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The Impact of Stress on Your Business Bottom Line (Part 2)


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Stress. We all feel it. In today’s over-scheduled workday, stress sneaks up on us and then delivers a one two punch to our productivity and job performance.

In this two-part series, Dr. Daniel Crosby, President of IncBlot, helps you better understand how stress impacts job performance and what you can do about it.

Part II:

We discuss ways to manage stress in the workplace
We define proven strategies to help your workforce tame stress that detracts from their performance while leveraging stress that spurs growth.
We uncover some common behaviors people use to deal with stress and discuss which ones really work.

These presentations help define stress and build stress management plans that best fits your business culture so you can reduce the negative impact of stress in your company.

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The Impact of Stress on Your Business Bottom Line (Part 2)

  1. 1. The Impact of Stress (and how it affects the bottom line) Presented by: Dr. Daniel Crosby President of IncBlot Stay Connected w ith Monster. @monster_works @monsterww
  2. 2. Welcome Back. . . Dr. Daniel Crosby President, IncBlot Org. Psychologist = Business Shrink Select, Perfect, Persuade Need a new head shot
  3. 3. Specific response by thebody to a stimulus, such asfear or pain, that disturbs or interferes with the normalphysiological equilibrium of an organism.
  4. 4. The Impact of Stress 50% of employees surveyed are looking for less stressful employment – Envisia Learning Accounts for 75% of all visits to a G.P. Causes us to lose EQ and IQ points People who work for stressful bosses more likely to die of a heart attack Stress related illness accounts for 10% loss in GDP or 1.47 trillion (with a “T”) dollars Depression is the number one cause of missed work
  5. 5. So….What Do We Do?
  6. 6. How do you elicitstress in others? If everyone did this first, work would be a less stressful place.
  7. 7. Cut Out the CancerSlow to hire – quick to fire. A corporation is a“body” – no one person should ever be able todo damage to the whole organization.
  8. 8. No Comfort Adrenaline boost that drops off later Increases cortisol (stress hormone) Can actually cause panic disorder Same can be said for sugar and fat All things in moderation!
  9. 9. Get Moving!1. Increases endorphins – “Meditation in Motion”2. Lowers symptoms of mild depression and anxiety3. Boosts self-confidence
  10. 10. Get Your Mind Right Think like a scientist!
  11. 11. Tame Technology Alarm = Resistance – Exhaustion Being “leashed” leads to a sense of constant alertness
  12. 12. Beware Eustress Good stress is indistinguishable from bad stress as far as your body is concerned. Don’t let it sneak up on you!
  13. 13. Keep the Change Change is not an unmitigated good. Make sure that there is an actual business case for change – not just an executive lark.
  14. 14. 5 Ways to Reduce Stress in the Workplace
  15. 15. 5: Be Real Enron’s Values: Respect, Integrity, Communication, Excellence [Etched in stone in front of their corporate HQ] In-authenticity is stressful – where does your walk not match your talk? People want to live in a manner consistent with their professed values
  16. 16. 4: Listen to Your EmployeesYour employees will let you know the mood of the Organization
  17. 17. 3: Drive Open CommunicationsTalk to your employees about reducing stress before it starts
  18. 18. 2: Create “Healthy Lifestyle” ProgramsFoster the mind-body connection and remember there is nocomfort in comfort food
  19. 19. 1: Change is GoodChange can be good; but only do it when necessary
  20. 20. Case Study:CLEARLINK Introspective Hire for fit Values permeate all aspects of work life Zen room Healthy snacks Fitness and wellness programs 100% health coverage
  21. 21. Sound Easy?Ask yourself if you’re doing all of these things,if not, look for actionable improvements.
  22. 22. In Summary Examine yourself first Free your organization of “energy vampires” Mind/body connection – exercise! There is no comfort in comfort food Control catastrophic thoughts Avoid always being on call Change when necessary (but no more) Ensure congruence between stated and lived values
  23. 23. Thank You! @incblot – Twitter Please stay in touch!