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Studio USB Media Platform


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USB Media Platform

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Studio USB Media Platform

  1. 1. USB MEDIA PLATFORM Understanding How It Works a presentation by
  2. 2. Q: What is USB Media Stick? A: USB Media Stick is a the same as any other USB drive except that is installed with the USB Media™ Platform. The value adding software allows you to update the preload files remotely.
  3. 3. Q: How does it work? A: The USB Media™ Platform is preloaded onto USB sticks before delivery to end users.
  4. 4. When an end user receives a USB Media stick and plugs it into their computer, the preloaded USB Media™ Platform will start automatically.
  5. 6. At this moment … … if the computer is connected to the internet, the USB Media™ Platform will access our remote server and find any new templates or data that is available and will download it.
  6. 7. The next time the USB stick is plugged into any computer, no matter if this computer is connected to the internet or not, the new template will pop-up automatically!
  7. 8. Q: Who controls the update? A: For each batch of USB Media sticks, there is one management account which STUDIO USB controls. This account is used for updating all of the USB sticks in each production batch. The management account allows us to change, edit and delete templates at your request.
  8. 9. Q: How long my account will valid? A: We provide a 1 year free update service for each order. There is no limit to the number of template updates. There is however a template creation fee of £250 max. based on supplied resources, though this will fluctuate dependent on the complexity of the design required. After the first free year subscription, a fee of £0.50 per unit per year is applied for each USB Media Stick
  9. 10. Q: What kind of multimedia files can be used in my USB Media templates? A: The user interface of the USB Media™ Platform is a 300px wide, 540px high integrated webpage. You can use most multimedia file formats which are supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer and other web browsers, such as Gif animation, Flash, WMV etc.
  10. 11. Q: What OS does USB Media support? A: USB Media™ Platform runs on Windows 98, XP, 2000, Vista and Windows 7. Unfortunately it currently doesn’t support any Mac OS system, though we will be providing a Mac OS version combined into the USB Media™ Platform package shortly.
  11. 12. Q: Is it safe? A: The remote updating is only for template related multimedia files and does not involve or allow any other information from your computer to be stored on you’re the USB stick or be uploaded to our servers. It’s absolutely safe for your system.
  12. 13. The USB Media™ Platform will let your promotional USB sticks be Activated & Updated Forever!
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