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Celtic Languages by Chris Hall


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  • Do you mean "monolingualism"? And being monolingual in Welsh isn't the only way to ascertain its status as a "first" language. Wales is a bilingual country, and there are many Welsh/English speakers who are much more comfortable in Welsh than in English ("Welsh dominant").
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Celtic Languages by Chris Hall

  1. 1. C L eltic anguages
  2. 2. Two thousand years ago Celtic languages were spoken across much of Europe.
  3. 3. But that was before the arrival of . . .
  4. 4. And reduced the number of speakers from millions, spread across a continent
  5. 5. Celtic Branch Indo-European
  6. 6. Celtic Branch 2 Groups Brittanic Gaulish 6 Languages Scottish Gaelic (Scotland) Irish Gaelic (Ireland) Manx (Isle of Man) Welsh (Wales) Cornish (Cornwall) Breton (Bretagne)
  7. 7. Brtittanic group Gaulish group Celtic today…
  8. 8. Irish Gaelic Speakers
  9. 9. In the UK, the Welsh language has not been as lucky as Irish… Various historical and cultural societies have protected it, taught it, and yet… preserved it
  10. 10. Ability to speak Welsh The gradual disappearance of Welsh mirrors that of other Celtic
  11. 11. Welsh monolinguality And as a first language, Welsh is even rarer still.
  12. 12. 1777 .
  13. 13. Celtic speakers are a proud and determined people. They have an ancient heritage and a strong sense of place.
  14. 14. Their places that remain.
  15. 15. Far edges. Shaded corners of northwest Europe.
  16. 16. Breton Brittany (Bretagne), France
  17. 17. Cornish Cornwall, United Kingdom
  18. 18. Manx Isle of Man, United Kingdom
  19. 19. Irish Gaelic Republic of Ireland
  20. 20. Welsh Wales, United Kingdom
  21. 21. Scotch Gaelic Scotland, United Kingdom
  22. 22. Six Places Six Languages Ireland Scotland Wales Cornwall Isle of Man Bretagne . Irish Gaelic Scotch Gaelic Welsh Cornish Manx Breton .
  23. 23. One Problem Death is just around the corner.