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here's the deal

  1. 1. 632 story board
  2. 2. a people experiment
  3. 3. ibp
  4. 4. it will seem like others are lazy and/or not doing anything. if/when you feel that way.. read: your story watch: the danger of just one story you might wonder about your own productivity you might worry you’ll lose out in the end if you don’t have something to show you might start trying to please/impress people.. if/when you do.. remind yourself: there’s never nothing going on. ongoing (self/local/global) sustainability depends on true grit. you being you, finding the thing you can’t not do/be. every day. that’s it. that’s your job. otherwise – you will sabotage others and yourself. any outside accolade/reward/fear will compromise your energy.
  5. 5. as the day. we hope to prototype 2013-2014 100% of humanity
  6. 6. the learning/vision thinking:. scale the individual rather than waiting for innovations to scale, for ants to reach their pile, perhaps we use tech to tap into 7 billion individuals. we think a curiosity app will ground the inevitable chaos of this. in the city an ecosystem of eclectic people/resources. as the day everyone gets 24/7. [well – 23.45/7] no. they really get it. no agendas. no raised eyebrows. perhaps something no one has yet tried. imagine if it works. One huge finding over the years this story/narrative/experiment is not ridiculous. It’s even doable. And perhaps, it’s the most incredible business deal (makes Bucky’s vision happen), not to mention the most humane revolution, anyone could imagine. We do now know too much, to not give it a go. Nothing new or particularly clever. It came from being quiet enough to hear it. People longing to …be set free.
  7. 7. let’s dive into this with the intent of this and the vision of this We wonder why no one has experimented With the synchronicity Perhaps a city changed will be enough for us to unleash our current pluralistic ignorance. 1) in the city (an ecosystem of eclectic people/resources) 2) as the day (not tacked onto the day, or after hours/school) betting on the sync. 1) free people 2) spaces/resources 3) tech to level access & hasten time between finding your art & finding your people Perhaps it will wake us up enough to see/believe – oh.. I/we can do/be that
  8. 8. for more on intent/meaning behind words/phrases.. they can be searched at pages with tab suggest word/phrases to be searched specific to that page