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2 convos


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2 conversations

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2 convos

  1. 1. let’s.
  2. 2. so.. to get at what it means to be human and alive..
  3. 3. every day.
  4. 4. one with yourself. one with others.
  5. 5. grok what matters
  6. 6. perhaps.. self-talk via idio-jargon as data that matters self-talk as data
  7. 7. and perhaps we use 2 convos to reshape/do-over/revolutionize everyday life for all of us
  8. 8. zoom out graphic
  9. 9. app/chip update ideas – perhaps everyone does the 3 min by 9am. then there are a couple set assembly spaces (ie: library, school buildings, theatre/hall, park, ..) – where the app directed/suggested match-ups happen at 10am (rather than a text – perhaps gps ness directs matches to each other). the 30 min home base would be some/any fixed group of 7ish (flexible as/if tribe found/desired) zoom in (2 convos) graphic
  10. 10. conversational thinkers .. perpetually in beta. alive. awake. We’re becoming more conversational thinkers—a shift that has been rocky, not least because everyday public thought uncorks the incivility and prejudices that are commonly repressed in face-to-face life. But at its best (which, I’d argue, is surprisingly often), it’s a thrilling development, reigniting ancient traditions of dialogue and debate. – Clive Thompson
  11. 11. in Zeynep Tufekci‘s twitter and tear gas (4059): on turkey closing internet – forcing private networks.. (giving up surveillance but curtailing wider convo).. it appears that an unfettered convo is considered to be a bigger risk than lack of surveillance capacity
  12. 12. from Sherry Turkle‘s reclaiming conversation (p 107): much of the work is done (in convo) as children learn they are in a place they can come back to, tomorrow and tomorrow. when digital media encourage us to edit ourselves until we have said the ‘right thing’ we can lose sight of the important thing: relationships deepen not because we necessarily say anything in particular but because we are invested enough to show up for another conversation. (p 173): if you’re talking you can mess up.. and it turns into something really funny. that’s how people bond.. it’s not like everything is made to be perfect. – ginger getting a go.. every day.. anew.. and always. groundhog day ness
  13. 13. (p 44): conversation implies something kinetic. it is derive from words that mean ‘to tend to each other, to lean toward each other’ words about the activity of relationship communication ness.. never-being-finished ness on the cycle/intertwining of the 2 convos (a&a).. (p 46): solitude does not necessarily mean being alone it is a state of conscious retreat, a gathering of the self. the capacity for solitude makes relationships with others more authentic.. because you know who you are, you can see others for who they are, not for who you need them to be.. we don’t know who we are when we are alone, we turn to other people to support our sense of self. this makes it impossible to fully experience others as who they are. how do i be.. for you to be free - Orland Bishop from Sherry Turkle‘s reclaiming conversation
  14. 14. [graphic links to 3 min video… envisioning how it might play out in a city.] the we..the it
  15. 15. story graphic
  16. 16. let’s.. talk/listen/communicate/connect/community.. parts/whole graphic
  17. 17. equity
  18. 18. short: deep/simple/open
  19. 19. a nother way book
  20. 20. a means/mech for listening to all the words to no words . . . to get to eudaimoniative us