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Monitis External Monitoring


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External website monitoring service watches over your website and examines fully your customer experience with your website. It checks whether your site is available to your visitors and whether it performs properly.

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Monitis External Monitoring

  1. 1. The ROAD to Successful On-line Business Website External Monitoring
  2. 2. I don’t understand why MY SALES ARE going down! SALES SALES
  3. 3. Average cost per DOWNTIME minute is $10,000 for E- Commerce site SALES • CUSTOMER frustrations • Reputation damage • Lost trust
  4. 4. Using External Monitoring service we will demonstrate how to increase ONLINE SALES
  5. 5. MEASURE your WEB CUSTOMER experience at a REAL TIME Performance Availability Content Functionality
  6. 6. Discovers an actual cause of the problem before your CUSTOMERS complain COMPREHENSIVE monitoring of your website to avoid serious outages
  7. 7. Guarantee Seamless Communications for your CUSTOMERS Emails Website Live Support
  8. 8. Provide Seamless CUSTOMER Service Functionality Functional forms Important Content
  9. 9. Assess your CUSTOMER Experience 24x7 PC Access Mobile Access
  10. 10. Receive Alerts from “EXTERNAL MONITOR” not CUSTOMERS Email RSS Feeds SMS IM
  11. 11. Follow the Trends to Take Corrective Actions Average uptime per URL Weekly Reports in html pdf formats Tagging your Tests Number of OKs Number of NOKs Monthly Reports Tag Report Negative trend reveals problem
  12. 12. Acquire birds-eye view of your website like your CUSTOMER sees it Availability Performance Content Functionality
  13. 13. Urge for Exceptional CUSTOMER Satisfaction and Increase Sales SALES Setup is EASY: no installations MONITORING starts immediately No need for software maintenance Now I know what my CUSTOMERS Experience with my site and MY SALES are UP!!!
  14. 14.