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SeeMore from Monster


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SeeMore is the industry's first semantic search and analytics platform for talent. Built on Monster's highly successful 6Sense® semantic search technology, SeeMore provides you with intelligence and visibility into multiple talent pools and helps managers and recruiters efficiently identify, access and manage their talent, regardless of source.

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SeeMore from Monster

  1. 1. MONSTER SEEMORE™ “MRI does over 15,000 placements in a year, globally… We’ve been using the enterprise solution [Monster SeeMore]…ItWE REVOLUTIONIZED THE JOB SEARCH is just easier for our franchiseesNOW, MONSTER SEEMORE™ REVOLUTIONIZES HOW YOU FIND TALENT. to find what they are looking for.Introducing Monster SeeMore™, a new semantic search and analytics We’ve definitely seen an uptick inplatform that redefines the way you find and manage your talent. Now the quality of what they’ve beenyou can see and search resumes from all your databases, no matter able to find. And obviously, that’swhere they’re located — from Monster or other job sites, social networks, resulted in more hiring.”referrals, or internal candidates. Plus, with the powerful analytics tool builtright into SeeMore, you can gain valuable insight into candidate data to Evan Davismake more informed recruiting, hiring, and business decisions. COO, MRI NetworksWith SeeMore you can…See more of the resumes you haveAccessing all the talent available to you is a challenge, especiallywhen that data is located in multiple databases in disparate locations.With SeeMore, we provide a copy of all your resumes in one location— a cloud that lets HR see and search them all, no matter wherethey come from. SeeMore allows you to see more of the resumesyou have for streamlined hiring in less time than ever, and withunprecedented efficiency.See more qualified candidatesTo hire the right talent, you need to have access to the most qualifiedcandidates. SeeMore features Monster’s patented, award-winning6Sense® technology that gives you the ability to search, compare,rank and manage talent — all from your searchable cloud of SeeMoredata — for precision-matching the right candidates to your positions.With SeeMore, you see more qualified candidates by specifying exactlywhat you want in detail so you can find and hire the best talent fast.See more information on the talent you haveWith the right insight into your talent data, you can make more informed recruiting,hiring, and business decisions. With SeeMore, you have access to a powerfulanalytics tool that gives you insight into all of your talent pools, including the talentyou already have on board. SeeMore allows you to see more information on the talent CREATE YOUR OWNyou have to find candidates with specific skills and where the most relevant resumes RECRUITMENT SUCCESS.are coming from, and determine the overall effectiveness of your recruitment efforts— to help your organization align talent with business objectives. For more information on Monster SeeMore, call yourSee more successful hires and more dollars to your bottom line Monster Representative orwith SeeMore. 1-800-MONSTER (666-7837) ext. 6333 today. JUL 2011