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Aus national heritage latham debox 8 5 21



ex Great Southern Streetwalking Nomad

Aus national heritage latham debox 8 5 21

  1. 1. AUSNATIONAL HERITAGE EXCERPT ‘Streetwalkin Nomad’ MJLatham 8 5 21 The baseline of groundandcountry … this wonderfulold land massof ours. (Itwas still there lastIlooked); Thismassive heritage bulkof detailedlandcountrysubstance thatwe pragmaticallyadaptand renovate; we all touch itsbroaderearth andthenjoinhands,beautiful naturedplaces,vastcloudroofed kernel-roomsandforestwalls,valleysandcoves –the awesomeminutiaeasmuch as and singular with thebroad awe; all filteredintrinsicwithsunlightsandmoonlightsflickeringeyesresting,throughanotherclear sheetof rigidmeltedsand,onthe shadowsof eucalyptleavesfallingtothose leafs intheir shadowedlightlee,all of themwaftingandwavinginthe movingairswiththe coloursof photosynthesis,whitishreflectedlight,grayedatshadow andmergingwithfleshyfickledlimbsand theirfractal-likedisseminationtothe fine line enteringeachleaf. All thiscutoff straightbythe window-sill paintedsimilarincolourandreflectingthe same lightalbeitaverytightmomentlater ontothe curtain-foldagainof similartone.Butthere’snoughtmuchsimilarityinthe fragrant fragrance,not odour,scent,or smell butblendedfragrance finelyvariedleafwithleaf tone with tone,hue withhue andinsectarmpitstoo. Thisis incountrynot a lot intownletalone cityand megalopolis,huge railwayyardoropencut impost.Canwe shouldwe notdo withoutall of some or some at least. It is this baseenvironmenthomeof thezindigian- australian thatwerenovate,adapt,enhance,filter, tap,cut & shunt,into quarries,mines,forestcoupes, rangepasses,building footings,sewerpondsforpublic realm, workplace,residentialgeographicplace, houses,very largeconstructions,highwaysand air strips. We still usuallysitourcityhallswhere we will,onlytostifle acritical soul of place inour little townsroom-boomingsprawl. What will we dowhere will we goaswe renovate the landonwardswithestablisheddemo- geographicprevail andimpost?Ye olde handsplittimberslab will rarelyor nevernow be built – or will itindeed?! The Aboriginesnosteelen blademade; trulywas itat all needed. A eucalyptplantationwithsilicon-cleversplitting mechanicsmightproduce perfectlysplitundamaged surface graintimbersthatwill weatherlong-timein uncut grainnatural resilience torainand rot,going silvergrayand needingnotchemical sealant. Enhance the new mechanical advantageswithnew forest Slab roof.. never known a liquidcoat other thanrain& melting kunanyington snow. Photo from old glass slide: J&MGrist
  2. 2. breeding&we may well have abeautiful fine detailedbuildingmaterial.Maybe we haven’tseen the last of thisessentiallydelightful architecture. The glowingred-orange tickticktickof the automobile trafficturnindicatorlikelywillbe around for a while inourpublicarchitecturesthoughenhancedtofacilitatedriverlesssilenttechnology. For manysuch audio-visualfunctioningshave dailyoftensubliminalpartsinoursensorymelee. Great Southernandanywhere global share …sowhat isour great southernuniquenessandor special charactersfromwhichwe grow - red desertandabundantgray-greenandsandcoastal withpeople of wildernessthatwasisinfact home of endlessoutdoorindoorsmeetingwithpeople of the seaand back-home foreignvastcadasteredindoorsandabove all …guns bangbang. BetweenyourAyresRockback to uluruthenacross to the operahouse,streetsweepcleanthe australianuglinesspillowbuiltonprime lands….Woooopsfeelingsickagainabouttomeltoff the chair here todayisit too late heyhey.Isthere hope while we play,‘vinegar and brownpaper’the orderof the day; I have to relyonothersto carry that day. Makingdo withsome adhoc computeroid ticker-tape clues:the genome is the concentriccentre of the atom-star-gravity triangle.That’ll dogive me some soul thatIcan breathe.Streetwalkingnomadfindsfocusin countrysoul,as he walksdownSydneyLane,nosidewaysintofluorescentvoidlike Geogalong walkingthroughthe house utilisingsome space-floorandnotother. There are parts where people don’tneedtogo. There are people still…a tad too many,and lookingforoursunnybeachesto blendwiththeirownculture,andsothe agony-joy of zindigenous acclimations&adaptations. Theyare