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The Quickening at Futurestack 2018


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Presentation at New Relic's FutureStack 2018 examining trends and new disciplines in modern software development, driven by the need to increase code and feature velocity while improving code quality.

Published in: Technology
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The Quickening at Futurestack 2018

  1. 1. The Quickening: FutureStack 2018 James Governor @monkchips co-founder.
  2. 2. new kingmakers
  3. 3. OSS, cloud, social coding
  4. 4. the software paradox
  5. 5. ci|cd
  6. 6. docker
  7. 7. K8s
  8. 8. service mesh
  9. 9. progressive delivery
  10. 10. gitops
  11. 11. o11y
  12. 12. automation as code
  13. 13. developer experience
  14. 14. Create path finding teams Make open source contributions Container Native is where the puck is going GitOps Observability Make Operations and Responsibility pervasive Refactor for services Break down large teams into small teams, loosely joined Reshoring is a thing. Close to the Business. Close to the User Rebuild engineering culture and competence Rethink procurement Invest in people and training (but not everyone will make it)