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This is a draft menu provided by Konnichi's manager, some of these dishes are trial, but most of them are confirmed. we should be able to order anything, but some dishes may take a while due to the delicacy of cutting and presenting the fishes.
The result however will be worth it, succulent meat, fresh veggies, countless of drinks...it WILL BE a night to remember!

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Konnichi menu

  1. 1. Sharing Platter Sharing Platter Succulent Spare Ribs Succulent Spare Ribs Deep fried Spring Rolls Duck Spring Rolls Prawn Toasts Salt & Pepper Squid Smoked Chicken Satay Chicken Skewers Crispy Seaweed Crispy Wanton ***** ***** Starters StartersChicken sweet Corn Soup or Aromatic Chicken sweet corn Soup or Aromatic Duck Duck ***** ***** Mains Mains Sweet & Sour Pork King Prawn, Scallops and Asparagus in XOBeef with Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce Sauce Honey Chilli Chicken Kung Po Chicken Steak in Peking sauce Yung Chow Fried Rice Mixed Vegetables in oyster sauce For three persons Yung Chow Fried Rice Thai Curry with Duck For three persons For four persons Red Thai Curry SpecialKing prawn ginger and spring onions For four persons Suzhou Duck Tea or coffee Dessert £18 per person Lychees £25 per person Starters Sharing Platter Miso soup Succulent Spare Ribs ***** Panko Chicken
  2. 2. Maki sushi platter Duck Spring Rolls ***** Japanese Fried Prawn Wonton Mains ***** Teriyaki Steak Starters Tempura (Mixed Vegetables) Sashimi selection or Aromatic DuckChicken salad with Wasabi Dressing ***** Steamed Rice Mains For three persons Teriyaki Pork Kara Age Chicken Honey Chilli King Prawn For four persons Beef with Green Peppers in Black Bean Duck with Miso sauce Sauce ***** Steamed Jasmine Rice Dessert For three persons Chocolate Roll Thai Red Curry with Chicken For four persons £26 per person Quick Fried Lamb with Green Pepper in Satay Sauce ***** Dessert Apple, Banana and Pineapple Fritters £30 per personFor a minimum of 2 personsPlatter Ichi £7.50ppSmoked ChickenPrawn ToastsSpring RollsSucculent Spare RibsSesame Fish SticksPlatter Ni £7.50ppPanko Squid RingsSucculent Spare RibsSeaweed
  3. 3. Kara AgeSatay ChickenPlatter Dragon £7.50ppSalt & Pepper Mixed : Spare Ribs, Squid, fish and prawns. zCrispy SeaweedSushi Platter (Small Boat) £13.00 setServed in a small Sushi Boat, it is your chance to try and share a variety of different types of Sushi: Nigiriand Maki.Sushi Platter Konnichi (Large Bridge) £35.00 setSushi platter is great for sharing. Served in a traditional sushi bridge, it is your chance to try and share avarietyof different types of sushiShredded Duck with hoi sin sauce, cucumber, spring onions and pancakes.¼ of Duck £8.00½ of Duck £15.00Whole Duck £28.00
  4. 4. Miso Soup £4.50with Venus Clam ShellMiso Soup £3.50with Seaweed, Tofu and Spring OnionTom Yam Soup – £4.50spicy soup served with prawnTom Yam Soup – £4.50spicy soup served with chickenChicken Sweet Corn Soup £4.00Chicken Noodles Soup £4.00Hot and Sour Soup £4.00Crab Meat Sweet Corn Soup £4.50Chinese Beef and Tomato Soup £4.50
  5. 5. Kimchi Salad (spicy) £5.00Traditional Korean vegetable dishEdamame Salad £4.50Soybean PodsSeaweed Salad £5.00WakameCabbage salad £4.00Glass noodle salad £4.00
