Arlington road


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The opening sequence

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Arlington road

  1. 1. Arlington Road
  2. 2. In this image the setting is lit up by the use of fluorescent lights and the man is wearing a white shirt and the woman appears to be wearing scrubs which implies that they are in a hospital. In this particular scene the main explains that someone is missing or has escaped and the perplexed expression on his face and blood stains all over his shirt indicates that the missing person is dangerous or is in danger.
  3. 3. The constant repetition of fences in the opening sequence demonstrates the feeling of being trapped.
  4. 4. The eerie music plus the fog symbolises mystery and the possibility of an evil presence…beware Arlington Road!
  5. 5. <ul><li>Music </li></ul><ul><li>The music used in the background is very eerie and it’s a mix of breathy whisper-like low-pitched singing; this makes it sound ghost-like and disturbing. In addition, occasionally you can hear people screaming over it, this creates a more frightening atmosphere because it sounds as though the people are helpless. </li></ul>
  6. 6. The use of colours and the images on top of images on top of images confuses the audience but also gives the audience an idea of how the film is going to pan out; expect a few twists.
  7. 7. The opening scene includes a lot of fast moving camera shots making the viewer feel disorientated.
  8. 8. This wide-shot view of the house makes it appear significant, perhaps this is the place where the mysteries began.
  9. 9. The image of the little girls running is shown just before the clip of the empty swings and this builds a sense of mystery…did they disappear?
  10. 10. These mages look like negatives of undeveloped photographs the scenes are deserted almost as though the human race has been wiped out. These things, objects belong to people but where are the people?
  11. 11. Negative colours makes it look like a mad world or that things are not what they seem.
  12. 12. The colour red often symbolises death this makes the viewer question whether there might be a tragic death in the film or a lot of violence.
  13. 13. What would be a normal photo of a baby is altered by the use of colour, the baby’s eyes look as though they’ve been burnt out making it look evil and the bars of the cot appear to be a trap.