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a qr film

  1. 1. Two needs and a cure, facilitated by a mechanism, to set/keep all of us f r e e. short:
  2. 2. Two needs and a cure, facilitated by a mechanism, to set/keep all of us f r e e. short:
  3. 3. long:
  4. 4. perhaps when we cut to the heart/root of what it means to be human and alive, we find what ails us.
  5. 5. because of our lacking ..what we seem to keep missing.
  6. 6. : we need to be ourselves. the world needs us to be ourselves. imagine a world where 7 billion people felt free enough to do just that. fittingness.. actions matching gifts, matching who we (already) are
  7. 7. : our essence wants to be known by someone, invited to exist. unfortunately, many of us lack/miss/never-get that deep attachment/connection.
  8. 8. and so, we spend our days seeking a substitute. we sell out. we give up who we really are, in order to fit/get in we buy in. in order to belong. in order to be noticed. we let our longing for attachment trump our authenticity.
  9. 9. ? we end up living a life not true to ourselves.. most people are other people, their thoughts are other people’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quote.. - Oscar Wilde
  10. 10. : perhaps there exists a common cure, a natural cure… …one already written on each heart.
  11. 11. : perhaps we can experience an ongoing change/revival one that would last one that’s available to each person right now.
  12. 12. : perhaps curiosity can wake us all back up...
  13. 13. : …give us a(nother) go.
  14. 14. knowing our deep rooted needs can depress us if we don’t also have a means/mechanism to a cure.
  15. 15. a mechanism simple enough that anyone (the 1% and the 99%) can use/access/do it. anytime. from anywhere. so simple it requires no pre requisite, no training. so natural it needs no ongoing artificial energy /incentive to maintain, to keep it going. the desire/roadmap/direction – already within each person
  16. 16. perhaps we let a mechanism emerge, ongoingly. one that listens to, iterates on, and keeps tapping into our 2 needs. one that facilitates curiosity. no agenda other than that. :
  17. 17. [ ] imagine tech grounding the chaos of 7 billion curious people.
  18. 18. [ ] giving us all back – the hours of our day. each day. to follow our whimsy. not as an add-on to the day. but - as the day.
  19. 19. based on conversations that matter
  20. 20. tech non-judgmentally listening to us for 3 min each day. self-talk as data used to connect us to others and to ourselves. shortening the time between intention and action. every day. one conversation – in an anechoic chamber, keeping us true to ourselves
  21. 21. us non-judgmentally listening to each other (even if it’s silence) for 30 min each day. no agenda – but to be known by someone. another conversation – an opportunity to be known by someone
  22. 22. getting us in tune/sync with our interconnectedness
  23. 23. tag/label tagged/ labeled/ connected via curiosity. a story about people grokking what matters..
  24. 24. the individual and the community and the world/public (7 billion plus) (100 million plus) (one) we live in a time that can highly facilitate and ness...
  25. 25. self-organizing in spaces of permission with nothing to prove
  26. 26. if the secret to 100% access/aliveness/freedom is to let each heart lead/own/listen... what we really need to be doing is ..freeing up time
  27. 27. & …and space for people to .. hear see access use be become.
  28. 28. &
  29. 29. a dance that begs/depends-on e v e r y o n e being themselves as we be/become us
  30. 30. curiosity cures/ curates mechanism simple enough for all of us : (placebo/tool) mechanism to jumpstart networked individualism : grit as sustainability; synchronicity as dance; city as ecosystem time and space to give it a try none of us are free if one of us is chained
  31. 31. Two needs and a cure, facilitated by a mechanism, to set/keep all of us f r e e. short:
  32. 32. credentials?: bio?: redefineschool.com/story-board/ redefineschool.com/quiet-enough/