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Partner Marketing for Success Proposal Builder


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How to build a strong partner marketing proposal that will get funded. Drive results with your partner and channel marketing initiatives. This will provide an easy template you can use for building your co-operative marketing initiatives.

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Partner Marketing for Success Proposal Builder

  1. 1. PARTNER PROPOSAL BUILDER Build a proposal that shines…and gets funded.
  2. 2. PROGRAM OVERVIEW  Highlight no more than 3 key areas of opportunity First Key Area of Opportunity SupportingContent • Drive increased _____ opportunity with focus on… • Point 2 • Point 3 Second Key Area of Opportunity SupportingContent • Enhance sales results through __________ • Point 2 • Point 3 Third Key Area of Opportunity SupportingContent • Installed base and net new account acquisition through… • Point 2 • Point 3
  3. 3. GROWTH STRATEGIES  Consider  Attach rates  Adoption rates  Customer firmographic  Customer wallet share  Monthly recurring revenue  Solution development  Additional use cases
  4. 4. MAP OF OPPORTUNITY  Insert map here or diagram of potential opportunity  Document coverage area
  5. 5. DESCRIPTION  What does your partner need to know?  Audience  Audience goals supported/issues solved  Teams that will be involved  Responsibilities  Timeframe  What will be accomplished  Stakeholders
  6. 6. PROGRAM ELEMENTS  Program elements  Tactics  Role each tactic will play in program success  Customer Benefits  Role of each stakeholder
  7. 7. MARKET DATA  Current benchmark  Where is the market headed?  What will happen with action
  8. 8. SUCCESS REALIZED  Include a simple dashboard for tracking results  Choose 3-5 metrics that can be easily tracked and will be meaningful to determine program results
  9. 9. INVESTMENT Return on investment at various levels of success Include three example levels – Meet goal, exceed goal, and stretch goal Numbers here – Investment levels required Each partner’s investment Time to return
  10. 10. METRICS Show past results Include what will be measured and how often Quarter, month Numbers go here… Possible metrics • Leads • MQLs • Pipeline goals • Revenue goals
  11. 11. RESULTS Demonstrate how results will drive desired outcomes Include numbers here that include the metrics and goals outlined in the previous slides.
  12. 12. THANKYOU Partnering for Success