there:here withusnowtogetherandapart. Our dance isdisjointedandsome disappointedwiththe future thathasevolvedfromtheirpast.How manyknow and how many presume;whichdoandwhichdon’t:goldinthe rabble,rabble aboutthe gold.Sosomany: so so fewknowanddo. Vietnamese justo’erthere –partof the picture frame of our heritage chunkof land,suchlovelypeopleasa pairof theirownshoeshumble.Humbleandlovelybutstill bickerand leanonthe bodythat will fall atthe beginningthattheysee asan end.Quy Nhomtownbysome watera saltyshore withwavesabubble andthe fisherman’soar.We surge as a teamas a crew tastingof salt and bite onthe meatdrawn fromthe net.Lookingto the leftandto the right thinkingof the centre asour self,of the writeras someone else.Takingoff the shoe becauseit’s become all wet,bothfootandshoe are betteroff dryinginthe warmthof the breeze blownsun. The fishhooksnagsthe little toe andherbloodwatered,asitmeton herskinthe brine;wasno worryat all,notat all,take me home fishingpal,take me toshore,we have a fishandmy shoe is wet,take me home to the mat wovenfloorandthe hot little cookbox thatgrandpabroughtand uncle installed.The youngwomenrememberedbythe glowingwood,now orange emberedand saw inhervisiona hintof dangerousfission,notatall far,in fact touchingherskinandher mother’s,inthisvisionnor-east.Itwasmore a thoughtat the closenessof itall,all the seething productionsof manypeople otherthanheror hers,a coastal sea awaybut atomicfalloutwashing up on boardand splashinginfromthe oars. We care sowe know:it’sthere splashinginfromthe oars,feedingthe gullsonthe shores,festering the oysterswithmicroscopicsores.The Frenchmanandthe Yank,the Pom and the Kiwi,the politicianandthe headbanger:theyall dranktoomuchand simplyflushedtheiroars. It’sall too big,too big,toobig to manage to see: sometimesall we see isdamage shininglighton whatwas good,that once keptcompanywithwhat isgoodand remains,remainswaitingforthe goodto come andjoinit ina complete wholistichumof awesome answerdevoidof question. Simplysomethingthatis simplyfantasticeverydaywhere there isnodisasterforthe mindto mention.
  3. 3. Mentionto who?The eyesoutthere lookinginhere.Orthe mindof the dancer collapsed ecstaticallyexhaustedonthe disciplinedwoodenchair – manymilesfromanyoar or fission,with that awesome answerrecliningcomfortablyinherhair. Reader,myowninteractive position: There came again time towrite and it’sthisone righthere.What for,whofor,in the middle of the night. A fragmentof a personreceivinganobel prize,the winddriftingthroughthe sleeping cavernsleftbythe university’sairsystemandthe pollutantdustpluscosmicdustformingthe genomicpattern-baldingof herconsciousness.There are timestoread eventhough it’sonlythe feel of the booksuitingyourinteractiveinteractionandthe anticipationof acosy realm neutralizingthe urbanstormsthat bringone to ingestthe firstof the endlessstringthatrestsas the fingerrevertsthe file toitsfolder.The nudgerwhonurturedthe movementtowrite maynot have intendedone readertoingest.The readerwasnotas apprehensive norasbewilderedat whatis writtenandinfact convertedthe write tofitthe psychedelicheal,soughttorepairthe cavernsthat had formedonlythateveningwhenanews headlinecollidedwithalovingnotion - thisto the highlyinappropriatecelebrationof agroup of youthsstrollingtraffic-defiantattiredina newtraditional arrayof culturedfabricand colour,itself nurturedbythe same nudgeraspart of the eternal canvas. Are there people whoknow andpeoplewhodon’t.Of course the reader,the writer,the prize winnerbutnotthe nudger;forthe nudgermustknow all to allow the wine glass to ringresonate as the agingcuff linkchinksthe rim.Is a Rolf Harris broadbrush paintingthat starts as a mysteryandcomesup clearout of the artistsimpressionisticsquintorisa largely accidental paint-drippedsinglemindrationalethatcan be pointlesslynamedBluePoles(andsobe celebratedandperpetuated) sufficienttosteal fromthe nudgerthe copyrightthatcreates regardlessmanyacerebral joy.Oh ourpeople of shallow smilesthatappearfull andcompleteto the viewersproppedupbywindblowncavernsandbonesdissolvingincoke.The writerknowshe has caverns buthe knowsnotwhere.Hiseyesstingandclose,he’sabouttofall face to the keyboardbuta nudgerputsit to bed. It riseseighthourslaterbrighteyedandbushytailed,eyesrestingthroughanotherrigidtransparent sheetof meltedsandincityglory.The bestof citieswill alwaysrequiresomethingthatisn’tan emotional motion-full rushedrashof unattachedpeople;the eternalephemeral handcraftedcountry village andnomurbicnomadsmayuse the creationsof the cities - okaybut if there are devices we needpersonalisedzero-roomscreens;especiallyforthe children. The twoshouldflow together. Let's wary be of the frontiers of urban planning having us stand besideourselves idolitic in wonder atwhatwe can create ratherthan stand with that of the greatcreator of all. There wasalwaysat leasta personof character,nearbyina far-off memoryof friendlyconnection, enhancingthe appreciationswithawilywit,himself anudgerneedinganudge.Thisone inmindis nowa writeralso.Like the leafyshadowsandinterplaysof lightthe writersof ourpeople are read invocational relativity;the language grows,the genres,the wisdoms,the turnsof tongue.Some are stolen,the readerdoesn’tknow.Some are revelation,the readerdoesn’tnotice.A writer writingof writingisflounderingandflappingfortake-off.The flounderisa fine fish,beneathits wingsisa brine of its locale.Notthe same preciselyasthe brine cutbya surfboardfinatsome Lion Rock locale offshore the Melaleucawildernesswhere the waterswearthe minutiafromthe local creekand the droppingsof the local fishdiet.We are findinglift-offwhere the eagle isrelative to the flounder;asgo the creaturelylocalesmerginglocal creature typesinthe lifeacidsandsimple mechanicsof bone fleshandmuscle.We are away.Goingsomewhere.Vietnamese sea,village,city awe,manmade threat,simple nature,trendyset.Cultural persuasionslocal like brineandspoiled
  4. 4. as easy.The god particle,feelinguslooking,awesome canvasandmasterpiece inone.The internet.The binariednanocircuits.Awesome seductionspowerfulgoods.The trapof built interior,the newtrapof cyber interior.The lightof dayirrelevanttothe cyber-adaptedsomewhat snaredeyes,the hunter’sreflex irrelevanttothe zeroroomgameplayer’shandeye.He needsthe foodfromthe lightof daybut managesthat,thenin to play.The doctor will visitohyesforsure. He can come throughthe cyberdoor andpost the medicine inthe mail tokeephimgoing‘til he fallsheadfirstdownstairsthinkinghe’sinhischair.The flounderhasnoideawe thinkbutwe wonderaboutthe squidandprintinginksnow simplypixel colour. The date intime,the toolsthataccrue; enoughto sendthe robotto mars and leave aslimysludge at the factorypipe.Fromthe africanplains,wildanimals,insectsandbirds;we see themaplentyin the digital screensthathelpedtocause theirdemise,byindustrial footprint:the screensare a pinnacle onthe industrial rampage thatdrainsenergy,pollutesandover-runs.While thisis happeningthe catat the corner,as he can, tellshismatesthathe eatsthe same foodas humans and stretchesatall positionsinfrontof theirfire while the alleycatsgothe binsoutdoorsinthe ice of winter; : ) … remindsme of the billionairecowswe saw,sittingsublime withlushfoodjoy,soclose tothem as to require onlythe mostconvenientof reach andluxuriantdelicacy munch.We celebratedthis fromopencar on ournarrow windybitumenribbon,tree-overhung,inthe mostaestheticof all rich longthickchoice-greengrassyravined,delled,hilled,sunnednichelocales,mooingultralush nearenoughto a battlingaussie homemaker.The holyspiritwiththe greatcreatorcomesby, passesandreturnsto dwell,oninvitation,makingthe reasoningof itall obviousthoughinvisible. Humouris ours,ours at least.Funnystoriesandcircumstance loweredusto a gut wrenchinglaugh unable tostand butonlyto layon the floorlaughingsohard that all thoughtmaybe theymightdie. It was refreshing;we hadn’tdone thissince we were nine. There wasnothingbetterthanthat laughter,thatI couldsee.Init the lushest,richestof colours and musicwere all bound.The laughterneededthe contextthough;be itlight-mottledeucalypt leavesorrefinedplasterornamentinavictorianerahouse.Itneededcompany,whetheran audience orfellowlaughers.Itneededanopportunity,forone doesn’tpartake wheninstealth witha bowand arrow pointedtoa pheasantforthe family,norwhengivingthankstothe supremelygracioussaviour- forindeedthe bugof earthis contagiousinheritedandusually ultimatelydeadly.
