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upcycle hs

  1. 1. Perhaps ..is a jumpstart to that vision.
  2. 2. http://redefineschool.com/eye-opening/
  3. 3. http://redefineschool.com/632-2/the-dandelion-effect/
  4. 4. Perhaps
  5. 5. wakes us up. keeps us awake/alive.
  6. 6. ..is a jumpstart to that vision.
  7. 7. http://redefineschool.com/632-2/connect-people/
  8. 8. Too often mark becomes a sign of sameness. We seek a mark/diploma/grade. We hope to earn value by being marked/stamped/approve d/checked-off. We think/hope that makes us distinguishable, but perhaps, it’s perpetuating an asleep sameness. Become fit to be sold/marketed? Is that what we really want/need/crave..?
  9. 9. http://redefineschool.com/policy-glossary/ Perhaps what our souls desire.. is simply being useful/beautiful/honest. No show, no fluff. Just doing what we can’t not do, our art/part/fittingness.
  10. 10. http://redefineschool.com/starfish-ness/ How to give everyone a go…
  11. 11. ..has shown us what happens when you provide access/resources to children, trust them, and pretty much leave them alone.. ..has shown us what happens when you allow communities to tap into basic infrastructure , trust them, and pretty much leave them alone.. http://redefineschool.com/iwan-baan/ http://redefineschool.com/sugata-mitra-ted-wish-2013/ Imagine 7 billion people awake in
  12. 12. http://redefineschool.com/632-2/art-ists-and-bot-ists/
  13. 13. Perhaps we’re getting in the way, making this all too difficult/clouded. What if the solution is to stop spinning. What if the solution is to give trust a chance. No more prep, training, management. No more meetings, organizing, elevator pitching. Lobbying, begging, campaigning. What if we trust the findings of many, that mirror Sugata’s and Iwan’s, and we give trust a go. What if we let go of being in charge of people, and simply be about setting them free. http://redefineschool.com/632-2/culture-of-trust/ People are stressed, not themselves, poor, dying, disengaged, disenchanted, .. asleep.
  14. 14. imagine
  15. 15. ear eye hand arm foot . . . you ear to be an ear eye to be an eye hand to be a hand arm to be an arm foot to be a foot . . . you to be you
  16. 16. What if we try a different experiment.. a city/people set free.. http://redefineschool.com/632-2/in-the-city/ 1/ a city-wide experiment, to provide an ecosystem of eclectic people/resources;
  17. 17. an as-the-day experiment, rather than adding something to the day (after hours/school/work). *well. 100% minus 33 min. so 97.7% your day. http://redefineschool.com/632-2/as-the-day/ 2/
  18. 18. Suppose we jumpstart/sustain ..
  19. 19. http://redefineschool.com/upcycling-education-resources/ by first/simultaneously/at-least..
  20. 20. Most districts average 500 policies they must comply with to garner public ed funding. The most well-known/referenced policies being: seat time & test scores. What if we prototype a city/district getting funding via just 2 policies. Ones that address two fundamental human needs – attachment & authenticity:
  21. 21. community buy-in to have these daily conversations: if everyone is having these 2 convos every day, 30+3 min, the rest of day is theirs. plus they get suggested connections everyday from the 3 min data. plus they get free access to and input for resources throughout the city. government/powers-that-be buy-in for ongoing funding: if having these 2 daily convos works, (enlivens the city: less crime/poverty/health issues/etc), the city/district gets funded per census, rather than seat time & test scores,
  22. 22. http://redefineschool.com/632-2/public/
  23. 23. http://redefineschool.com/no-agenda/ setting people
  24. 24. for more on intent/meaning behind words/phrases.. they can be searched at