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This is my city

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  1. 1. Montse Margarit Bartra INS Santa Eulalia
  2. 2. WHAT IS TERRASSA? Terrassa is a city in Vallés Occidental, regoin of Catalonia. This city it have to 212.324 people. Is a big city. The people that lived in Terrassa, can from diferent sites.
  3. 3. HOW IT’S TERRASSA? Terrassa have a lot of variety of traditions. Also has a lot of sites to vosit. This city has plenty of choice to live Used to hold races every year Also have very variety of the education.
  4. 4. TRADICIONS IN TERRASSA: Terrassa account with Catalan costums. For example, have castles, the dance bastoners, participate in the heck... Also do other activitys, as concerts, festival Terrassa, performances...
  5. 5. SITES OF VISIT IN TERRASSA In terrassa do a big park, yor name is parc Vall Paradís, and also do museums, and squares, clubs...
  6. 6. VERY VARIETY OF THE EDUCATION In Terrassa do lot of schools , and institutes, and universities. In this sites of education, is teach in two idioms; Catalan and Spanish.
  7. 7. THIS IS MY CITY: