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Open Source Hardware Building Blocks - LEGO For the Internet of Things

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Lego pres 10

  1. 1. Open Source Hardware Building Blocks LEGO for the Internet of Things. TM Ken Boak, Nanode Design. C4CC December 14th 2011
  2. 2. Twenty Five Years Ago – Hardware Used to be Hard......Z80A Control Board – July 1985Wired Up whilst watching Live Aid
  3. 3. If only Hardware were as simple as LEGOIt would be just like putting a few blocks together...
  4. 4. Project Nanode – What We Do“Making Open Source Hardware as easy as LEGO”“ We make low cost, open hardware available and accessible to all – to help kickstart the Internet of Things”“Nanode – the minimalist open hardware solution needed to get your device onto the Internet.
  5. 5. And making whatever you wanted
  6. 6. Quickly try out a few ideasEven if they don’t always make complete sense..
  7. 7. But start with the right platform.....And you can build up all sorts of new applications
  8. 8. Quickly and easily building your Application From the parts you have readily to hand
  9. 9. Developing the functionality in codeUsing small, tried and tested blocks
  10. 10. Well it’s the same with Open Source Hardware • Take an 8–bit microcontroller • The building block of today’s everyday technology.
  11. 11. Design Your Platform
  12. 12. And Realise it in Hardware• First Prototype Breadboard August 2010• ATmega328• ENC28J60• 74HCT125• MagJack• FTDI cable• <£20 to build
  13. 13. Nanode 5 – A Good Starting Point
  14. 14. You have to start it somewhere
  15. 15. Start with the right PlatformAnd begin to build your application
  16. 16. Nanode 5 – a simple development platformAn 8 bit microcontroller platform with 3 connectivity interfaces and easily accessed I/O. Multi-drop Serial BusCloud ETHERNET SERIAL Wired Serial Network WIRELESS SRAM MICROCONTROLLER (optional) Nanode 5 6 Digital In/Out 6 Analogue Inputs ` CONTROL & MONITORING APPLICATION
  17. 17. Nanode 5 evolves into Nanode RF
  18. 18. Nanode RF – Unzipped • Ethernet combined with Low Power RF connectivity Nanode RFCloud ETHERNET SERIAL WIRELESS microSD Card MICROCONTROLLER SRAM RTC ` CONTROL & MONITORING APPLICATION
  19. 19. Finding Your Way Around Nanode RF Digital I/O Hi Digital I/O Lo Ethernet Controller Serial SRAM Microcontroller Ethernet & RTC Connector Power Glue Logic LEDs Wireless Reset Module Analogue In
  20. 20. Nanode RF –The Gateway to Wireless Sensing & Control Applications
  21. 21. WiNode – low cost RF Sensor-Actuator
  22. 22. WiNode – The Brains and Brawn of RF Sensor-Actuator Networks WiNode Power Bridge SERIAL WIRELESS microSD CardMotors, Relays, Steppers, MICROCONTROLLER SRAM RTCLED Lighting ` CONTROL & MONITORING APPLICATION
  23. 23. Nanode has been nominated for a “Best Internet of Things Project 2011 Award– Vote before Friday 5pm at Search: POSTSCAPES – your support appreciated.
  24. 24. Nanode – A Big Thanks to EveryoneProject Nanode: An ever growing family of friends and co-conspiratorsSpecial Thanks to:Code Design Andrew Lindsay, Trystan Lea, Glyn Hudson, Stephen EarlyHardware Design Ken Boak, Roger Light. Glyn Hudson, Vic ApreaBeta Testing John Crouchley , Glyn Hudson, Trystan Lea, Andrew LindsayOriginal Idea Guido Socher, Pascal Stang , Tuxgraphics 2007In Association with , Arbour Wood Ltd. C4CC, Debbie Davies, London HackspaceFoundation, MEGNI, NanodeDesign,, OSHUG, Pachube, Wicked Device. And manymore. Nanode, designed by Hackers for Hackers Empowered Nanode, WiNode and Nanode RF - NanodeDesign (c) 2011