  6. 6. Combine and share your favouritesPanko Squid Rings £4.80Fried squid rings coated in Japanese bread crumbsCoriander Sirloin Strips £6.50Marinated sirloin served with corianderTori Kara Age £6.00Japanese deep fried chickenJapanese Chicken Wonton Strips £6.00Crispy baked chicken breast wonton strips in soy marinadeserved with a honey chilli dipJapanese Salmon Wonton Stripes £8.00Crispy baked salmon wonton strips in soy marinadeserved with a honey chilli dipJapanese Fried Prawn Wonton £8.00Crispy baked prawn wonton in soy marinade served witha honey chilli dipFresh Steamed Scallops £6.50Succulent Spare Ribs £5.20Spare ribs served with sticky dressingSmoked Chicken £4.50Coated and smoked stir fried chickenPanko Chicken £5.20Slices of chicken breast coated in Japanese breadcrumbsPrawn toasts £5.20
  7. 7. Traditional prawn toasts covered in sesame seedsSatay Chicken Skewers £4.50Marinated chicken skewers served with a satay dipSalt and Chilli Squid £5.50Lightly coated squid with fresh chilliSalt and Chilli Fish £5.50Lightly coated fish with fresh chilliSalt & Chilli Prawns £6.50Lightly coated prawns with fresh chilliSpring Roll £4.00With Honey chilli dipGarlic Mushroom £4.00Lightly coated mushroom with garlic sauceFried Dumplings £6.00Pan fried pork and vegetables dumplingsFried Chinese Wontons £5.50Deep fried prawn wontons with a honey chilli dipJapanese onion rings £4.00Coated onion ringsStep 1: Choose a main ingredientMain ingredients:Beef £9.50Chicken £8.50Prawns £10.50
  8. 8. Roast Pork £9.00Vegetables (v) £7.50Tofu £8.00Step 2: Choose a sauce for your wok dishSauces:SzechuanGinger and Spring OnionSatayBlack BeanOyster & Mushroom sauceKung PoHoney Chilli sauceSweet and sourPekingLemon Chicken £9.00Shredded Chill Beef £10.00Served with riceKonnichi Chicken Supreme £14.00Fish Teppanyaki £20.00Steak Teppanyaki £16.00Fried Rice £3.50
  9. 9. Mushroom Fried Rice £4.00Japanese Rice £3.50Jasmine Rice £3.50Coconut Rice £3.50Udon Noodles £4.00Noodles £4.00King Prawn Fried Rice £9.50Chicken Fried Rice £8.00Beef Fried Rice £8.50Yung Chow Fried Rice £9.00Vegetable Rice £7.50Kimchi Udon with Pork £10.50Thick Korean noodles accompanied by Kimchi and PorkBeef Spicy Udon £10.00Noodles accompanied by spicy BeefPork Spicy Udon £9.50Noodles accompanied by spicy PorkPrawn Spicy Udon £11.00
  10. 10. Noodles accompanied by spicy PrawnKonnichi Special Chow Mein £9.00Chicken Chow Mein £9.00King Prawn Chow Mein £10.00Beef Chow Mein £9.00Roast Pork Chow Mein £9.00Singapore Rice Noodles £10.00Spicy rice noodles accompanied by roast pork,chicken and prawns.Stir-fried rice noodles with egg, coconut milk, onion and peanutsChicken £9.00Prawn £10.00Season Vegetable £8.00Favourite hot curries choose between green and redBeef £9.00Prawn £9.50Chicken £8.50Vegetable £8.00
  11. 11. Our head chef originates from Shanghai, China. With him, we introduce to you and toAberdeen the traditional Chinese way of eating. The following chef specials aretraditional and have been enjoyed throughout the generations of China. A group ofpeople (whether it be friends, family or colleagues), choose a selection of dishes for thewhole table to share, along with side dishes to the individual’s taste. Not only does thisencourage everyone to try different dishes, but the atmosphere while enjoying thesetraditional dishes is also completely different.Sweet & Sour Fish £9.00Chicken Szechuan Parcel £9.50Coconut Chicken Parcel £9.50Sliced Steak in Black Pepper Sauce £10.00Sliced Steak in Peking Sauce £10.00Salt & Pepper Pork Cutlets £9.00Prawn Stuffed Vegetables £9.50Tofu, Aubergine and Green Peppers dressed with Black Bean SauceSliced Prawn (Lorne) with Kai Lan vegetables in Oyster sauce £11.00Scallop & Broccoli in XO sauce £12.00Steak in XO sauce £11.00Ma Po Tofu £8.00Shanghai Noodles £9.00
