 2012 BRIDGING 500 TALENTS TO 25+ STARTUPS IN 6 HOURS What  you  can  expect: – access  to  great  job  opportuniOes  at   exciOng  companies – a  chance  to  converse  with  an  employee   or  founder  and  start  to  build  a   relaOonship – a  casual  (yet  serious)  environment  to   network  with  others  in  your  field  of   interest
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  13. 13. @mtltalent/mtlstartuptalent#hackmtl 13