Opening orientation PPT June 2013 (Test)


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Opening orientation PPT June 2013 (Test)

  1. 1. Opening PrayerOur Heavenly Father,We thank you for the opportunity tobegin this new school year.We ask that you bless the students and the faculty thatmake our school a great place.We pray thatYou will guide us in all ways,so that we will seekYour will in everythingthat we do.We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.Miriam of Nazareth,Teach us your ways and lead us to Jesus.
  3. 3. The TeacherMr. Mon Ritche Y. Bacero
  4. 4. GTKY Name NicknameList down at least 2-3 things What I like/love about the computer My fears about computer
  5. 5. Orientation:A. Course OutlineB. Grading SystemC. Guidelines and RulesD. Expectations
  6. 6. Course Outline 1st term – June 14 – September 13, 2012 Solving Math and Science Problems usingProgramming Once a week hands-on class 1st Term – BASIC 256 2nd Term – Greenfoot Environment - Java 3rd Term – Greenfoot Environment - Java
  7. 7. Dates Lessons (Fundamentals in Programming)June 14 - 15(Week 1)Intro to Computer Programming:Programming and paradigmsJune 18 – 22(Week 2)The Machine and ProgrammingLanguageJune 25 – 29(Week 3)Programming LanguagesJuly 4 – 6(Week 4)Algorithm, Pseudocodes andFlowchartingJuly 9 – 13(Week 5)PseudocodesJuly 16 – 20(Week 6)FlowchartingJuly 23 – 27(Week 7)DataTypes andVariables
  8. 8. July 30-31 /Aug 1 – 3 (Week 8)BASIC Programming environmentAug 6 -10(Week 9)Data types,Variables andOperationsAug 13 – 17(Week 10)Conditional StatementsAug 20 – 24(Week 11)Looping CommandsAug 27 – 31(Week 12)Project DevelopmentSept 3 – 7(Week 13)Project DevelopmentSept 10 -14(Week 14)1st Skills/Term Assessment
  9. 9. GradingSystem Project - 50% Hands-on Activities - 30 Recitation - 10 Homework - 10Total - 100%
  10. 10. Guidelines andRules Be safety smart right from the start. PC assignment will be by class number, good forthe 1st term. Use edmodo for file sharing and otherinstructions for the class. account is required for projectsubmission Deadlines and schedule for project submissionand other requirements will be strictly followed. Follow the SOPs and Rules from the StudentHandbook.
  11. 11. Computer Laboratory Safety andOrderliness GuidelinesAn empowered computer education student makes safety andorderliness a top priority:1. Avoid eating, drinking and littering inside the room.2. Follow the right procedure in turning on or off thecomputer and its peripherals.3. Use only the designated computer terminal for you.4. Keep each terminal tidy by arranging the monitor,keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and chair before leaving.5. Respect the concentration of your fellow students.Unnecessary noise and horseplay in the room are alwayscounterproductive.
  12. 12. 6. Running other applications or programs whichare not part of the lesson is strictly prohibited.7. Refrain from making any changes in the defaultsettings of the computer.8. It is crucial to maintain the proper posture andpositioning when performing the tasks.9. Be mindful of possible sources or causes ofelectric shock and other electricity-relateproblems.10. Seek the help of your teacher or laboratory aidwhen in doubt concerning an instruction ortasks.
  13. 13.  Why do we need rules for the class and thecomputer laboratory? What can you contribute to maintain orderduring the Computer class?
  14. 14. Expectations Dont procrastinate. Meet the deadline. Stay organized. Use of clear book (recycled) forhand-outs and activity sheets. Be responsible and active. Recite and share. Respect. We make aTEAM. Be updated. Visit educational technology sites. Integrity. Intellectual honesty.
  15. 15. Let’s workon IT!“Success is the sum of small efforts,repeated day in and day out.”~ Robert CollierMr. Mon Ritche Y. BaceroTeacher
  16. 16. Closing PrayerLoving God, thank you for the joysthat summer brought to us.MayYou bless us, as we return to our studies, inspireus to take on a new interest in new classes and newtopics.Be with us as we discover old friendships and startnew ones. Amen.Miriam of Nazareth,Teach us your ways and lead us toJesus.
  17. 17. GanbatteKudasai!(Hope you do well!Please keep up thegood work!)