  5. 5. A numberof momentarycircumstancesafterwardcame another‘patch in the quiltof shared lives’; seeminglyunrelatedlittlepatchesof eventsandcircumstance,of people andactivity,of weather and screen.Patchby patchand many forgottenuntil the topicof anotherpatchwhenwe reachthe bottom.Is there a passioninthere;ahthat’ssomethingwe like andif we don’thave one there we may diminenvyand wonderatthat whichwe don’thave. Microscopicviews,macroscopictoo, passingconversersinblackshinyshoes.Littlebitsandpieces,butmypicture isinmyownstride not that of the passers-bynora patch of weathernoreventhe hole inmyshoe.Iknow where Iam going,youwere coming too;and whenIlost myway,it was me whowentwithyou.It hasbecome a story of walkinginplace inour world,a storyof identityandpreferenceandwonderingabout whatwe’re told.If youeverleftwouldIcome too?I’m all rightwhenI’mwithyou.Maybe yoursis one of the fat people orIalmostwas.Maybe she was one of our few prone gaywho felttofightit away.Let there be aceswhere once yousoughtdiamondswhile inprayerfordeliverance from thievesinthe middleof anight. It’srelative to the eagle andthe flounder,the vietnamese andthe streetkids;toshakespeare and ‘johnthe baptist’. A plunge intothe seanearshore,froma surfboardat the top of a headhighwave, bubblesall aroundandthe positivityof the negative ionsinthe foam, massagesfull bodywitha powerful energybornwayoutat sea,small atthe base of an everso huge atmosphericdowndraft.Up youcome freshwithzestimpassionedandkindanew,notevenwonderingwhatyoushoulddo;doing the same as being.Forthe man who growshisfingernailsintohisclenchedhand,forthe womanwho burstswithvigourwithherfamily;doingisbeingisdoing.Beingdoingbeing,doingbeingdoing.There are billionswhohave beenanddone,here inthisearthypatch;thispatchof richand wonderful vegetatedabundance andserendipiccomfortandcompany.Thispatchoft timesIhave wished eternal,forgettingthe dissipationof unconsciouszest,the outwashof feral nuclearradiationsandthe small murdersof emotional distortionandfouled genomes.Where wasInow,where are you…and the onesbeside you – inthe companyof yourzestand drive;andus intheirs.There are those withus intheir’s;there reallyare. Our buildingsandconstructedrealmsare notthere tobe garnishedbyourculture selvescountryside neighboursbut rather are there to shelter,foster,embrace andcelebrate all of these things.Letbe andmake all these thingsvibrantandgiving love tosame will ina momentof unifiedtime create the wombat shopat the oldbank corner withall itsaccompanimentour buildingsandconstructedrealms. The gossamerdelicate nomurbicharmonybetweenbecomes steelenjoy. Nomurbicsis the architecture to do it.We don’tknow it exactly yetbut itstarts withan ayre-ulururianparliament-house andgrowstofitour songs - free nomadic roam, hunting and camp options on t h e d e s i g n - p u r p o s e d r i p p e r e a r t h e n c o u n t r y r o o f o f o u r h o u s e o f n a t i o n a l p o l i c y c h a t t e r – but foiledbythe bug’o theworld,rightthere inthe countryabove parliamenthouse,withno personnel security(foreitherpolitic),shamefullydidn’tbutshouldhave ephemerallypicnickedin celebrationandelaborationof anepiceventandintent.Petercosgrove governorgeneral,thoroughly hilariedmalcomturnbullprime ministermetclyntonpryor(Priortomost!) aboriginal ‘citizen’having freshlyarrivedatthe endof his walkfrom Perthviathe likesof uluru,desertandcommunitiesthe longway toCanberra.The air wasstill inan echoof silence-nce ...nobodydaubinganythingtonear match the Clyntonfresh. Now; there’s apalatino-linotype (font-style) willy-willy intrusion changing the scenario,righthere dropping inthe writing page from some weeks hence (this did happen). The scene on the rooftop is now more -so one of the he ri tag e c o untry l and-b as e ; dozershaving pushedthe earth back over the interiors ofle carcass parlimentaire, bit of re- Pryor Arrived to.. Traced by Mont
