Open Sourcing The Analyst Business Apachecon 2009


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Keynote for ApacheCon Europe 2009 in Amsterdam. A humourous look at how the industry analyst business is subject to some of the same pressures as proprietary software. Examining the impact of open source, web collaboration, coordination and peer production mechanisms on the sector, and how RedMonk has tried to ride this wave.

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Open Sourcing The Analyst Business Apachecon 2009

  1. Agenda •Open Business •What Industry Analysts Do •Traditional Analyst Business •Then the Web Came along •Open Source Analysis •We like you because we’re like you •Creative Commons and OSI •How We Got Here •No Salesforce •The Shoulders of Giants 1
  2. Open Business Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Sir Winston Churchill, November 1942 2
  3. What industry analysts do 3
  4. Traditional Analyst Business 4
  5. Or worse? 5
  6. Buy-side Or sell-side?
  7. Then The Web Came Along 7
  8. The make side 8
  9. Just kidding 9
  10. The Web came along… so did we 2008's Top Leaders in Open Source Business By Mark Hinkle, LinuxWorl, 01/19/08 10
  11. More props “I am the sworn enemy of most analysts, who do little more than tell you one of two things: 1) what happened 5 years ago, but you weren’t paying attention, or 2) exactly what won’t happen in the future. If you were to do the exact opposite of their recommendations, you’d be better off. Not so with RedMonk.” Chris Petrilli “I see Redmonk as opening a new sector, perhaps something like an open knowledge/intelligence transfer sector or community. They are a part of an evolving ecosystem that is responsible for intelligence and knowledge transfer on a mass scale to all companies and individuals.” Duane Nickull @dehora: @monkchips: oss, open source analysis, compliance, rest, acquire AMZN, green, cloud. Always ahead “While many of the larger analyst firms in the industry have a reputation for staying at the 50,000 foot level, RedMonk dives down to a much deeper level.” Zack Urlocker 11
  12. A fashionable view 12
  13. The RedMonk model 13
  14. Spot The Diff RedMonk Traditional Analyst Accessibility Twitter, phone, blogs, Account managers: mobile phones permission based. Content Accessibility Open Access Subscriber Only Coverage One stop shop Silos Media Audio, Video, Blogs Reports PageRank High Low Research RedMonk + Community Analyst + colleagues Speed Near Real Time Monthly White papers Not so much High margin business 14
  15. We’re more comfortable here 15
  16. 16
  17. Pro 17
  18. 18
  19. 19
  20. Oh noes 20
  21. Our Hero 21
  22. We Try 22
  23. Open Peer Production Natural hierarchies Named sources Many eyes Internet scale Corrections in public Shoulders of giants 23
  24. Giants
  25. How Do I Become An Analyst? 25
  26. 26
  27. Thank You Contact: JamesGovernor +44 (0) 791 944 8345 27
  28. Credit Cathedral ● Climbing: ● Quality: ● Craftsman ● Car Crash ● Tube: ● Racket ● Garden: ● 28