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Monitis Internal Monitoring


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Internal monitoring checks websites, servers and network services that are inside organization’s firewall.

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Monitis Internal Monitoring

  1. 1. The ROAD to Successful On-line Business Internal Availability Monitoring IT Systems & Networks
  2. 2. I need 99.9% uptime and availability of my Internal Systems and Networks! Processes Drive Internal Memory Applications
  3. 3. Using INTERNAL MONITORING service we’ll demonstrate how to Align IT with the business goals.
  4. 4. Internal Problems Effect External USER EXPERIENCE • High memory consumption of IT resources slows down page load speed • Server CPU usage by processes effects website performance • Internal system deficiencies result in poor user experience CPU Usage Free memory Memory Virtual Memory Used memory
  5. 5. USE Internal Systems Monitoring to accomplish FLOWLESS IT operations Server & Network Monitoring memory processes drives
  6. 6. Compare External & Internal Monitoring Results for deeper DIAGNOSTICS & EFFECTIVE IT Management • Monitor server processes to understand cause of the external monitoring problems • Discover shortages and bottlenecks • Proactively prevent issues before they cause serious outages • Measurements provide numbers for timely management decisions
  7. 7. Uninterrupted B2B connectivity for IMPROVED Customer SATISFACTION • Monitor client site applications via VPN and within client network • Proactively correct problems before customer complaints • Provide efficient maintenance and support to web applications Agent connection Client Agent
  8. 8. SET Performance Thresholds for timely ALERTS • CPU memory approached the ceiling • Server processes are slow Email RSS Feeds SMS IM
  9. 9. Multi-platform, CONVENIENT, Low Resource Application • Supports Windows, Linux and Sun • Small footprint, UI-less • Up and running in 5 minutes • Monitoring Results available real time through web interface
  10. 10. MANAGE Internal & External Monitoring Through SINGLE WEB INTERFACE
  11. 11. IT Operations Management through Internal Monitoring 24x7 monitoring of Setup is EASY: Systems & Networks installation takes 5 provides HIGH Uptime and OPTIMIZES IT Management minutes Costs MONITORING starts immediately No need for software maintenance
  12. 12.