  6. 6. engineering, now on the roof the g ums and s e dg e g ras s e s o f l o c al s e e di ng and ai rs hav e g ro w n and there is no surface constructionyet. This iswhat is grantedby the early hours andsettlesthrough my morning bath, dust to water into type. Melted faces of hopeless self-disgust humiliated native-boatie visages frozen in the actionless momentmeltedi n t h e l e af c r u n c h b e e t l e d e ar t h dr ag g e d ac r o s s b y a t h o r o u g h l y u n f e de r a t e d u n g u t t e d r o o c ar c as s t o b e t h r o w n b y C h e e k y ac r o s s t h e f l am i n g dr y e u c al y p t l i m b s s e t i n t h e o c c as i o n al e p h e m e r al e t e r n al f i r e . The fire is set, nomurbically drawing an order of land a comparative entropy into the oldpurely centralisedformality, justaside the ‘top’ in granite, an openchimney -free fireplace with polished shoulders unengraved with british font similar to this. The top is rehashed, the light can still get to interiors parlimentaire, but local rock and stock standard simple bush is re-enacted and the built top newly detailedwithintimacy and hand expressionre-acknowledging itas a s m a l l f r i e n d o f t h e l a n d . The existing building and site designhad gone some distance but notfarenou gh; lawnedroofharking notto the local watercourses and rises, the 100k sniffto the mighty oceaneastand the vastwestcrossing to the macdo nnels central but instead to petrol mowers motor noise commercial weedkiller fertiliser cadastre and concrete kerbs. While the carcass scorches fromfragrant dry limbs with gumnuts collected nearby and the adrenalin is built for the adapted footy- instead-of-chatter-match, the willy-willy makes its way funnelling the smokes, quite poetically blokes, thinks the womensecretly, emuwinks obliquely. Itis a nomurbic thing, this willy-willy, outofits dust and smokes appear some minimal architecture landscape – some half-western-height ironbark bench seats and not much else in this part, the refreshment of tapped water gurgling yabbied into a little lake glistening when the wind settles more polished than any urban industrial gloss even as it flows over and between the stones of a formed creek it runs agurgle asmile in its way to the level landwhere the road is moved overheadand a little billabong it forms astill agloss reflections oflocal eucs, casuarinas and a parliament constructionpiece. The footy ‘oval’ a tad inclined and distortedis nomurbic for all thoughtit greatand fit for the cultural shared interface ofsuchvastdifference insome regards; in the end we all are winners, that’s why we call us mates. The spirit that arose was one of many local peoples inthe fertile groundofdismantled imperialism and pompous whole oflandbig nation. The nations are all asmall and abright of locally weathered characters. The roo asizzling asmoking is on a million four barbies and camps amalgamating quite a few hundred local shires; all unitednbn (looking to the vast chinaspace net) withand slick mechtechtravel legacy ofthe imperial age coordinatedby alotoffriendly bickering acrossthe council’s shire – notquite the pommy shire-bicker for fear ofaspear inthe leg. Youmay recall this … waita minnie! … ah! … from a few pages ahead, “…dwellingendlesslyinlocales ofcharacter witharchitectures as friendlyas shells, accessed by paths and roads as gentle as pademelon trails and as pungent as kookaburra kookas. Built interiors as delightful as abalone shell interior existing onlywhere theycanbe infair place-loving reason, ladenmother-of- pearl wealthinvisual creative delights equallyoozingmusic andloudest ofall wonders oflover, mother, father, children, tribal, family, parliamentary vocal merging indoors with out.” As agreed by the local reps on the federated council for ‘national’ developments: We’re left nakedof missiles to invasionagainby choice ofthe true love; just wasn’t worth it as we all came to see. True to the holy synchronisation, the willy-willy came down in Auscopiaas the New Jerusalem, more dramatic a lot, came downto its