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Mixs Italian Grill Teppan Concept


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Mixs Italian Grill Teppan Concept

  1. 1. Crowne Plaza Beijing Zhongguancun MIXS Italian Grill-Teppan Concept
  2. 2. MIXS Italian Grill-Teppan was originally meant to be a Taiwanese tepaniaky restaurant . After viewing the market and the offer around us we wanted to create something special and unique that would have differentiated us among others and create a unique selling point for our hotel . MIXS was finally created , a blend of Japanese tepaniaky cooking style with western and Italian food preparations and presentations , something special never seen before . MIXS opened to the public from December onwards . MIXS opens only for dinner from 06:00 pm to 10:30 pm . MIXS has two tepaniaky chefs , the showmanship of flipping things in the air is also part of the restaurant’s features MIXS food concept is mainly Italian mediterranean , a wide range of imported steaks is also available MIXS has a wide range of a la carte dishes , set menus starts from RMB 399 to RMB 688 per pax MIXS includes st-st chopsticks in it’s flatware MIXS new set menu concept for the summer eat all you can for RMB 399 is specially created to give the maximum value for money , special tailor made show plate is used complimented with exchangeable smaller plates , all perfectly cooked and well presented right in front of the customers . MIXS range of wines : 5 % master wines , 35 % high range wines , 60% medium low range MIXS has a capacity of 26 seats : - main dining hall pax 12 - private room one 8 pax - private room two 6 pax MIXS food from bread to coffee and desserts is all prepared and cooked in front of the guests .While grilling steaming or Tempura the flavors binds in the air , a complete and unique experience were customers are also thought in different ways of cooking's .
  3. 3. MAIN DINING HALL 主餐厅
  8. 8. MIXS GARLIC BREAD served on a carved stone complimented with lemon butter , Italian green sauce , black olive paste
  9. 9. tuna and salad are grilled together , served with classic caeser dressing
  10. 10. yellowfin tuna caeser salad
  12. 12. Pastas “al dente” and sauces are freshly prepared in front of customers
  13. 13. spaghetti seafood
  14. 14. spaghetti seafood
  15. 15. spaghetti seafood
  16. 16. we adding steaming also as part of the cooking
  17. 17. cod fish cannelloni
  18. 18. cod fish cannelloni
  19. 19. goose liver , apple compote , pan brioche
  20. 20. goose liver , apple compote , pan brioche
  21. 21. goose liver , apple compote , pan brioche
  22. 22. ITALIAN MOCA COFFEE flavor of coffee boiling is very well appreciated by all customers
  23. 23. MOCA COFFEE
  24. 24. MOCA COFFEE Just 3 minutes for Italian moca café
  25. 25. MOCA COFFEE complimented with home made vanilla ice cream “gelato” chocolate Italian cantucci cookie
  26. 26. melting chocolate cake
  28. 28. melting chocolate cake
  29. 29. MIXS MENU 特色菜单 grill beef carpaccio ,arugula salad, parmesan cheese , truffle relish saffron rice cakes pan-fried goose liver and eel fish , red onion compote 118 128 香煎生牛肉配芝麻菜、芝麻粉、黑菌酱 藏红花米饭饼煎鹅肝 yellowfin tuna caesar's salad soup of grill seafood 118 98 金枪鱼恺撒沙拉 海鲜汤配各式烤海鲜 grill goose liver , apple compote , pan brioche soup of broccoli grill goat cheese 118 98 香煎鹅肝,苹果酱,全蛋包 西兰花浓汤,山羊芝士片 tuna , salmon, turbot , chickpea , sun-dried tomatoes, black olives rack's lamb , mushrooms , potatoes 128 228 金枪鱼,三文鱼,多宝鱼,鹰嘴豆,风干番茄,黑水榄 蘑菇土豆烤羊排 lasagna , fish fillets , tomato capers sauce cod fish steamed/ tepan chorizo marmalade caser salad soup 118 228 鱼肉千层面,西红柿水瓜柳汁 清蒸鳕鱼,铁板辣肠酱 penne arrabbiata beef tenderloin saltimbocca, lettuce, marsala gravy 98 248 辣味空心粉 牛肉卷火腿,生菜,马沙拉汁 spaghetti carbonara Australian wagyu grain fed tenderloin 98 *328 奶油意大利粉 澳洲万福谷饲牛柳扒 spaghetti garlic chili oil Australian wagyu grain fed rib eye 98 *298 蒜茸辣椒意大利粉 澳洲万福谷饲肉眼扒 *tepan dishes are complimented with roasted potatoes , vegetables , mixs salad , crepes spinach emmental cheese creamy truffle 128 mushrooms. 菠菜大孔芝士松露卷 所有扒类将搭配土豆,蔬菜,沙垃及蘑菇 cannelloni cod fish white wine seafood sauce melting chocolate cake 128 108 鳕鱼卷,白葡萄酒海鲜汁 巧克力蛋糕 cannelloni cod fish white wine seafood sauce Italian cheese platter home made jam 118 108 鳕鱼卷,白葡萄酒海鲜汁 意大利芝士拼盘
  30. 30. MIXS SET MENU 特色套餐菜单 mix's set menu truffle set menu ¥399 per person ¥688 per person 特色套餐 松露套餐 seafood’s in mixs salad, vinaigrette dressing seafood's mille- fuille truffle relish 海鲜沙拉,油醋汁 海鲜饼,松露酱 grilled king prawn, truffle relish grilled st-jacques scallops, goose liver truffle scented foam 黑菌铁板老虎虾 煎带子,鹅肝黑菌奶油 scallops with balsamic vinegar sauce crepes spinach emmental cheese creamy truffle 柠檬局元贝 菠菜大孔芝士松露卷 grilled beef fillet flambé, cepes mushrooms gravy lemon sorbet 黑椒铁板牛肉 柠檬雪芭 fried rice with foie gras grilled beef tenderloin, baby lobster, 鹅肝炒饭 goose liver and it's terrine arugula dressing, black truffle relish 煎牛柳配龙虾,鹅肝冻,芝麻菜黑菌汁 melting chocolate cake melting chocolate cake 巧克力蛋糕 巧克力蛋糕 illy mocha coffee, italian vanilla“gelato” chocolate orange biscotto illy mocha coffee, italian vanilla“gelato” chocolate orange biscotto 摩卡咖啡,香草冰淇淋,巧克力橙味曲奇 摩卡咖啡,香草冰淇淋,巧克力橙味曲奇
  32. 32. MIXS SUMMER MENU 特色夏日菜单 118 yellowfin tuna caesar’s salad tomato mozzarella, brasil & black olives relish 金枪鱼恺撒沙拉 番茄,莫扎瑞拉,罗勒,黑橄榄 118 goose liver , apple compote , pan brioche lamb loin cucumber couss couss 香煎鹅肝,苹果酱,全蛋包 羊柳,黄瓜,中东米 118 scallops , artichoke , parmesan cheese 228 salmon & potatoes , vegetables salad 带子,朝鲜蓟,帕玛森芝士 三文鱼,土豆,蔬菜沙拉 118 baby lobster chickpeas mousse klamata olives chicken piccata , tepan spaghetti , tomato sauce 小龙虾 赢嘴豆慕司,橄榄酱 意式鸡胸,铁板意面 128 cannelloni cod fish mousse seafood sauce seafood , cannellini beans parsley dressing 鳕鱼卷,白葡萄酒海鲜汁 海鲜,白云豆,法香汁 98 spaghetti carbonara beef tenderloin "tagliata" 奶油意大利粉 嫩煎牛肉 98 spaghetti garlic chili oil Australian wagyu grain fed tenderloin 蒜茸辣椒意大利粉 澳洲万福谷饲牛柳扒 98 penne arrabbiata 298 Australian wagyu grain fed rib eye 辣味空心粉 澳洲万福谷饲肉眼扒 98 soup of grill seafood 328 *tepan dishes are complimented roasted potatoes 海鲜汤配各式烤海鲜 vegetables , mixs salad , mushrooms . 所有扒类将搭配土豆,蔬菜,沙垃及蘑菇 risotto parsley lemon , goose liver truffle gravy 98 lemon crème caramel, strawberry compote 柠檬欧芹意大利米,鹅肝黑菌汁 焦糖柠檬,草莓酱 stracci , pesto sauce , grilled prawns 98 melting chocolate cake 鸡蛋千酪汤,罗勒酱,烤大明虾 巧克力蛋糕 cod fish steamed/ tepan chorizo marmalade caser salad soup 98 Italian cheese platter home made jam 清蒸鳕鱼,铁板辣肠酱 意大利芝士拼盘
  33. 33. MIXS SUMMER SET MENU 特色夏日套餐 all you can eat @ RMB 399 特色夏日套餐 399元/人 goose liver pan-fried apple compote goose liver fried rice mixed vegtables 香煎鹅肝,苹果酱 鹅肝炒饭 混合蔬菜 yellowfin tuna grilled caeser dressing seafood fried rice seafood salad 煎金枪鱼凯撒汁 海鲜炒饭 海鲜沙拉 beef carpaccio seared , truffle dressing beef fried rice bacon vegetables 生煎牛肉,黑菌汁 牛肉炒饭 培根时蔬 seafood's skewers , balsamic dressing spaghetti garlic chili oil mushrooms 海鲜串,意大利黑醋汁 蒜茸辣椒意面 扒时蔬 oyster baked with cheese penne arrabbiata asparagus 生蚝配芝士 辣味空心粉 扒芦笋 lamb chop with onion spaghetti seafoods short ribs 烤羊扒配洋葱 海鲜意面 牛仔骨 chicken saltimbocca spaghetti carbonara salmon , Sichuan chili 帕尔玛卷鸡胸 奶油培根意面 三文鱼,四川辣椒汁 beef tagliata with garlic chips tagliatelle smoked salmon Australia beef rib 煎嫩牛肉 意大利宽面配烟熏三文鱼 澳洲肉眼扒(厚) cod fish with chhorizo marmelade beef roll with enokei mushrooms 鳕鱼配西班牙辣肠酱 金针菇牛肉卷 (薄烧)
  34. 34. Presented by F&B Manager Montevecchio Gabriele F&B manager Montevecchio Gabriele