The review of asus 70 nx01 b1000z


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The review of asus 70 nx01 b1000z

  1. 1. Frontal view, overcast The N82JQs viewing angles prove to be very narrow. When the sightdeviates upwards or downwards (vertical), ghosting turns up at 20 degrees. We can deviate upto 45 degrees from the center towards the left and right (horizontal). The colors first invertevidently then. Asus X55Sv BatterySeveral people gathered in front of the N82JQ will have problems finding a good view on thedisplay content at the same time. This critique point haunts the majority of office and multimedianotebooks. Good displays are scarce commodities. Asus X55Sr BatteryAsus equips the N82JQ with a Core i7-720QM (4 x 1.6 GHz). It has a 256 KB Level 1 cache and a 6MB Level 3 cache per core. The TDP is a high 45 watts. The Arrandale 32nm CPU can calculate onfour physical cores with 1.60 GHz each. This low nominal rate can clock between 1.60 and 2.80GHz in operation (Intel Turbo Boost).Asus X55Sa BatteryWhilst applications always have the exact amount of performance that they need with TurboBoost, not all eight threads (4 + Hypert hreading) can compute with 2.80 GHz, but rather with 8 x1.2 GHz. When only two cores are used, the clock rate of these is 2 x 2.5 GHz, for example. Onlywhen one core takes over the entire calculation effort can its clock rate climb to the mentioned2.80 GHz. This is a rarely achieved case in practical use, though. Asus M51Vr BatteryThe Core i7-720QM is supported by a whole 4096 MB of RAM (PC3-10600). Asus M51Va BatteryThey are placed on two Hynix RAM modules. Unlike Core i3 and i5 processors, the i7-720QMsbundle doesnt incorporate Intel HD graphics. For this reason, Nvidias Optimus cant be used.An Nvidia GeForce GT 335M works as the only graphics core on the Intel HM55 chip set. Youllfind more about their performance in the section "Gaming Performance". Asus M51Sr BatteryConfigurationThe 720QM should be able to cope perfectly with single core and multi coreapplications, Asus M51Sn Battery viz. process calculations quickly, due to the maximum turborate of 2.8 GHz. The processing speed can be compared synthetically with the Cinebench R11.5CPU benchmark. The CPU score is 2.82 points here, which represents the typical rate of a 720QMsystem. Thus, the N82JQ stands out from an i5-460M (2.3 points) or an i5-520M (2.2 points)evidentlyAsus M51Se BatteryTurbo Boost has to prove itself in Cinebench R10 Single. Asus M51Kr Battery Here, only onethread (of eight) is demanded to full. We end up with 3622 points (average 720QM systems). Thepreviously inferior i5-520M systems range between 3500 and 3800 points and are thustendentiously a bit faster. The reason: The 520M has a turbo rate of 2933 GHz. Although thei5-460M used in budget consumer laptops has an identical 2.8 GHz turbo rate, the score of 3850points (average taken from three test devices), is superior by 6%.Asus M51E Battery5.9Windows 7 Experience IndexProcessorCalculations per second7Memory (RAM)Memoryoperations per second5.9GraphicsDesktop performance for Windows Aero6.5Gaming graphics3Dbusiness and gaming graphics6.5Primary hard diskDisk data transfer rate5.9 CB10 RenderingSingle 32Bit 2933 pointsAsus M50Sv Battery
  2. 2. So, multi core calculations are an outstanding strength of the 720QM. Will this lead to a verygood system performance, which we determine with PCMark Vantage? In this test, the CPU,graphics, RAM and hard disk collaborate, whereby CPU and hard disk have the most impact.AsusM50Sr BatteryPCMark Vantage finishes with 5266 points. This result indicates a strong system. However, therating is lower than in other systems with an i7-720QM. Thus, the Asus G73JH (ATI MobilityRadeon HD 5870) achieves 6199 points. The reason for this was the fast rotating 7200 rpm harddisk and the strong graphics.Asus M50Sa BatteryThe i7-720QM provides a very good performance. Nevertheless, our data base shows that even a13.3 incher, like the Acer Aspire 3820TG, can be stronger. The little subnotebook can accomplish6001 PCMark Vantage points with its i5-460M, an HD 5650 and a 5400 rpm HDD (75 MB/ssequential read). Its the speedy hard disk that supplies the decisive boost.Asus M50Q BatteryThe 500 GB hard disk from Seagate (ST9500325AS) has a share in the average PCMark Vantagerating (in relation to 720QM systems). Asus M50V BatteryThe HDD score is 3251 points (averagefor 5200 rpm disks). The data throughput in read, determined with HD Tune, is 62.8 MB/s. Firstfast rotating 7200 rpm HDDs achieve higher throughputs (about 75 MB/s), which can result in, forexample, a HDD score of 4077 points (HP G62-130EG) (see CDM chart).Asus M50 BatteryAn Nvidia GeForce GT 335M with a 1024 MB DDR3 memory is installed as the GPU. GPU-Zindicates GDDR3, but graphic card manufacturers typically use the cheaper DDR3. The GPU corehas a clock rate of 450 MHz, the memory 790 MHz. It is a DirectX 10.1, shader 4.1 and PhysXsupporting GPU that represents a leaner GTS 250M (GT215 core, fewer cores (72) and no GDDR5support).Asus V50V BatteryThe name implies a fast midrange graphics of the previous Nvidia generation. In fact, the GT335M has been known to be an equal of the ATI HD 5650. However, only few manufacturers haveopted for using it in their notebooks. We had it in review in the Alienware M11x subnotebook.Asus still installs the GPU in NX90JQ, K42JV-X1 and N73JN.Asus G50 Battery3DMark2006 finishes with 6938 points. That is more than a GT 330M (e.g. Samsung R580 Hawkwith a Core i5-520M) can stem: 6412 3DMarks. 