Kitchen 2012


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Kitchen Plan for 2012 , Dar Al Tawhid InterContinental Makkah
Prepared by: Montaser Masoud - Executive chef & master chef

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Kitchen 2012

  1. 1. KITCHEN PLAN 2012 IN DAR AL TAWHID INTER CONTINENTAL 1- BE BRAND HEARTED Feeling proud and committed to our brands  Committed with IHG POLICIES & PROCEDURES.  Enhance Team Work.  All chefs to be available during the buffet working hours.  Actively participate.  Return promptly from breaks.  Manage the entire buffet sections probably.  Follow all kitchen health and safety regulations.  All Kitchen team follows HACCAP policy and procedure.  Following the Health and safety procedure.  Wash hands before beginning work in the kitchen.  Keep all perishable items refrigerated until needed.  When handling “ready-to-eat” food items, if you don’t cook it, glove it!  Adhere to appropriate kitchen uniform and attire standards as following;  Chef’s jacket: has needed to be comfortable and in safety conditions.  To foster a professional working environment and to maintain the highest standards of HACCP.  Safety and sanitation all the kitchen equipment and working stations before/during the working.2- Think aheadUsing insight to set direction that is in step with our business plansKitchen chef Calculations  Mange the Food Cost well.  Recipe Conversion, Yield, and Ratios.  Regular check the hotel forecast to be prepared well.  Fundamental Nutrition Principles.  Food Safety and Sanitation.  Product Identification.  Classical Knife Skills.  Stock Production.  Soup Production.  Cooking Techniques for Proteins, Vegetables, and Starches.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kitchen Plan for 2012 , Dar Al Tawhid InterContinental MakkahPrepared by: Montaser Masoud - Executive chef & master chef
  2. 2. KITCHEN PLAN 2012 IN DAR AL TAWHID INTER CONTINENTAL Kitchen CompetenciesChef Skills • Demonstrate principles of food safety and sanitation. • Demonstrate appropriate principles of plate presentation. • Prepare stocks, soups, and sauces. • Prepare basic cold food preparations such as green salads and salad dressings. • Prepare basic vegetable and starch accompaniments such as green vegetables.LEADERSHIP SKILLS • Fostering team works. • Demonstrate effective time management during production in kitchen food • Demonstrate effective organization of personal work areas for efficient production.FINANCIAL SKILLS • Adopting value for money principle. • By knowing our forecast as well business/nationalities mix to deliver the expected quality and quantity meets our guest expectation • Explain kitchen chef yield concept and yield percentage. • Calculate the cost of a recipe for kitchen menu. • Brief all section heads on daily basis month to date by the food cost . • Weekly briefing with the kitchen team with the GLM Heart Beat surveys results  Breakfast- Lunch – Dinner Room Service/In-Room Dining- & Club Intercontinental floor .------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kitchen Plan for 2012 , Dar Al Tawhid InterContinental MakkahPrepared by: Montaser Masoud - Executive chef & master chef
  3. 3. KITCHEN PLAN 2012 IN DAR AL TAWHID INTER CONTINENTAL3-Champion change Being equipped for change making the change happen  kitchen menu assignments.  tour in kitchen cold food storage -frozen storage -equipment -pest control -premises structural kit.  food preparation assembly in kitchen.  food thermometers{ hot -cold -frozen-} premises .  personal hygiene facilities.  practical testing: skills-{ • knife cuts- • stock production }  food judging and evaluation on daily basis for guest experience { group feedback }  food recipe yields.  knife skills, and stock.  preparation: competencies and key terms.  Demonstrate proper safety and sanitation procedures.  Demonstrate methods of kitchen cookery.  Demonstrate effective organization, workmanship, and presentation.Lead and developOff job training : Cross exposure for kitchen chefs in sister hotel , nominees as below 1. Tijani Bouchair 2. Osman Gebril 3. Faisal Yacoub Off job Training : cross training at the Cost Control – Material and - food store nominees as below 1. Faisal Bourabia 2. Khaled Touba 3. Ahmed Ramadan 4. Sayed El Morsy 5. Mouhamed Chiniour 6. Foud Ghoul 7. Ragab Refai 8. Ahmed Hachem 9. Ali Chourabi------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kitchen Plan for 2012 , Dar Al Tawhid InterContinental MakkahPrepared by: Montaser Masoud - Executive chef & master chef
  4. 4. KITCHEN PLAN 2012 IN DAR AL TAWHID INTER CONTINENTAL Chef Tips & Using the professional chef system.  FINANCIAL CASE STUDY IN KITCHEN.  Great New Food menu theme similar of ( Al Cart Indian , gulf night , Italian , Mediterranean, Shameat , seafood , Morocco)  PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT IN KITCHEN.  Financial Understanding for Chefs { Financial RETURNS }  Depth of Analysis MENUS- MASTER CHEF.  complete kitchen recipe manager.  basic baking and pastry practical guidelines.DRIVE RESULTS • GUEST EXPERIENCE The Guest Experience Program  It’s a highly effective Performance Management Solution that helps a restaurant discover the facts behind customer service standards and other front line activities such as food safety and sanitation and ultimately enables.  Need to have internal program to add every day new items dished form (Pastry. cold kitchen, hot kitchen, botchery and bakery ) 5 items x 30 Days 150 new food items in monthly basis 1800 item yearly.  Motivate the team looking for new receipts using all the available resources i.e. internet, books etc..------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kitchen Plan for 2012 , Dar Al Tawhid InterContinental MakkahPrepared by: Montaser Masoud - Executive chef & master chef