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An introduction to progressive delivery

Talk about Progressive Delivery to Aginext, a community conference for agile practitioners and coaches. Progressive Delivery is a take on CI/CD with a particular focus on Experimentation, with blue/green deployments, canarying, and feature flags

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An introduction to progressive delivery

  1. 1. An introduction to Progressive Delivery James Governor, RedMonk co-founder
  2. 2. “What if it were possible to ship software on a Friday?” Casey West, Google Cloud Platform
  3. 3. CI/CD
  4. 4. Agile
  5. 5. developer experience
  6. 6. content marketing
  7. 7. conversion rates
  8. 8. Progressive Delivery is the next step after continuous delivery, where new versions are deployed to a subset of users and are evaluated in terms of correctness and performance before rolling them to the totality of users – Carlos Sanchez
  9. 9. fine-grained control over the blast radius
  10. 10. growth hacking software delivery
  11. 11. Progressive Delivery
  12. 12. A culture of Experimentati on
  13. 13. deploy!=releas e
  14. 14. Release Progression – progressively increasing the number of users that are able to see (and are impacted by) new features. Delegation – progressively delegating the control of the feature to the owner that is most closely responsible for the outcome. definitions by Adam Zimman (Launch Darkly).
  15. 15. Pete Hodgson @ph1 at
  16. 16. Configuratio n as Code
  17. 17. Observabilit y
  18. 18. UX
  19. 19. Automate Everything
  20. 20. Instrument Everything
  21. 21. Measure Everything
  22. 22. Subbu Allamaraju, Expedia:
  23. 23. Subbu Allamaraju’s Blog
  24. 24. product manageme nt
  25. 25. As ever, it’s a culture problem Bringing growth hacking ideas to software delivery Feature flags are the bridge Feedback loops – observability Observability and User experience Bringing together metrics • software delivery • UX • infrastructure Feature Experimentation with managed risk Testing in Production, to segmented user populations