home locale,where bloodalot spilled had been. All afalling together in the almighty cosmic logic as it turns to compost the sludge of the bugs of the earth. The palantino willy-willy is lifted and the written old present is returned. I thinksome needtoreviewthe ideaof whatisprimitive andthatmechtechisnotmandatoryforgood life.Some knowperpetuallymodern nature, whichisnotsubjecttoobsolescence,pollutionsandthe trap of interior.One can’tmanage papers,screensandkeyboardsinthe windedsun.Mobilityand ultravioletare greatantiseptics.Huntingbeatssupermarketaisles.Theirlegsare theirfrontdoor, campfiresthe bushtelevision,the soundsof the weathertheirsymphony,aspearinthe legtheirlaw, natureslimitstheircontraceptive. The mindsetcultural differencesthatdidn’tgel intoacountryparliamentpicnicare vastyetall are terrestrials - pathetic,sublime britishbulldogaussie bankersyndrome,lousy,nearasimmoral or rather stupidassodomy.Absolutelyfoolishstupidmind-feeblingphysical horror.Itisobvioushere Grasshopper Day / Perpetually Modern Nature by Mont
  7. 7. that the geographicarchitecturestosuiteachmindsetwill varygreatly.Variouspeoplesdon’twalk variouspartsof any city.Some don’twantcasinos,stupidlylarge housesandcitycentresstarvedof the breathof the countryand neighbourintimacy.Whenwe pleadforsome countryvitalityinstreet canyon,we plead firstly for the great southernchildren whohave not developed aneconomicrationale forsuchplaces,alongwithamentalitythatknowsto getin to townand outagain,to holdthe breath andnot fearthe absence of the shysubliminalsky- blue orgone … butmaybe fearthe absence of airpurity.Back ina day,the nativesof thisland,before sugar,alcohol,bulletsanddisplacements, wouldhave suffered,if expectedtostayat all ina modern citystreetcanyon.Beingawayfrom the songsof the landdrove manyto sad ends. There oughtplacesbe and there are, like here withthe camelscaravanseringthe Areyongasuppliesbase,smackbanggeographically central inthe Great South‘Island’,nornoreastof uluru,well westinthe MacDonnell Rangesandafair haul by crow fromthe Alice. There,trucksand cars put camelsoutof supplywork;theywentonthe dole slowlyferal.The real locals,the Pitjantjara,continuedusingcamelstotravel andconnect.Let’ssay a veterancameleer, austroriginal zindigianCheekybuggaTalkabout,travelledoutfromthe base to capture and grow their domesticcamel herds.Papunya,evenmore cityremote,three days’walkaway,100kmbycrow, same distance askunanyi’sorganpipestoBathurstHarbour. Cheekytalking, “You know Monte, not just Arabs but the comfort slickers should eat out their heart. We’re out here in the red heart. Not speaking for the locals but “reckonin’ they’re with me”; we don’t mind some internal combustion in the ambience and the Levi jeans, checked shirts and hats that come with it; but do we want a five star wind-water-solar powered litter spitter with ovens, verandas, helipad, airstrip, electronic music and some of our fundamental needs? Nah … ah well maybe, if it’s limited in size outa respect for red and the stars, yeah that’d be great. We nomadic types don’t mind bumping shoulders with the air -travelled hypertech urban people if they don’t mind bumping with us by throwin’ this goanna straight on yr kitchmod charcoals there. We can call it the nomurbunya; it’s in our place, you build it - ta! If you want to dig into the cool of the big hill where it’s unseen too, you can make it big enough for us to wander into the town square with our camels to trade and talk, stay if want and move on … yeah that’d be nice. Only one though, no more. We’ve got 600 centuries under our belt, so they say, as a continuous cultural thang yknow; I tell y but, there’s likely none alive anywhere in the world who don’t have rellies that far back. The silly boatie pollies even so are Photo: Google2018, Landsat Copernicus.Aprx 150km altitude. Grayscaleversionof some‘’redcentre”;mighthavethoughtitaclose-upofsomebarkoracroc’seyebrow.. Seetherivers.Areyongaisdownthereay!…Free-fallingareyou?
