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curiosity pitch

  1. 1. (cure) (city)
  2. 2. new life started in 10th grade at a desk in my scienceclass in my public school on the Upper West Side of NYC.I remember the exact moment ….the Ritalin kicked in.Peter Moskowitzdefine normal.
  3. 3. I don’t feel resentment over the years I was on speedbecause I know I’m in good company. I’m a statistic inAmerica’s drug problem.1 in 5 high school boys are diagnosed with ADHD57 million anti-psychotic prescriptions filled (2011)400 percent spike in antidepressant use (1990-now)1 in 5 American women currently on an antidepressant
  4. 4. redefine success.Jerry Michalski
  5. 5. results have been both uplifting and unexpected. …..faculty members have noted thatstudents appear to be more collegial, supportive of one another, open to new ideas andperspectives and engaged in community activitieseven med school.
  6. 6. embrace chaos. alive people.differentiation. to infinity. perpetual beta.
  7. 7. breathtaking. by design.
  8. 8. ..doing/being the thing they can’t not do/be
  9. 9. How are the people around you doing?
  10. 10. 700 milliononeHow are the people around you doing?..doing/being the thing they can’t not do/be.remarkabletech connectseveryday
  11. 11. 700 milliononeHow are the people around you doing?..doing/being the thing they can’t not do/be.remarkabletech connectseveryday
  12. 12. How to facilitate/crowdsource curiosities?Perhaps by hastening the time betweenfinding what matters to you & finding your people.closest to now possiblehow to shrink/hasten/accelerate this time period. everyday.
  13. 13. like..chinachina8 yr old70 yr old
  14. 14. Oh. Youmeant aplate..Oh. Youmeant acountry..No big deal. Another match up happening tomorrow. Think Groundhogs Day or 50 first dates.
  15. 15. guitar ampGEDvolumeamp15 yr old52yr old
  16. 16. Whoa.That’s howit works?Could youhave yourband test itout?Cool jets. A connection is made in real life. App records it as a trail/node.
  17. 17. An app that would encourage/create/support:1. People talking to themselvesdaily, asking themselves if theyare doing what matters.1. People connecting to people intheir city/community, a strategicserendipity.1. People’s mesh network, theirfootprint or trail.
  18. 18. Julia, age 12, uses a donated/recycled laptop and the donated wifi from the wifi bank, tovoice record the following before she goes to bed:I noticed a lot of my friends’ parents have cancer. They keep talking about earlydetection. I asked my mom and she said if you find out early on, the cancer can usuallybe cured, but that not enough people find out early. I also watched a video of a 17-year-old that wrote a recipe to cure cancer and is now working at Stanford. I’mdreaming about finding ways to improve early detection. I want to connect to peoplewho are experts at this and see what I can learn from them.
  19. 19. Vicki, age 25, uses her iphone and texts while waiting at the doctor’s office:I just found out my mom has cancer. They told her they didn’t find it soon enough andthat it’s spreading too fast. I’ve got to research myself, find out some other answers forher.
  20. 20. Tom, age 7, uses his mom’s ipad and his family’s wifi access, to record the following:My mom has been doing this healing stuff my whole life. I’ve never believed in itbefore. But she started doing it with me, because I have/had asthma, and now Idon’t have it anymore. I’m really interested in seeing if it can help people withcancer.
  21. 21. The app connects them.A mesh network created for each of these could have one small node representing theirintense curiosity and that’s it. Or, it could be the start of an offshoot node, as they advanceinto the study of health and medicine. Either way, this cancer node could be detected by theapp in a couple weeks by someone else talking to themselves about the same things and thenthey all receive notification of another potential connection.
  22. 22. 5 mill – ish: for tech,while none of the ideas are new, combining them might be, being able to payexperts [to write code, for an app to hasten the time between finding what matters& finding your people…] and purchase resources [wifi, devices,..] will accelerate theability to make this equitable on a global scale.[find more at – search: betting on the sync]part of – betting on the sync
  23. 23. It is a fact today that 1 in 10,000 of us can make atechnological breakthrough capable of supportingall the rest. The youth of today are absolutely rightin recognizing this nonsense of earning a living.We keep inventing jobs because of this false ideathat everybody has to be employed at some kindof drudgery because, according to Malthusian-Darwinian theory, he must justify his right toexist.– Bucky Fuller
  24. 24. So we have inspectors of inspectors and peoplemaking instruments for inspectors to inspectinspectors.The true business of people should be to go back toschool and think about whatever it was they werethinking about before somebody came along andtold them they had to earn a living.– Bucky Fuller
  25. 25. – if it works.
  26. 26. German weekly Der Spiegel quotedin its cover story on 2 February 2012…the US American psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg, ..the scientific father of ADHDsaid at the age of 87, seven months before hisdeath in his last interview 2009…ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.