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Communique V2_Monsoon Commerce


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Communique V2_Monsoon Commerce

  1. 1. Increase Profits through BetterReporting: Communiqué V2 forMonsoonClark Hale, VP of Strategic Relationships, MonsoonCommerceTom Martin, President of AltaireonNovember 22, 2011© Monsoon Commerce. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Things to Remember for Today’s Presentation  Use the “Questions” tab to submit questions or communicated problems  We will conduct a Q&A at the end of the webinar  If using audio through GoToMeeting: For best results, close email, messenger, or any program that uses bandwidth  Today’s presentation will be recorded/1
  3. 3. Today’s Presenters Clark Hale Tom Martin VP of Strategic President Relationships Altaireon Monsoon Commerce
  4. 4. Today’s agenda  Who is Monsoon Commerce?  The Challenge  The Solution  Key Features  The Benefits  Customer Testimonials  Q&A and Wrap-Up/3
  5. 5. Who is Monsoon Commerce? Multichannel ManagementWe are leaders in Free up resources bye-commerce automating everything from listings and inventory to innovation pricing and order management Marketplace Online Store Optimization Integration Sell on the top marketplaces Add more features to your effectively and control online store, or create a new one all aspects of orders and with technology that easily listings from a single source integrates with most platforms/4
  6. 6. The Challenge  Difficult to access important data on the spot  Understand key challenges and opportunities for your business  Need to export data and create a separate analysis  Time-consuming  Complicated tools / technology/5
  7. 7. The Solution Increase business transparency Get in-depth view of many aspects of business Get the information you need through flexible, customizable reports Snapshot views for quick review Fully integrated tool A powerful, integrated reporting tool is our customers’ #1 most requested feature/6
  8. 8. Key Feature: Extensive Standard ReportsMore than 140 standard reports at your fingertips:  Sales  Orders  Financials  Geos  Inventory  Amazon FBA/7
  9. 9. Key Feature: Report Scheduling  Easily set up reports to run automatically  Unattended Operation  Save reports to disk as PDF  Save report data to disk as an Excel file  Email report to select recipients Example: Schedule Sales & Inventory reports to generate Monday morning so they are waiting in your Inbox when you arrive at work, ready for your review./8
  10. 10. Key Feature: FBA-Specific ReportingAccess Amazon FBA reports to analyze productsfor:  Listing  Measuring velocity  Replenishment/9
  11. 11. Key Feature: Reconciliation Tools Amazon Settlement Reports Both FBA & Self-Fulfilled orders/ 10
  12. 12. Key Feature: Monsoon Classification Filtering  Vendor reporting  Inventory Group reporting  FBA-only reporting Plus Summary & Detail Classification Reports included, with more to come!/ 11
  13. 13. Key Feature: Inventory Replenishment Anticipate inventory turnover and needs  Inventory Management  Turnover rate  Slow Movers  Zero Movers/ 12
  14. 14. Key Feature: User-Friendly  At-a-glance dashboard  High-level snapshots  Intuitive, easy- to-use interface/ 13
  15. 15. Customer Review: Bookmonger LTD “Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Communiqué. We have been trying for years to get reports like these and to have them at our fingertips has been more helpful than I can say. Keep up the good work.” --Mark Adams, Bookmonger LTD/ 14
  16. 16. Customer Review: PlumCircle LLC “I like the format, it is laid out great, and it is exciting that I can now start making more informed purchasing decisions as well as FBA/local allotment. Thank you for helping!” --Paul Thompson, PlumCircle LLC/ 15
  17. 17. Customer Review: MirMedia “[Communiqué has] allowed me to get back out in the warehouse instead of spending time with my face in spreadsheets. My warehouse efficiency has increased by 50%.” “I can’t get over how well the reports work. Communiqué has created a structure for my business and it made us appreciate Monsoon Commerce that much more.” “Communiqué is just plain fantastic! …What a difference this is making to our business!” --John Ulrich, MirMedia/ 16
  18. 18. The Benefits  Evaluate your business real- time  Improved insight = better business decisions  Track progress over time  Improve efficiency Maximize sell-through, margins, and revenue/ 17
  19. 19. Q&A/ 18
  20. 20. Thank You for YourTime and AttentionIncrease Profits through Better Reporting:Communiqué V2 for Monsoon To sign up for Communiqué V2 for Monsoon, visit Contact us: 800-520-2294© Monsoon Commerce. All rights reserved.