  8. 8. pretty silly like ingrown toenails … from shoes; they say that we’re ‘ in the Regions’ here; that’s their synthetically trapped sense of demographic geography. Maate, this is the heart of the life here, not the bitumen nourished boxes and airterminal cattleruns that they live in ... bouncy bouncy all go bizzie trip, holiday, tour package, rubber-neck photo ops, sabbatical, pilgrimage out we go back we come, ego sustained, hankering for the next run. Do you get my drift; they are saying that they are not in a Region themselves and that they’re all over everything anyway … of course they’re in a region, it’s the country there nude under their cadastral giant 3D printout in concrete and tar ink and they are blind to it; they don’t even manifest understanding that the architect design o’ parliament has the spirit of the broader countryside intently retained and enhanced above their low little ceilings. That shows how cut-off they are bro’, bring ‘em out we’ll tell them and show them, then they’ll grow their constructions ecopically (that’s a word you taught me monte - found it in the dictionary in back of this book ). Our life and country is well sustained; the comfort slickers make good movies but they’re going down man, down - by their own leaderships and politics. “ How dowe lookviasea,to othernationsnz,anglo,kiwi,coconut,ching,nip,indo,sri lankin, canada, comingincoastal byboat, seeingourneighbourlandsonthe wayand choosingtheirbitof terra australistocome ashore,orby internetsearch,how dowe look - gdaymate,nice choice bitof realty and easypickins,we’re movinginstealth - we love youbutyou’re apack of clowns.Maybe not as raw as that but our locale andnational culturesare have changedradicallybyimmigration,economic coercion,commercial identifications,mismanagedmicrochiptechnological options,especiallyselling our potatopatch and importingitall back… mus’be some sort of moneypowercabal.Nothingleftbut to sell ourverycountryside and/ortoworkfor new landlords. Andreallydoesthatall matter…. S’only the bug of the worldthatwe needthe bighelpto rid. Sorry forthat rant package courtesyof Cheekybugga.Bitirrational largelyapolitical poetical;I’m lookingtofuture options.Keypointiswe’re all inaninteractivestoryof ourown.The state of carousal isoftenour communal glue andour distractionanddeviance thatleadstoourawkwardsometimes agonisingembarrassmentsandteeteringonthe edge unsustainable andstifling. Asthe eoniccenturial sojournsroll,where are we goingorwhat of our conditionsall. Huge impactsfromglobal cultures, huge impactson our individual gospelicinteractive stories.Thatwrittenorinvitedordevelopedinany reader’sheart,forsurvival notonlybutalsopeakingeternal momentaryinteractive joy,asIsaid characterisedbythe painof unstoppable groundrollingbodycurlingbellylaughs the likeof memories of manyothernine yearolds - exceptinstreetcanyon.If onlyall foodwasas healthyasthat; not breadalone saysthe bread of life unleavenedandnotevenvegesmited.Knockknockheartof uluru, kunanyington,of everyhouse,town,city,locale,businessdeal,cultural creation;we know you’re there raw-underthe bitumenfootpathandthe white demarkedcarpark,the blinkersof hopeless ceremoniesandwelfare excuse forapologyandcharity.Come outand shake yourfistnot at a foreign neighbour,visitororpollie butatthe enemyof pure vitalityof individual communallivesandpeople old,young,quietrowdytall shortsmoothdowdy. My childhoodvision: shakeitall withthe one simple logicthatfitsall mindsandsouls,nounsettled disputesall,interlockinflightharmonyinaccordwithpersonal passions,predilectionsandtalentsall insync. Great southernbush-embracingarchitect,wildernessisrobustbutstill ourpoisonsspread,peopleare locale mindedeasilyblinkeredbywirespolessignswalls.Heartsknow while,mindsrebel,thatthe islandedbroadscale andmyriadzoom-instofractalianendemicsinfragrance profoundlymatter; colour,sounds,vegetationsandcreatures.The joysof greattravelswithinand,shiningthisbackto
  9. 9. that page past, nowdwellingendlesslyinlocalesof characterwitharchitecturesasfriendlyasshells, accessedbypaths androads as gentle aspademelontrailsandaspungentaskookaburrakookas.Built interiorsas delightful asabalone shell interiorexistingonlywhere theycanbe infairplace-loving reason,ladenmother-of-pearl wealthinvisualcreativedelightsequallyoozingmusicandloudestof all wondersof lover,mother,father,children,tribal,family, parliamentaryvocal mergingindoorswith out. Thisword 'ecopical'isbasicallyaboutthatbut includesthe aspect of social personality - aspeople,we dobestwhatpeople understand,love andare correctlyprone todo – andso politicsis part of ecopicalityalso –we cop the truth of our failings. Ecopicalityisnotyetin our consensusdictionaries,butitsimprints are inour framesof mindwhenwe developourpublicrealms, grids,officesandfactoriesourenhancednationalcharacterof place. They say as hunting gatherers (ie old-hat anglo-boaties) we have enjoyed lifestyle, health,lightwork,man-womanharmony,leisure and freedom from government and using traditional, nonindustrial, energy resource efficient building. The book, ‘The Biggest Estate on Earth’, shows complex systems of Aboriginal land managementusingfire (wellthey use the word ‘complex’ I reckonto counter the idea of primitivity). It seems to be relating to the wider north eastern country in the now naked-under, rather than the wholistic everywhere thatcoppedthe boatie rash.Distinctivelytherewas a burnless sometimes kinder country interface likely followed by most Abs across the big island. The first euroboaties noted frequentlythatthe northeastlandevokedpark-likeanglocountry ‘estate’ - paths,extensive grassy patches, open woodlands, abundant wildlife. The people managed the land supremely systematically locally sustainably. The anglo-boaties 200 years later still hadn’t noticed the daisies’ fullness, nude-under their caroused backsides. Boxlocustsswarmournational estate;more thananythingdoes. Throughtheirbirthandcatylistics, theyabsorband transformfar beyondtheirlocal geography. Gurglingthe earth,stampingthe psyche and spawningnewthings. CheekybuggerTalkaboutmeetsnexuswiththe boaties. Nomadminima,boulevardbold. Albert Geogalongisof the same land,buta of a people whogenerallyhave seenonlysimple thoroughly modernnature – no boulevardsandnopark-like ‘estates’.Hunting,manipulatingandgatheringin sparse central countryinvolvedalotof walking. Theyvalue astrongpair of legsoverand above any frontdoor, or gush-ladencable carview-window. Theirvalue of home andsociety,physical trappings scant, isveryrich withoutbrickveneer. Headingfromhome Sydney,where he artfullyenjoysshort sojournsof cross-cultural jibesanddance asto whatthe boatiesare missing,including,the boxlocust and the academicprotagonistsof ecopianactivity,Talkaboutthrowsoff hisshirtwrapbefore reaching hissimple house bypreference withhisfamilyandhiseasternbio-geodiversitysimplyhis‘country’ abundance. Childof the global West,nomadicurbanaltruistLow Carl forewentpenthouselife forcitytumble- weedingbecausehe feltthe roomshummingharder. We note thata joyful walkinnature is Afrienddropsby, youhavenoashtray. DETAIL: Nomadin EveryRoom, byMont Detailof‘The Big Nothing’ Mont painting.
  10. 10. definitivelyimpactedwhere boxlocustsblendwiththisworld. We note thata joyful walkinnature is definitivelyimpactedwhere boxlocustsblendwiththisworld. We note that a joyful … Justlike we findroom-kernelsinthe bushCheekyfindsbush-kernelsinthe urbiaincludinginhouses. A Redfernzindigianmind warp…a plastictoiletbrushdraggingonthe spear,a halfwaynomadstill makeshisshotat the pizza-lizardscurryingacrosshispathhence as intendeditwastakentothe 40th floorreceptionforexecutivelunch. Forgreens,he reachesforthe supermarkettuckedunderhisbelt. On the shelf he findsanarchitect’shouse blueprint;“Inthe trade we call this‘the comic’!”,smirkshis builder. Tumbleweedsroll,rootsanchor,cityantennae dissolverootsandmake shuttle androoms, rather thanstrides, inspace. The house seesbothintraand cross-cultural smirk. We have nanotechsurveillance,robotics,medical.We have the christianbasisbeingscoffedand dismantledoutof ourconstitutionandpoliticalcorrectness,childrenempoweredbysociotech and newlysearchingtoreplace whatisscoffed.We have tribulatingwiththatandthe tributaryof microplasticatedfishwe eat,atribulationcurrentlyflowingtowardanexpandingseaof extreme discomfortandagonieswithwingsof extincteagles.Tomanyall thisremainsinvisibleunderaseaof seemingcarousedjoygodsandsomas. What we lose isnot onlythe naked-undertapestrybutthe whole wildernessoutbackcountryside vibe watersky florafaunaand air;whenwe hermeticallyseal ourselvesorour people intoboxesoreven eggshapes,ie a little lesshermetically,evenwithwindows,courtyards,DavidRabbitbourough(sorry Steve Irwinismore ours)(nowthere’sapommy-aussie shift),indoorplantsandclearroadto the bush. Our anticipatedgreat southerngeographicarchitects’cultural heritage conservationplansshouldbe applicable inprinciple toall all all of ourdevelopments - minesroadsdamstowerspizzashops mcmansions.The professional plannersacceptthisideaandenforce it… a little.The same crew refuse to understandthatthe daisywe siton is comparablyandmore significantandultimatelysupremely significantovercultural heritage …“evenaboheritage monte”(steadyupCheekydon’tgetcocky). Our conservationplansexist - toinformourdevelopment limitsandcharacter; we desperatelyneedtomake them as ‘Natural (natural natural) andCultural ConservationPlans’andthese tooshouldbe informed nomurbicallyintoourbuildingscience regulations,asfreshairandidentityof place andat the household andworkplace door-steps–wilderness.Itisthe primolife thatCheekyknowsisgoodfor hischildrenandthe childinhim+ the zap of mechtechand cityculture.Avarice ignorance social disease iswhatblocksit.Please read thataloudthree (3) times… on the bus, on topof uluru,kunanyington,… or justquietlytoyourself orwhisperitintopreshus’sear.