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Ch. 12 review


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Review for Chapter 12 test (Services)

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Ch. 12 review

  1. 1. Selected Chapter 12 Review & Notes
  2. 2. Enclosure Movement  Read about it on page 384. Take notes on the purpose, how it changed the rural landscape, pros and cons.
  3. 3. Louis Wirth  Read about him on pg. 384. Take notes on his 3 characteristics of city settlements.
  4. 4. Richard Florida  Read about his research on pg. 400. Take notes.
  5. 5. Global Forces, Local Impacts— Services in the Recession  Read and take notes on page 377. Pay particular attention to the recession’s impact on a global scale, regional scale and local scale.
  6. 6. Gravity Model  Read about it on page 391. Make sure you understand how the direct and inverse relationships work. Take notes.
  7. 7. Urban vs Rural Population #s  Read (and of course take notes) under the heading “Services in Urban Settlements”. Just the first paragraph. Notice the numbers.
  8. 8. Contemporary Geographic Tools—Locating a New Department Store  Read on page 390. Take notes. Pay particular attention to the analog method.
  9. 9. Hierarchy of Business Services  Read on pages 394-395 from the beginning of Key Issue 4 to “Consumer Services in World Cities.” Take notes about business services. Note and understand how business services are the biggest and most important element of what makes a World City.
  10. 10. Settlements  Read and take notes on page 374 about settlements. Notice how much of the earth’s surface is taken up by settlements and how many people live in settlements— and why.
  11. 11. Economic Base of Settlements  Read and take notes about basic and nonbasic industries on page 398. Understand which one (basic or nonbasic) defines a community’s economic base.