3DMark2006 is an indication, but will it show usthe i7-720QM and GT 335M combinations real gaming power? Weve executed two gamingtests.Asus X57 BatteryThe real-time strategy game is famous for its requirement of a good multi core processor. TheGPU support however shouldnt be too weak, either. The combination at hand appears to be justright for playing smoothly with 30.6 fps in high details (1360x768). A strong HD 5650 system(Aspire 3820TG, i5-460M) reaches 29 fps. ASUS N43 BatteryThe N82JQ only supplies an unplayable 16 fps in maximum details and Full HD (external TFT). The
  3. 3. Aspire 3820TG equipped with an i5-460M (13.3 inch, HD 5650) achieves 17 fps. The comparisonwith the 3820TG proves that its not absolutely necessary to have a quad core processor forperfect game play.ASUS N43J BatteryThe football game has only recently found its way into the gaming benchmarks. ASUS N43JFBattery Its suitable for weak graphic solutions, the like of HD 5470, due to its low hardwarerequirements. The installed GT 335M thus supplies a perfectly smooth 98 fps even in high details(1360x768). This even has enough elbowroom for an externally connected Full HD TFT. An ATI HD5650 is 27% slower than the present N82JQ in average of all test systems. The TravelMate7740G-434G50Mnss (i5-430M) for example achieves 80 fps.ASUS N43JF-A1 BatteryThe Nvidia GT 335M achieves exactly that in the games, what we miss time and again in themainstream model, GT 330M: The popular ATI HD 5650s performance level is met. Even the oneor other additional frame in some games could be extracted due to the quad core processorsinfluence (Fifa 2011). However, StarCraft 2 proves that an Intel quad core CPU isnt absolutelynecessary for perfect game play.ASUS N43JF-VX019V BatteryErgonomics arent one of the N82JQs special strengths. But not its major weakness, either. Thefans noise is always existent, no matter if in idle or under load. The fan never turns itself off. Itwhirs constantly and its level never sinks below 33.2 dB(A). Therefore it drowns out the harddisks quiet clacking without ado.ASUS N43JF-VX033V BatteryBased on an already idle level,ASUS N43JF-VX034V Battery sporadic processing tasks (internetsurfing, moving small documents, opening Excel) cause the fan speed to increase to about 35dB(A). When the processor has to calculate with all eight threads (multi core, Prime95), the fanrises to a very audible 40.7 dB(A). If a FurMark is added at the same time (100% GPU capacity)the N82JQ extracts everything out of the revolutions: 48.4 dB(A). This varying volume that isreached reminds us of gaming laptops. The highest speed isnt constant. Its only kept upright for30 seconds, fluctuating as of 42.4 dB(A).ASUS N43JF-VX039V BatteryThe measurement under high load (stress test) determined up to 44 degrees on the top. Thisprovides warm fingers on the keyboards left half. The center bottom reached 40.5 degrees. Thebottom reaches an average temperature of 32 degrees during a scenario of word processing andweb surfing. The wrist-rest stays in an acceptable range of about 27 to 33 degrees.ASUSN43JF-VX051V BatteryThe CPU temperature increased to a maximum of 90 degrees during the stress test. The GPUsettled to 82 degrees. Due to Prime95s activity, all eight threads ran with 1.63 GHz (hardly anyfluctuations).ASUS N43JF-VX062V BatteryThe stereo speakers are located underneath the wrist-rest. ASUS N43JF-VX064V Battery Theyemit their sound towards the table top and hands on the laptop impair the sound. Hi-fi fans willfind the sound to be an insult for the ears and grab headphones strickenly. The manufacturerheralds "Splendid Super Sonic Multimedia Enjoyment" on its website. Super Sonic stands for
  4. 4. acoustic high-performance by Asus. SonicMaster models, such as Asus N71JV, N53JF (Nvidia415M) or N73JG (Nvidia 425M), have proven to have a very good sound. But, the N82JQ in frontof us definitely doesnt belong to them.ASUS N43JF-VX071 BatteryThe sound is adequate for office, but not more. ASUS N43JM Battery The speakers extremelyemphasizes the trebles and only captures a part of the midranges. Low pitches are completelyneglected. Thus, the sound is very thin and not recommendable for listening to music. Themaximum volume is adequate, but not particularly strong. Demanding users will connect anexternal solution in any event. We test the 3.5mm audio jack with two Yamaha speakers(YST-M20SDP). The volume tethered to the notebook doesnt emit an audible static noise (audiotest only, no measurement).ASUS N43JM-051A460M BatteryHow much battery life is appropriate for a quad core 14 incher? Dells Studio 1557 (164 minutes,56 Wh, 15.6 inch) and Toshibas Qosmio X500-121 (168 minutes, 87 Wh, 18.4 inch) prove thatthree hours are Utopian with a 45 watt CPU (TDP).ASUS N43JM-8GB BatteryHowever, that our N82JQ only manages two hours with its 63 Wh battery (4400 mAh) is upsetting(WLAN test, 125 minutes).More information about laptop battery and technique news, pls visit: