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Grupo monsan presentador_eng


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Grupo monsan presentador_eng

  2. 2. The company Grupo Monsan is a Spanish company founded in 2001 and fully established in the market. It employs over 80 professionals and we are leaders in the new technolo-gies and intelligent networks sector. We operate internationally and are constantly growing in terms of both reputation and size. We develop digital platforms that meet the needs of our customers in relation to mobile marketing, premium rate voice and data services and in-app and website charging systems. We have our own platform and an R&D team dedicated solely to creating new ser-vices that reflect future market trends. Advising our customers about continuous technological advances is one of our missions. We are registered as a Networks and Electronic Communications Services Operator with the Spanish telecommunications regulator (Comisión del Mercado de las Tele-comunicaciones), which is now part of the National Authority for Competition and Markets (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia). At our offices we meet any requirements, national or international. We operate in Europe and Latin America. As you would expect, our technical department and customer services team are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our company objective is to continue expanding internationally, offering solutions to our customers wherever they need them. Our market objective is to increase our customers’ performance and profits, using the technological tools and platforms we develop for that purpose.
  3. 3. The team Our multidisciplinary team, waiting to work with you, is made up of more than 80 professionals specialising in their areas of expertise. People are the key asset at Grupo Monsan, which employs computer engineers, bu-siness communications experts, marketing specialists, analysts, developers, ope-rators, designers and programmers. For each required specialist area, we provide a direct contact person that guarantees you a personal, tailored service. Our HR management consolidates talent, while the creativity, passion and rigour we commit to running each project makes us your ideal, regular partner. We are quick and efficient, expert and innovative, flexible and proactive, creative and synergistic, useful and determined, although the best value added for you is that, above all, we are reliable and trustworthy.
  4. 4. The solutions We are fully aware of the importance our services have to our customers’ results, which is why we develop the best in the market. Our technological infrastructure provides creative solutions by developing unique tools and self-manageable configurations tailored to each project. Our extensive portfolio effectively meets all your needs and efficiently optimises and provides a return on your investments in: 1. Mobile marketing and customer service. 2. Intelligent network and premium rates (STA). 3. Charging systems to make websites and apps profitable. Efficiently gain a return on your investments with Grupo Monsan creative solutions unique tools self-manageable configurations
  5. 5. The solutions Grupo Monsan helps you to consolidate the presence of your company in the market in a truly effective way and to optimise your communication, your marketing campaigns and your customer service. The tools: ➢ Intelligent network numbering services: lines 900- 902. ➢ Customer loyalty services: SMS Push (mass texting), Audio Push (telemarketing). ➢ VoIP: platforms for Voice-over-Internet Protocol services. ➢ IVR: interactive voice response systems. The results: 4optimising your company’s external and internal communication. 4facilitating contact and not identifying your company with a specific geographic location. 4stimulating your sales. 4reducing direct costs and handling times. 4increasing awareness of your company. 4encouraging customer loyalty and converting leads. 4enhancing company productivity. 4increasing your profits. “Investment in Mobile marketing in Spain stands at €110.5 million” “Mobile marketing, with an annual growth rate of 25% and a ROI of 32%, is the great business opportunity for all companies” “The companies taking advantage of mobile marketing will gain a strong competitive advantage” (Spanish association of mobile communications) (2013 study by the consultancy Accenture and MMA Spain) (data from Luth Research and SoundBite) 1. Mobile marketing and customer service. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Europe and Latin America Managing the best communications and obtaining the best results!
  6. 6. The solutions 2. Intelligent network and premium rates (STA). Grupo Monsan offers you these intelligent networks in a way that is simple, univer-sal and profitable, offering an excellent return for your company. The tools: ➢ 902 Lines. ➢ 905 Lines. ➢ 80Y Lines. The results: 4optimising call routing. 4allowing you to deal with a high volume of simultaneous calls. 4avoiding missed calls. 4increasing the efficiency of promotion and publicity campaigns. 4enhancing the specialist and personalised service for customers. 4offering the maximum return on each call received. Offer your customers the best information or service and receive the maximum revenue! Intelligent network services are characterised by an intelligent data system placed in the network between the caller and the recipient. This allows for flexible pricing, different to that for geographic numbers, with routing of the calls to geographic numbers on the basis of specific circumstances, breadth of services, personalising the service depending on the location of the caller, etc. (Jesús Checa in his doctoral thesis at the Spanish Open University - UNED)
  7. 7. 3. Charging systems to make websites and apps profitable. Grupo Monsan will find the best solution to exponentially increase the income from your website or apps. Our systems offer proven advantages and great opportunities for users, companies and developers. They are quick and easy to implement through our APIs and can be configured as desired. Of course, continuous monitoring is also provided by Monsan 24 x 7 x 365. The tools: ➢ Micropayments - in-app and website. ➢ Micropayments - voice. ➢ SMS Premium “subscription and single purchase”. ➢ Payments by operator and direct billing. The solutions “Micropayments now account for a worldwide turnover that far exceeds one billion dollars” (IE Market) Make it easier for your customers to pay with a single click and without leaving your website or application! Even for Apple users! The results: 4great acceptance by the target audience. 4total website and app integration, there is no need to leave the site. 4increased sales. 4assured revenue. 4immediacy and maximum speed in the payment process. 4global charging system. 4maximum return. 4increased profits.
  8. 8. The commitments Grupo Monsan is your technology partner and we stand for humanity. We are strongly committed to social responsibility. You will be glad to know that among other actions: Please ask for references or visit our website for more information. We actively collaborate with NGOs such as Intermón Oxfam for whom we have designed and implemented a platform enabling it to receive donations by SMS. We abide by the code of conduct applicable to the provision of pre-mium rate services and support protecting the rights of consumers and users. We write, publish and dissemi-nate studies, the do’s and don’ts of use and recommendations for parents and children about their relationships and interactions in the digital age. We talk to the media and create and disseminate news items re-lated to our sector that lead to social benefits.
  9. 9. The Group and the media
  10. 10. Francesc Layret 75, 5º 3ª - Edificio Siglo XXI - Mollet del Vallès - 08100 Barcelona Tel.: 902 998 900 - fax: 902 998 902 - Passion for technology, love for humanity