the curious boy


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the curious boy

  1. 1. awaken indispensable people
  2. 2. made by a lot of people. for you. shareaway © 2013 read. share. love. be curious.
  3. 3. a storyreading of the story by
  4. 4. Once upon a time there was a boy. story/1
  5. 5. story/2
  6. 6. The boy was very curious. story/3
  7. 7. story/4
  8. 8. The boy’s curiosity took him everywhere. story/5
  9. 9. The boy was happy. story/6
  10. 10. story/7
  11. 11. Then people decided to teach the boy how to be happier. story/8
  12. 12. The boy obliged. story/9
  13. 13. And obliged. story/10
  14. 14. And obliged. story/11
  15. 15. Parts of the boy started to die. story/12
  16. 16. story/13
  17. 17. The world was very noisy, and very busy, and very stressed. story/14
  18. 18. The world couldn’t see that the boy was dying. story/15
  19. 19. One day, a man heard the boy crying and asked what was wrong. story/18
  20. 20. The boy told the man that he had lost himself, somewhere. story/19
  21. 21. story/20
  22. 22. The man leaned in. story/21
  23. 23. He hugged the boy. story/22
  24. 24. story/23
  25. 25. Once connected by their embrace, the man noticed the boy. story/24
  26. 26. This made the man weep. story/25
  27. 27. He longed to be the boy, himself, again. story/26
  28. 28. He wondered if he could. story/27
  29. 29. And the wondering, woke him up. story/28
  30. 30. He began being. story/29
  31. 31. story/30
  32. 32. He became himself. story/31
  33. 33. The man was very curious. story/32
  34. 34. The man’s curiosity took him everywhere. story/33
  35. 35. And the man was happy. story/34
  36. 36. story/35
  37. 37. C. Aldrich
  38. 38. be the curious you.
  39. 39. They are casting their shadows, our clouds of pain.We are all drowning in each others’ rain.We all wear masks, casted from the same mold.Our imaginations are growing old.We are dying dying dying to be free, we are dying dying with every breath we breathe.Our passions disappear, as our troubles grow near.Our paths are being laid for us by suspicion and fear.Battling an enemy that feeds on regret.When ropes of doubt and apathy tangle you in their net.We are dying dying dying to be free, we are dying dying with every breath we breathe.It is time to rise up…to take control…to band together…with freedom as our goal.The clouds are retreating…out comes the sun…drying our rains…the storm is done.We are fighting fighting fighting to be free, we are fighting fighting for our need tobreathe. song by