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Nanotechnology in photonics


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How can we use nano technology in photonic communication

Transfer data at speed of light

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Nanotechnology in photonics

  1. 1. Nanotechnology in Photonics -Routing Information at the speed of light MONISH
  2. 2. Why photonics????
  3. 3. •Transmit information at the speed of light through photonics communication •To sort out the monstrous network of waves and cables
  4. 4. Basic networking system
  5. 5. Creating Nano size IDs(Encoding) •Photons are waves(Plank’s theory) •Only 1500nm wavelength is allowed in optical communication
  6. 6. Some insight… •Photonic band gap
  7. 7. Nano lasers(Amplification) • Using photonic band gap as optical cavity, high gain coherent beam is generated
  8. 8. Optical switching(Router) • Ring-router
  9. 9. Switching mechanism • There are two beams we have to keep track of- The signal beam (the one that either gets blocked or passed through the router). A switch beam (The one that turns the ring router on and off).
  10. 10. Mirrors (versatile routers) • When we change the direction that mirror faces, we change the direction that the information flows. • The following figure shows a fairly tiny mechanical solution: 256 mirrors on a few square cm of Silicon
  11. 11. Light steering: Nanotechnology at the wheel • To tightly regulate the angle of a mirror on the nano scale, electrostatic force is used
  12. 12. Applications • On –Chip data communication • Medical diagnostics • Fusion energy • Laser defense
  13. 13. CONCLUSION •Sending information at the speed of light is POSIBBLE through Photonics Communication using Nanotechnology as a tool.
  14. 14. References • Nanotechnology -Richard Booker, Earl Boysen. • IEEE Spectrum • •