  12. 12. Aubergines with shredded pork in Szechuan sauce £8.50Stewed Brisket of beef £9.00Stewed Brisket of beef with Mooli £9.50Chicken with Walnuts in Yellow Bean Sauce £8.50Char Siu (Honey Roast Pork) £8.50Chinese Seasonal Vegetables £8.00Pak Choi, Choi Sum, Kai Lan in garlic, ginger or oyster sauceSquid with Seasonal Vegetable £9.00Sliced Prawn (Lorne) with Seasonal Vegetable £11.00Mange Tout with pancetta and garlic sauce £8.50Stir Fried Scallop with Asparagus £9.50Stewed Belly Pork with vegetables £9.00
  13. 13. HosomakiFormed with the help of a bamboo mat, wrapped in nori and then cut into six bite size pieces.Prawn £5.10Tuna £6.50Salmon £5.80Avocado (V) £4.70Cucumber (V) £4.50Tamago £4.50NigiriPods of rice served with toppings and wasabi.Salmon £2.00eachTuna £2.50eachCooked tiger prawn £1.80eachEel £2.00eachSquid £2.00eachTamago £1.80eachAspragus (V) £1.80eachTemakiSushi rolled into a cone, wrapped in nori.Tempura Temaki £8.50Tempura prawn/salmon/tuna with Pepper salad
  14. 14. Vegetarian Temaki £7.00Tempura courgette/carrot/spring onion with Pepper saladGunkan“Submarine sushi” – a boat of rice with topping wrapped in slice of noriMasago £5.00Tuna £5.50Salmon £5.50SushiSashimiSlices of premium, fresh raw fish and other delicacies. Served with minimal seasoning in order tohighlight the quality of ingredients.Salmon (8 pcs) £13.00Tuna (8pcs) £13.50Chefs selection of seasonal fresh raw fish including salmon and tuna9 pcs £15.0018 pcs £28.00Japenese Chef Maki SpecialitiesOur highly skilled chefs will prepare a unique sushi feast for you. Let them treat you to a truly tantalisingexperience with Konnichi Specialties.Akasaka £9.00Cream cheese, cucumber, avocado and baconClassic California £8.50Surimi, cucumber, avocado and masagoFutomaki £7.50
  15. 15. Tamago, cucumber, Japanese radish and mushroomAlaska £8.50Surimi, salmon, avocado coated in black sesameAka £8.50Tuna, surimi, cucumber and masagoAberdonian Dream £9.50Fried steak, peanuts and green paprika coveredin tempura served with teriyaki sauceKatsura £9.50Salmon, tamago and Japanese radish, coated in sesame seedsand topped with black masagoAromatic Duck £9.50Shredded duck with hoi sin sauce, cucumber and spring onionsTamago Tempura £9.50Tempura prawn, chilli, avocado and mayo wrapped in tamagoTuna on Fire £9.00Tempura tuna, kimchi and cucumberGolden California £11.50Surimi, masago, cucumber, cream cheese wrapped in salmonTuna Dream £9.50Cooked tuna, vegetable salad, lime and teriyaki saucePanko Tori £8.50Panko chicken and paprika coated in sesame seeds
  16. 16. Assorted vegetables and seafoods coated in lightly seasoned, crispy batter.Salmon £11.00Tiger Prawn £11.00Monk Fish £13.00Mixed Vegetables £8.50Chicken £13.00Succulent chicken, accompanied in teriyaki sauce. Served with rice.Salmon £16.00Salmon steak marinated in sweet and sticky soy teriyakisauce and cooked on an iron plate. Served with rice.Duck with Peaches £18.00Pan seared duck breast steak marinated in teriyakisauce. Served with juicy peaches and rice.
  17. 17. Chilli Banana £4.50Spicy caramelised banana rolled in sesame seedsChocolate Banana £4.50Banana slices coated with a milk chocolate sauceServed with lychee.Green tea infused Ice Cream £4.00Delicately flavoured green tea ice cream with fresh fruitand fruit syrupChocolate Roll £4.50Dark chocolate in a light sweet batter, served withchocolate sauceMango Soup £4.50Cold mango desertMeet the Fritters £5.00Banana, Apple and Pineapple with syrupFruity dessert sushi, created by the Konnichi, rolled with sweet rice and wrapped in soy sheets.Mango £4.50Strawberry £4.50Banana £4.50
  18. 18. Fruity dessert nigiri with sweet milky rice.Strawberry (2 pcs) £5.00Mango (2pcs) £5.00